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Which hotels in Tabriz are more suitable for you?

Don't worry about your accommodation if you plan to travel to Tabriz and western Iran, West Azarbaijan province and the city of Tabriz will provide you with a wide range of hotels and accommodations for a safe and comfortable trip. You can choose one of the hotels due to group size, budget, luxury, economy, or other specifications.

Are you planning a trip to Tabriz?

Tabriz the city of firsts

Tabriz City is the first Safavid Capital and one of the best tourist destinations in the West. This historical city offers you the best suitable hotels for your stay. When planning a trip to Tabriz the first Safavid Capital and best Iran tourism destination in the West, you enjoy the city’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere. Tabriz City, located in West Azarbaijan province, boasts a variety of natural attractions and historical sites that cater to all kinds of travelers. The attractive features, such as ancient Bazaars and modern shopping centers, offer a blend of tradition and modernity to captivate visitors.

How to visit Tabriz in one day

What to see in Tabriz

One of the highlights of visiting Tabriz is exploring its attractions and historical sites, such as the Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blue Mosque known for its stunning turquoise-tiled architecture, Tabriz museum with a collection of unique historical objects. The old traditional houses showcase Tabriz architecture and various eye-catching natural attractions show the Tabriz geography specifications.

Tabriz Blue Mosque

What to eat in Tabriz

When it comes to Tabriz’s local cuisine, the most delicious ones are on your top list.

Tabrizi Koofte: The most famous Tabrizi food all over Iran.
Ash-e Doogh: A thick soup, from the west of Iran.
Tabrizi Kebab: If you are a Kebab lover, Tabriz is calling you.
Kookoo: If you are a Vegetarian, this delicious food is cooked for you.

Or other Tabrizi Yummy foods to taste an authentic local taste. You can find the best ones in Tabriz famous or local restaurants. Don’t forget to explore Tabriz’s famous shopping bazaars, such as the Grand Bazaar and Mozafarieh Bazaar, where you can find unique Tabrizi sweets and local handicrafts.

12 Amazing Reasons to travel to Tabriz

Pars Tabriz Hotel with its revolving restaurant

Where to stay in Tabriz

You have various accommodation options. You can choose from various hotels, apartment hotels, and local eco-lodges that suit your preferences.
If you are searching for the requested hotels in Tabriz:

- The luxury hotels in Tabriz with top-notch amenities and services are the best elections.
- Economy 4-star hotels are budget-friendly options with great value for money,
- The local boutique hotels that familiarize you with Tabriz's traditional culture.

Which Tabriz Hotels are recommended?
The best hotels in Tabriz that come highly recommended include:

- Luxury El Goli or Pars 5-star Hotel.
- Kaya Laleh Park 5-star Hotel.
- Royal Palace Hotel(a newly founded hotel).
- Shahryar 5-star Hotel.

These hotels offer a range of amenities, comfortable rooms, and excellent customer service to ensure a pleasant stay in Tabriz. While we have the best-discounted rate, our expert reservation team tries to make your reservations with the lowest price and safety. We help you to plan and choose the best hotels make the best trip to Tabriz and create lasting memories in this enchanting city.

Select one of these hotels for comfortable accommodation.

Lale Park Hotel Tabriz City

Big Groups

If you have a big group and need many single or double rooms consider Tabriz's luxurious 5-star hotels with high-quantity rooms, making them ideal for your stay.

Luxury Hotel Recommendations

we recommend the exquisite Laleh Park Hotel or the elegant Shahriar Hotel. With top-notch services, professional staff, and stunning decor, these 5-star hotels are sure to provide an exceptional experience for your group.

Top 10 Tabriz Hotels

Shahriar a lux 5-star Hotel in Tabriz City
Unique Dining Experience

Indulge in a unique dining experience at the 5-star Pars Tabriz Hotel, featuring a revolving restaurant with Tabriz breathtaking views, offering an unforgettable culinary delight.

New Built Hotel
The Royal Palace Tabriz Hotel is a new built one in Tabriz with the best services and amenities(2023). This 4-star hotel with new and modern facilities can satisfy you well and promises a comfortable and memorable stay.

- 4-Star Hotel

Opt for the Tabriz International Hotel, the top-rated 4-star hotel in Tabriz, offering affordable rates, high-quality services, and proximity to key historical sites. Reserve a room for just $35 per night.
- Contact us to book your room with a free visa.

Tabriz International Hotel is a good 4-star hotel
- 3 Star Hotel

The best budget Tabriz hotel with low distance, and easy access to the Blue Mosque, Bazaar, and other sites is the Sarai Tabriz Hotel in the city center. Its rooms start from 15 US$ with a fresh daily breakfast.
- Contact us to book your room with a free visa.

10 Top Free Mesmerizing Places in Tabriz

- The Most Affordable Option

Consider the budget-friendly Sina Hotel, Darya Hotel, or Sahand Hotel for the cheapest rates and decent services. Book a room starting at $10 per night, complete with a complimentary breakfast.

Laleh Rocky Hotel in Kandovan
- Unusual and Unique Hotel

Lale Kandavan Hotel Tabriz is the third rock hotel in the world, in the heart of the historical and very beautiful Kandavaneh village. If staying at a rock hotel with new & modern facilities is exciting for you the Kandavan Rock Hotel in Kandavan historical village (Iran's Cappadocia) is that. You can book your dreamy room for USD 40 per night. It will be an exciting and unforgettable experience. This village with various local accommodations and other diverse ecotourism can satisfy you. They start from 12 US$ and be sure that will have a dreamy and unforgettable night there.

- Eco-tourism

If you are a nature enthusiast, culture seeker, or backpacker, the eco-lodges are the best for you. The Tabriz ecotourism hotels or eco-lodges will allow you to recognize more about the people and local subcultures.