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10 best traditional hotels/houses in Yazd

Yazd, the historic city with its tall walls and winding alleys, thousands of Badgirs(windcatchers) on the roofs, mud-brick houses, and old pleasurable houses or places to stay with Qanats Current under the houses, Yazd is a unique destination. Never miss it. On a flat desert ringed by short mountains, the city is laid between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and the southern Dasht-e Lut and is every inch a city of the desert. It may not be as well as Isfahan and Shiraz, but, with its atmospheric alleyways and centuries of history, it exceeds both in its capacity to enchant.
In Yazd, you should walk in alleys and old areas, enjoy the traditional houses, Leave yourself to history and immerse in it. You have traveled to the city of wonders. the city of magnificent mosques, Zoroastrian culture, a city of woven fabrics & carpet shops, and ancient Persian wind towers that make cool the houses in summer.
A memorable night at these houses will lead you to the old history and would be a memorable experience during your travel to Iran. Here are five unique hotels in the Yazd that shine like a pearl in the middle of the desert in Iran.

Shaarbaf Hotel Yazd

1- Shaarbaf Hotel
Saray Shaarbaf Hotel
Accommodation in historical houses is one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Yazd. This part of your trip is not only a memorable stay but also a trip to the depths of the architectural history of this city. If you are looking for such an experience, this hotel is one of your best options because you have selected one of the best hotels in Yazd. This hotel has selected as the best by travelers (2020).

Hotel Laleh Yazd

2- Hotel Laleh Yazd
A great valuable Qajar house in the heart of Yazd old city where you can make sink yourself in its deep history and architect. This is one of the most stunning homes restored in Yazd that is changed to a nice hotel. This was used as a house until the year 1978. The hotel is located in the heart of Yazd, close to shopping malls and historical sites, making it easy to access these places. you have the best of Yazd while you are at the Laleh Hotel, making your stay pleasant and relaxing.

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Traditional Kohan Hotel

3-Traditional Kohan Hotel
If you are searching for an old traditional house/hotel close to the historical site this is one of the best selections. Kohan Traditional Hotel an old hotel/house with all Iranian architectural elements and in the center of Yazd city in the vicinity of main historical sites like Lariha house, Alexander Prison, Twelve Emam Tomb, Traditional Bazar, Jame Mosque, and Coin Museum. A special and unique experience in an old house with Iranian architecture's elements, beautiful traditional rooms with a green yard view, a wooded courtyard with serenity, and a deep experience of Iranian's architect history that will be the result of staying in this historic house While staying at Traditional Kohan Hotel,

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel

4-Firoozeh Traditional Hotel
Planning to visit the ancient city of Yazd? Then, you must be searching for a hotel or house to stay some nights at. One of the many choices in Yazd is the 3-star Firoozeh Traditional Hotel. Firoozeh Traditional Hotel is a new property and has been welcoming guests since 2016. Thanks to its location, Markar Clock Tower, Seyyed Rokn Addin Mausoleum, Zoroastrien’s Dakhmeh (Towers of silence), and Zoroastrian Fire Temple are in a close distance to Firoozeh Traditional Hotel.

Fazeli Hotel Yazd

5- Fazeli Hotel Yazd
If you are going to stay at an old traditional hotel/house with a unique view and architect, this is one of the best ones. A newly established house/hotel with a new facility that is founded in 2016. This old monument includes the main yard, rooms, restaurant, and coffeehouse which proud of its Iranian traditional design and architecture. Our spectacular location to Jame mosque(just a few steps) will let you not only enjoy the view of the mosque at night(from our roof restaurant) but also you can visit easily all the main historical sites like Amir Chaqmagh sq and mosque, Fahadan area and Alexander Prison.

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Moshir Caravanserai Yazd Hotel

6-Moshir Caravanserai Yazd Hotel
An old 150 years old hotel In the heart of the ancient city of Yazd, is ready to welcome the guests. If you are going on to trip to the city of history, architect, and candies this hotel would be a good place for comfortable accommodation. As you are in the center of the city, Yazd Moshir Caravanserai is suitable for those who love to walk through old parts of Yazd and enjoy its calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Fahadan Museum Hotel

7-Fahadan Museum Hotel
Welcome to the first hotel Museum of Iran. A very eye-catching hotel that attracts the attention of all visitors or guests. Preservation of a number of old and antique artifacts in this hotel has made it known as the first museum hotel in Iran. The Fahadan Museum Hotel, also known as the Tehrani House, it is one of the aristocratic houses of the Fahadan neighborhood and even of Yazd, which was built during the Qajar period. A house with thirty rooms, three courtyards (main courtyard, orange grove, and pergola mansion), a large hall, a beautiful and active crypt, a porch, a gable, and three large windcatchers. Since it has all the elements of traditional houses in Yazd, it is an example of desert architectural houses.

KheshtoKhatereh Hotel

8-KheshtoKhatereh Hotel
An old Qajar house in the old Zoroastrian neighborhoods. The city of Yazd with a collection of old beautiful houses is the Paradise of Iranian old traditional houses. You can stay at these hotels and enjoy the comfort and dreamy accommodation while you Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Yazd architect. The KheshtoKhatereh is one of the houses that present you all you desire from a historical hotel/house.
Our unique location in the heart of Yazd city allows and encourages you to walk for visiting the historical sites. We are just 50M from Rostam Give water store, 650 M from Zoroastrian Fire temple, 800 M from Amir Chaqmaq Sq, 1200 M Bazaar, 1800 M Jame mosque, and very close to other museums, thus you not only enjoy your walking but also save your transportation costs.
KheshtoKhatereh means “Adobe & Memory” in English.

Mozaffar Traditional Hotel

9-Mozaffar Traditional Hotel
A 3-star old traditional hotel in the center of the adobe city of Yazd by the name Mozaffar Hotel honors to be your host. This historical house that dates back to 1888, is renovated and changed to a boutique hotel for persons who love to stay at a traditional oriental house. At this hotel not only you can see the Iranian architectural elements but also can feel the soul of Persian hospitality. Our unique location lets you walk in the old area of Yazd and visit its historical site easily. you have easy access to most of the famous tourist attractions of this UNESCO World Heritage City. Amir Chakhmagh Museum, Khan Complex, and Yazd Water Museum are some of the attractions near this hotel. The hotel's proximity to the main street allows you to use public transport.

Malek-o Tojjar Hotel

10- Malek-o Tojjar Hotel
Yazd is the city of windcatchers and mud-brick houses dating back to the history of Iran. If you are going to stay in the first ًQajarid era mud-brick house/hotel in the world, this is it. an ancient mansion once belonged to a trustable merchant of Yazd by the name "Malek al Tojjar" now it is renovated and changed to an antique hotel for tourists who love Yazd. A narrow alley with high walls is the entrance of the house. A vast house with different eye-catching beauties that will amaze all visitors.
The beautiful porch, hexagonal vestibule, winter and summer chambers, terrace, amazing wooden pillars, the eye-catching courtyard, the lofty wind catcher, the big pool in the middle of the Yard, the basement corridors connecting different parts, and the mirror room have considerably added to the beauty of the building. The beautiful paintings that have decorated different parts of this unique house have been completed by skilled Shirazi artists for 10 years and therefore correspond to the paintings of the Narenjestan building in Shiraz. Malek-o-Tojjar as the first mud brick hotel worldwide was inaugurated in 1997 and became complete with 23 rooms and 77 beds.