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Iran one of the most beautiful tourist destinations

All tourists who have visited Iran believe this country has worth visiting twice or more, and some who have not visited say we should visit this amazing place. Iran with a complex of the most beautiful and attractive tourist potential is one of the 10 important tourist destinations and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. A vast series of different tourist models in Iran amaze all visitors.

You're falling into Iran's love with these attractions.

The Sassanid Empire Naghsh e Rostam


Historical monuments discovered from 12,000 years ago(Sialk Hills, Haft Tape), Historical inscriptions (Persepolis) from 2,500 years ago, and Islamic monuments (mosques, Holly shrines) from 1,400 years ago, and historical monuments and objects from different government periods show the ancient history of this land. This is attractive for all historical and cultural tourists.

Iran Historical Tours

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Historical Monuments

The most beautiful and unique historical stone palaces (Perspolis), Zoroastrian Fire Temples, mosques, and bas-reliefs (Naghsh e Rostam) will fascinate every archaeologist and art lover.

The bigger throne was constructed in the time of Fath Ali Shah

Royal Palaces

Royal palaces left from 2500 years ago (Perspolis), Sassanid palaces (2000 years ago), Safavid palaces (15th century), and also palaces of the Qajar period (Golestan Palace) and the Pahlavi period (Niavaran) with amazing architecture, unique decorations, and interesting history are the best places to make familiar with Iran's history.

A Journey to the Safavid Capitals

Investiture of Bahram I Tange Chogan

Stone Inscriptions

A wide range of bas-reliefs(Achaemenian & Sassanid), stone temples, and stone tombs( Passargade & Naghsh e Rostam) throughout Iran show pure Iranian art in creating artistic works.

Arg-e Bam (Bam citadel)


Historical castles all over Iran such as Bam Citadel, Alamut Castle, Rudkhan Castle, Babak Castle, and dozens of other historical castles represent the art of Iranian in making war castles.

Museum Objects

Some of the historical objects discovered and displayed in different museums of Iran are so attractive and beautiful that every viewer will be mesmerized by their beauty. The National Museum of Iran with more than 20,000 years of history, the Tehran Jewelry Museum with the most unique jewels, and the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum with the most exquisite works of sculpture and painting from the world's most famous artists ( Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Vincent van Gogh) are among the best museums in Iran.

A Journey through the National Museum of Tehran

Sheikh Lotfollah Royal Mosque


Iranian mosques are a unique combination of the spirit of Islamic architecture and the wonders of Iranian decorations. This elaborate and artistic combination is displayed in the best possible way in the mosques of Iran. The famous mosques of Isfahan(Jame, Imam, and Sheikh Lotfollah) Shiraz mosques (Jame Atiq, Nasir al Mulk), Tabriz (Blue Mosque), Yazd (Jame Mosque), and also other mosques in different cities of Iran are the best examples of displaying Iranian-Islamic architecture like Tiling, Inlay work, Moqrans, and Dome.

Iranian mosques, among one hundred symbolic mosques in the world

Molla Agha Baba Synagogue


Religions in Iran have a long history and the presence of synagogues, Churches, and other religious temples next to mosques and worship places of Muslims shows their peaceful life over the centuries.


If you are going to visit some of the most important, beautiful, and unique churches, Iran is calling you. The important churches of the west of Iran (Qara Kelisa, Saint Stepanos Monastery), Saint Mary Church (Urumiyah), Vank Church (Isfahan), and dozens of beautiful churches throughout Iran are the best examples to discover the history of Christianity in Iran.

The Most Famous Iran's Churches

Iran's deserts with breathtaking natural attractions

Iran's deserts with breathtaking natural attractions such as high sand dunes, kalots, historical roadside caravanserais, desert plants and animals, starry sky, and attractive desert Safari tours is one of the most attractive parts of your trip to Iran.

2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Rafting on Armand River

Although Iran is a desert country and a large part of it is covered with vast dry deserts, the unique nature of Iran with its high mountain ranges (Damavand 5600 m) and 400 peaks over 4000 meters has created such raging and full of water rivers which made it to the paradise of Rafters. You can have an unforgettable experience of boating and nature tourism in one of the 10 important rivers of Iran.

Top Ten Reasons For Iran's Rafting

Iran forest

If you are going to have a unique experience of walking in the 4000.000 years Hircanyan Forest, with Medoterian weather in the south of the Caspian Sea, the north of Iran is calling you.
Also, exciting and unforgettable accommodation in one of the forest cottages with the facilities of a 5-star hotel (swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, breakfast, etc.) will be the most enjoyable part of your nature trip.

8 Attractive Iran beaches
Beaches and Islands

Iran, with more than 5500 km of sea and ocean beaches, is one of the best countries in the world for all kinds of water sports. Also, the southern islands of Iran (Qeshm-Kish-Hormoz) with the most attractive natural effects and water sports are the best tourist destination for winter journeys.

Bakhtiari Nomads

Iran's nomads, as one of the purest ethnic groups, have preserved their tribal customs and traditions for hundreds of years and are one of the purest cultural subsets of Iran. Staying in one of the traditional tents, accompanying the nomads(Kouch or Kooch), doing some daily tasks, and participating in their traditional ceremonies will make your dream come true.

3 Days Iran Nomad Tour

Historical houses

Traditional and historical houses of Iran with unique architecture - original and traditional decorations and various functions represent an important part of Iranian architecture. Staying in one of these traditional houses that have changed into 3-4 and 5-star hotels is an unforgettable experience.

Undoubtedly, hospitality is the most important tourism brand in Iran that fascinates and enchants tourists. Kind and hospitable people who will be very happy to talk to you (even though they may not understand your language). Talk to them and enjoy Iranian compliments.