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Persian Caravanserai Hotels: An Unforgettable Oriental Overnight

Iranian caravanserais are the world's oldest and most historical hotels. The UNESCO recorded 54 historical caravanserais, in 24 provinces across Iran, from 999 historical caravanserais. The selected caravanserais represent the most significant and valuable examples of Persian caravanserai architecture. These caravanserais served as roadside INNS, doing the role of today’s luxury hotels for tourists. They have provided safe shelter, food, and water for various caravans traveling along the Silk Road.

Abbassi Hotel the oldest one in the world
Abbasi Caravanserai/Hotel is the oldest one in the world and the most beautiful in the Middle East.

Today, these traditional caravanserais are a unique accommodation for tourists interested in Iran's deep and mesmerizing history. They show a diverse range of architectural styles that are uniquely tailored to Iran’s geographical and climatic conditions. The local construction materials and traditional designs are the most specification of them. These structures span thousands of miles and years of Iran’s rich history. Some of these ancient caravanserais restored lovingly and transformed into inviting historic accommodations featuring modern amenities.
Staying in one of these historical residences promises an unforgettable experience in the realm of eastern opulence. For travelers seeking to immerse themselves in ancient history, listening to the old caravan's echoes, and bask in the past historical ambiance while relishing the comforts of the present, the Iranian caravanserais offer unparalleled and unmatched experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you like to experience dreamy accommodation at the best Iran Caravanserai/hotels follow us:

Abbasi Carevanserai Hotel: A Jewel of Isfahan Architecture

For an unparalleled experience in a luxury caravanserai hotel in Isfahan tourist city. Abbasi Hotel, nestled near Naqsh Jahan Square, stands out as one of the Safavid signs. This historical gem encapsulates the essence of the Safavid era and boasts exquisite Persian architecture. Commissioned by Shah Sultan Hussein Safavi, the final ruler of the Safavid dynasty, in 1128 SH (approximately 300 years ago), this hotel was a token of appreciation to his mother, earning it the moniker of the King’s Mother Caravanserai.

Regarded as the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East, serves as a gateway to bygone eras, enchanting travelers and locals. This hotel with its original decorations, rich history, and ideal location to Isfahan historical sites is the best Isfahan 5-star Hotel. The allure of Abbasi Hotel is uncountable, the various restaurants with fantastic original decorations, a vast yard in the middle of the hotel, various rooms around the yard, Qajar suites with original Safavid decorations, a vast lobby, and different coffee shops with expert baristas.
To immerse yourself fully in history, the Safavid suites offer an unparalleled stay. Featuring garden views, two bedrooms, and authentic Safavid architecture, these suites enchant guests with a seamless blend of historic charm and modern comfort. Meticulous restoration and contemporary amenities elevate the Safavid suites, showcasing intricate plasterwork, ornate wall decorations, and soaring vaulted ceilings and creating an unmatched ambiance.
Indulge in the luxurious offerings of Abbasi Caravanserai Hotel and embark on a journey through time in the heart of Isfahan.

The reasons to select Abbassi Hotel:

- The most beautiful hotel in the Middle East and one of the best in the world.
- The Wonderful & original decorations and architecture of the caravanserai.
- The most beautiful caravanserai in Iran has been converted into a hotel.
- Easy access to the most important monuments of Isfahan.
- Eye-catching rooms with Safavid period architecture.
- Various and wonderful restaurants.
- A 300-year-old caravanserai.

Abbasi Carevanserai Hotel, Safavid Suite

Book Abbassi Hotel from 70 US$

Zein o Din Caravanserai: A Desert Historical Oasis, the Symbul of Eastern Hospitality

Are you eager to experience a stay like an old traveler in the heart of the desert?
If yes! Zein o Din Caravanserai is calling you!!
Embark on a journey to the heart of the desert and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of Zein-o-Din Caravanserai. A historic Safavid architectural gem offering a glimpse into the past. This Safavid-era (16th century) caravanserai beckons travelers seeking an authentic and unforgettable experience. Zein-o-Din Caravanserai stands out as the sole circular caravanserai in Iran. This caravanserai is a testimony to the brilliant past of the Silk Road.
Meticulously restored using traditional materials such as bricks and clay and has preserved its original Iranian architectural elements to show the value of guests in Persian hospitality. As you step foot into this remarkable structure, you can feel the stories woven into its walls, the whispers of weary travelers, and the essence of Bedouin heritage.  The caravanserai’s design, meticulously reimagined by Safavid-era architects, transports you back in time, offering a profound connection to the past amidst the desert.
From the shimmering heat of the day to the mesmerizing stars in the night sky, Zein-o-Din Caravanserai epitomizes cultural preservation and authentic hospitality in the desert. Each brick, each archway, and each detail within this rural retreat serves as a reminder of ancient trading routes and the enduring legacy of the Silk Road.
Experience the serene beauty of Zein-o-Din Caravanserai. Here, you have a fusion of modern comforts, and mesmerizing history, that promises an authentic and unforgettable stay in the heart of Yazd.

These are some reasons to stay here:

- You will visit one of 999 such INNS that were built by the order of Shah Abbas.
- You visit the Silk Roadway.
- Experience an accommodation in desert Caravanserai.
- The best place to see the sunset  & sunrise, and stargazing.
- The most amazing overnight that you have experienced.
-As a unique experience, should not be missed !!!
-You have absolutely a unique stay in all of Iran!

Zeyn ol Din Caravanserai is one of 999 such INNS that were built by order of Shah Abbas I to provide travelers' facilities on the wat Yazd to Kerman. The caravanserai is situated on the Silk Road which was, until 1500, the main trade route between Europe and Asia. The caravanserai is a two-storied structure, square in plan, with a 16-sided courtyard and a water pool. Only two caravanserais have been built with this shape. This caravanserai has been renovated with original decorating and was given the UNESCO award for best-renovated building in 2006.

Zein o Din Caravanserai, Yazd City

Book Zein o Din Caravanserai from 15 US$

Moshir Caravanserai Yazd: A Dreamy Overnight in Yazd City

It is an unforgettable overnight in the heart of Yazd City. Moshir Caravanserai offers a unique blend of history and luxury stay in an ancient city. As a historical Caravanserai on the way to the Persian Silk Road stop, it stands as a cultural heritage site. It is an architectural marvel lovingly restored to show its former glory. 19 clean equipped rooms with everything you need for a dreamy comfortable night, make your dream come true.

All details are taken care of to ensure your satisfaction. Hicks in alleys and immerse yourself in the charm of Yazd. This Caravanserai Hotel with easy access to the main historical sites lets you enjoy Yazd City more. Don’t miss the chance to wander through the old narrow alleys of Yazd, and soak in the rich history and culture that has surrounded this enchanting city. Whether you’re a history buff or simply seeking a relaxing retreat, Moshir Caravanserai Yazd promises an experience like no other—a dreamy overnight that will stay with you long after you depart.

7 Reasons NOT To Go YAZD

The reasons to select Moshir Carevanserai Yazd:

- A 300-year-old caravanserai.
- The most beautiful caravanserai in Yazd that is converted into a hotel.
- The nice decorations and architecture of the caravanserai.
- Eye-catching rooms with a yard view.
- Easy access to the most important monuments of Yazd.
- Low price and reasonable services.

Moshir Carevanserai, Yazd City

Book Moshir Carevanserai from 25 US$

Abbasi Caravanserai: Experience a Dreamy Overnight at Abbasi Caravanserai in Koohpayeh City

A journey throughout Naiin, Meybod, and Yazd cities are the best tourist destinations to discover the history and desert architecture of Iran.
Nestled along the Isfahan and Naiin road, at a historical Caravanserai which is the gem of the Silk Road and the Safavid era.  
Renovated to perfection, Abbasi Caravanserai now stands as one of Iran’s premier Caravanserai hotels, blending modern amenities seamlessly with original architecture and breathtaking views. If you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil retreat, this Historical Caravanserai Hotel promises a safe and dreamy oasis on your journey.
Shah Abbassi Caravanserai has 25 unique rooms with original decorations to mesmerize you and fall in love with Iranian architecture. You would have a calm night, a traditional restaurant with Iranian dishes, and a coffee shop with the best Iranian non-alcoholic Beverages. Affordable yet high-quality, Abbasi Caravanserai is the perfect choice for travelers seeking a blend of luxury, history, and culture on their way from Isfahan to Nain. Let the allure of this unique Caravanserai hotel complete your tour and leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Abbasi Caravanserai, koohpayeh City, Isfahan Province

Book Abbasi Caravanserai from 25 US$

Maranjab Caravanserai/Hotel: Experience a Dreamy Overnight at Maranjab Caravanserai

Maranjab desert Caravanserai is not just a desert overnight, Your stay here is surely your Iran Desert Safari Tour highlight. A desert area filled with high sand hills, desert plants, a salt lake, desert camping, stunning sunrises, and sunsets, and enchanting campfires under the night sky. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Maranjab desert as you explore its wonders. This area promises you exciting and interesting moments. If you’re looking to add a touch of history to your trip, Kashan's historical site, Abyane ancient village, or even the Nooshabad underground city are calling you.

Extend your adventure with Niasar village, home to a wealth of historical, natural, and cultural attractions, and the breathtaking Chal e Nakhjir cave. Discover the magic of Maranjab Desert Caravanserai and beyond through carefully curated One-day tour, 2-days tours, or 3-days tours that cater to your every need and desire. Let the captivating scenery and rich history of Maranjab Caravanserai create moments that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Why Maranjab Caravanserai/Hotel?

- It is very close to Kashan (40 km) and Tehran(250 km) and is an ideal place for short tours or businessmen with a short time.
- Desert National Park, with an area of 6700 square km, 34 species of mammals, 155 species of birds, and 34 species of reptiles.
- 350 year-old Safavid Caravanserai.
- Historical Caravanserai with original architecture & decorations.
- High dunes, Salt Lake, and a rare view of the real desert.
- Different recreational programs like Camel Riding, ATV Motors, Hiking, Camping, and Astronomy programs to enjoy the desert.
- Historical rooms, equipped with the best modern amenities.

Also, you can choose one of the 150 local eco-tourism accommodations around the Maranjab desert and enjoy your trip. These accommodations will complete your trip to the desert with facilities and very reasonable prices (from 15 US$).

Maranjab Caravanserai/Hotel
Deh Namak Caravanserais/Hotel: A Dreamy Overnight at Deh Namak Caravanserai 

Deh Namak Caravanserai Hotel offers you a unique collection of historical and natural features. If you are a businessman or have a short time to visit, the Deh Namak Caravanserai offers you a collection of historical places like monuments and mosques, also you can walk among the stunning salt mines and Garmsar Desert. This historical Safavid Caravanserai, situated on the way Tehran to Semnan City, exudes an ancient charm that offers a glimpse into Iran’s rich history and culture.
Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of traditional Iranian architecture and decoration as you step back in time at this remarkable Caravanserai/Hotel. The grand entrance gate, and the 24 intricately designed rooms around the vast courtyard, circle towers, and each brick of Caravanserai declare the rich history of it. As you wander in the Caravanserai, envision the merchant's trade routes, the gentle chiming of camel bells, and the aura of antiquity that permeates the air.
The starry sky of Caravanserai, a stove fire, and a cup tea are the best moments for spending time with family & friends and sharing stories and laughter with your loved ones. Let the magic of Deh Namak Caravanserai embrace you in a world of history, culture, and relaxation, where every moment is an opportunity to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

 Why Deh Namak Caravanserai

- Low distance to Tehran(140 Km).
- Low price with high-quality services.
- Easy access to the Caravanserai via Asphalt road.
- The best location to visit the amazing Salt Mines.
- Different rooms(24 Rooms) with original decorations.
- In the vicinity of Semnan Province with different historical sites.
- One of the Safavid Caravanserai with original architecture and decoration.

Deh Namak Caravanserais/Hotel - Garmsar, Semnan Province
Googad Caravanserai/Hotel: Welcome to the Googad Caravanserai/Hotel in Iran

Few castles in Iran have preserved all their historical features. If you plan to visit one of these old castles, you are in the right place. The Googad Caravanserai is the second mud brick monument in Iran after the Bam Citadel. This castle, located in Golpayegan, 160 kilometers from Isfahan. This historical building offers a unique glimpse into the past with its well-preserved rooms.
If you are planning to explore the wonders of Isfahan, known as “Half the World,” and experience a memorable night in one of Iran’s historic caravanserais, the Googad Caravanserai/Hotel is calling you. Its stunning architecture adorned with original, captivating decorations will surprise you.
This grand historical monument is a mix of deep-rooted history with modern facilities, promising you a dreamy accommodation experience. The Googad Caravanserai/Hotel boasts a range of amenities including a traditional lobby, secure safe box, luggage storage, shoe-shining machine, and a library for your convenience. The traditional tea house, offering authentic Iranian tea and various beverages, serves as the perfect setting for engaging in conversations with your loved ones. Indulge in daily fresh and diverse Iranian dishes at the traditional restaurant within the Caravanserai, ensuring a delectable culinary experience throughout your stay.

Googad Caravanserai/Hotel in Golpaygan City
Welcome to Bistoon Caravanserai/Hotel

If you have yet to explore the enchanting realm of traditional Iranian caravanserais, the Laleh Caravanserai in Biston Kermanshah beckons you. Nestled amidst the stunning mountain landscapes, this caravanserai stands out as one of Iran’s most exquisite mountain retreats, located in the vicinity of the renowned Achaemenid stone inscriptions. Originally dating back to the Safavid dynasty, this historic gem has been meticulously renovated and transformed into a luxurious Caravanserai/Hotel offering top-notch services.
Bistoon Caravanserai/Hotel shines as the crown jewel of Bistoon’s rich historical and cultural complex, situated just 30 kilometers east of Kermanshah province. This cultural enclave is a treasure trove of diverse historical monuments spanning from the Achaemenian dynasty to the Qajar dynasty, boasting a total of 18 cultural and historical sites. Among them, the Bistoon Caravanserai stands out, nestled at the base of a mountain overlooking a verdant and expansive plain, with the iconic Farhad Tarash (Achaemenian bas-relief) nearby.
Resembling many traditional Iranian mosques, this caravanserai features four Ivans and four towers, with circular towers to the west and octagonal towers to the east. The hotel offers 20 rooms with a total of 59 beds, thoughtfully scattered throughout the spacious courtyard and adorned with original brickwork decorations, exemplifying the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the region.

The good location of the hotel allows you to visit the most important of Iran's historical sites easily.

Hotel to Bistoon Bas-relief    2 Km
Hotel to Farhad Tarash Bas-relief  500 M
Hotel to Taghe Bostan   3 Km
Hotel to Statue of Hercules 500 M

Bistoon Caravanserai/Hotel in Kermanshah Province

Yam, Caravanserai/Hotel
If you are planning a trip to the west of Iran a mesmerizing stay at one of the finest historical Caravanserai/Hotels in western Iran. Yam Caravanserai/Hotel in Marand City offers you the best historical views. Whether your journey leads you to Tabriz City or the renowned Christian Churches in western Iran, this Caravanserai offers a historic haven with intriguing architecture and captivating decor, promising an unforgettable experience.

How to visit Tabriz in two days

Embodying the essence of the Safavid era, this Safavid Caravanserai features a traditional design with four porches surrounding a central courtyard, providing accommodation for travelers and caravans of yore. The rich history and unique aesthetics of this Caravanserai showcase the cultural heritage of the region, inviting you to step back in time and immerse yourself in its storied past.
For adventure enthusiasts, the Yam Ski Resort located in proximity to this Caravanserai offers a thrilling skiing experience amidst the picturesque surroundings, adding an extra layer of excitement to your stay. Whether you seek cultural exploration or outdoor adventures, the Tabriz Caravanserai/Hotel in Yam serves as an ideal base for an enriching and memorable journey through western Iran.

Yam, Caravanserai/Hotel in Marand City

Types of rooms and their facilities
Yam Caravanserai has a total of 21 rooms which are equipped with an air conditioning system and breakfast service.  Other facilities available in the rooms include free internet access, a refrigerator, tea maker, furniture, telephone, drawer, lampshade, and wardrobe. The restaurant of the hotel with the best Iranian traditional dishes would be a nice place to try Iranian delicious foods.