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Iran's Rafting is the most exciting part of your travel

Iran on the basis of the geographic divisions is located in the desert and semiarid region. Most desert region countries lack large and permanent rivers. But Iran has unique characteristics due to its geographical location. Two mountain ranges (Zagros & Alborz) in the north and west of Iran, also single mountains, have created permanent large rivers on the Iranian plateau. The Alborz mountain range in north and south of the Caspian Sea, with the Damavand's peak( the highest volcano in Asia, 5660 M), has created the northern rivers of Iran such as Haraz and Chalous, which are great places for water sports as well as rafting.
The Zagros Mountain range extends from northwest to southern Iran. This mountain range is home to the oldest Iranian ancient tribes. It creates the most beautiful natural scenery and has also gifted the largest rivers to the people. Alborz mountain range is the fountainhead of the best Iran central rivers as Zayandeh Rood River, Karkheh, Karun, and Armand, which are the best rivers for rafting.
The single mountains in central Iran have created different rivers that have suitable routes for sailing and rafting. Due to the above-mentioned features and other reasons, Iran is one of the best countries for rafting. If you are looking for adventures during your trip to Iran, Rafting in Iran is one of the best available options. In addition to all the tourist activities, Rafting in Iran gives you the opportunity to have a real thrill. It is one of the most popular water sports in Iran. The months of April, May, and June are considered the best times to participate in rafting in Iran. There are many rivers that are ideal for rafting in Iran.

Top 10 reasons for Rafting in Iran

Iran's Rafting the most exciting part of your travel

The best of Iran's river rafting are:

 - Karaj River:            Close to Tehran (30 Km).
 - Sefid Rood River:   Gilan province originates from Alborz Mountain.
 - Chaloos River:       Mazandaran province originates from Alborz Mountain.
 - Haraz River:          Mazandaran province originates from Alborz Mountain.
 - Zayandeh Rood River: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province originates from Zagros Mountain and is the best and most famous river for rafting.
 - Arman River:        Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province that passes from Zagros Mountain and is the most technical river in Iran.
 - Khersan River:     Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province has one of the most difficult rivers in Iran
 - Caesar River:        Lorestan province originates from Alborz Mountain.
 - Sirvan River:        Kordestan province, one of the long and winding rivers in Iran.
 - Arvand River:       In the south of Iran and Khorasan province.

Iran rafting

 - Karaj River:

If you are not a professional boatman or do have no enough time to travel to other Iranian rivers.  This is the best choice.
 - Quick and easy access.
 - Regular weekly and daily rafting schedules.
 - Different rafting clubs and groups.
 - Suitable short Route, are the most important features of this beautiful river near Tehran, which would be an unforgettable rafting program for you.
In this river, which originates from the Alborz mountains, you can sail a 2.5 to 3-hour route. The grade of the river is 2 & 3, which is very suitable for professionals and families. You can also use the hotels of Tehran - Karaj, and Qazvin for your accommodation.

The best of Iran's river rafting are

- Chalous River

if you want to inject more Adrenaline into your body and also desire a wet experience and enjoy the northern Mediterranean jungles scenery in Mazandaran province, Chalus river is calling you. This river with a long 75 Km, passes from winding mountain paths. forests of Mazandaran province in this beautiful path.
You will visit the vast dense forests of Mazandaran province, while you are rafting at the Chalous river. This river on its narrow, fast, and mountainous path would have an extra excitement. If you want to visit the Hyrcanian forest wild animals ( 4.000.000 years old ) and enjoy the unique and spectacular scenery while being passing through the river, the Haraz river is calling you.  This river is one of the most exciting of Iran's rivers with a high level of water. Another feature is its proximity to the tourism northern cities of Iran in Mazandaran province as well as Tehran. This river has a winding way that you would have more excitement during your rafting program. You can have 3 up to 4 hours boating on this river.

Iran the best rafting in middleeast

- Zayande Rood River

As the life of Egypt depends on the Nile River, the life of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province is also dependent on the Zayandeh Rood River.  Zayande Rood with
300 Km in length, Is the longest river on Iran's central plateau.  Crossing the local farms, Plains, fruit gardens, and the beautiful landscapes of  Zayandeh Rood will have an unforgettable trip for you. Zayanderud invites you to adventurous rafting. A river that offers special effects for all tastes, ages, and people. It is sometimes very quiet like a sleepy child, and sometimes like an unruly horse that is going down the river. This river has different sections with grades 2 up to 3.5 and is the most famous river in Iran for rafting schedules.

- Armand River

wonders' route, Intact and unique attractions. Numerous waterfalls, Oak forests, Mineral water springs, historical Caves, roaring rivers, Helen Protected Area, all are the gift of the Armand river to the Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari people.

- If you want to experience unforgettable rafting with intact scenery.
- If you want to see the unique beauties of the Zagros mountain range.
- If you want to recognize the Bakhtiary hospitable people.
- If you want to inject high Adrenalin into your body.
- Rafting at Arman river is calling you.
- This long, roaring river invites you to a hard challenge.
- If you want to discover all part of this river makes ready yourself for 4 days rafting program.
 - It is necessary to have a professional rafting team.

Zayande Rood with 300 Km length, Is the longest river of Iran central plateau.

- Khersan River

Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari province, the land of diverse and roaring rivers. This river connects to the Karun River in the province of Khuzestan after a long journey and a tight rocky mountainous path. These natural features have caused the Khersan to the most difficult Iran's river rafting. This river is suitable only for professional and equipped groups. The natural location of this river has created the
toughest conditions for its enthusiasts.

So if you are a professional interested, this river is your best choice.

- Caesar River

A wild river in a calm and green valley. The Caesar river is one of the main branches of the Dez the large river in Khuzestan province. The river has made beautiful natural scenery on its Impassable mountain way. This river as like other central plateau rivers of Iran is very suitable for rafting. The narrow river is so glorious that is like a sea in the middle of the mountain.

If you are looking for adventures during your trip to Iran, Rafting in Iran is one of the best options available.

 - Sirvan River

The Sirvan proud river is the gift of Kurdistan to the bravest people of Iran. Sirvan is the most famous and most important river in Kurdistan province. The river has a long, winding path. While you are rafting through this river, the natural scenery around it will stun you. Tall mountains, deep valleys, vast plateaus, fruit gardens, along hospitable local people will make an unforgettable dream for you.

-Sirvan grade rapids are 3 up to 5.

 This adventure will be the highlight of your vacation!