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2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Certainly, Kerman's deserts have so many attractions and beauties that you can't visit all in one day. So, extend this dreamy and tempting journey to enjoy all beauties of the desert and get enchanted by it. A dreamy stay in a desert camp with full facilities will give you a unique experience. In this 2-days program, you will not only visit Lout Desert and its unique beauties but also a number of historical monuments on the way from Kerman to Shahdad and Lut Desert.
Historical monuments that include the gardens in the middle of the desert - historical places - caravanserai - castles and the beautiful nature of the Shahdad region will dazzle the eyes of every viewer.

These reasons encourage you to travel to Kerman

Shahdad desert Kerman

Day1 Kerman - Shahdad (200Km)

drive from Kerman to the Shahdad area for visiting the hottest spot on the planet. On the way, you will pass from Mahan city, one of the most famous cities in Iran with its famous Garden(Shahzade or Prince Garden) and Shah Nematolah Vali mausoleum the most famous Iranian Sufist. The gate of the desert is the Shafi Abad historical village with tall green palms and old Castle and Caravanserai.

Kerman Shahdad Rout

Shafiabad village is the first eco-museum in Iran. The tourists get familiar with their culture, customs, local clothing, local food, and handicrafts. This village has kept its identity with its brick and mud structure.  The doors of the houses are open and they are always welcoming guests and tourists. Shafi ‌Abad village is the last village on the way to Kalut and the gateway to the Lout desert.
Here will surprise you, you will step into a new land of sand and you will be fascinated forever. You can stay in the local residences of this village and enjoy the hospitality of the desert people. The historical and natural beauties of this village attract every tourist. The Qajar caravanserai of the village as well as its historic castle will guide you to the deep history region.

 Kerman Traditional House/Hotel

Shahdad desert and Kalouts

Now is the time of trekking Iran's Lut desert, a wild, attractive, and breathtaking experience that you have never experienced. The lout desert with its huge dunes, salt plains, and kaluts provides an epic journey of breathtaking beauty and wilderness. Trekking across the Iranian deserts is so exciting and amazing that has attracted many famous desert explorer-like Alfons Gabriel in 1938.

This strip of land that crosses Iran is such a forbidden place, it is said to be one of the few places on Earth to resemble the planet Mars. Get an overview of the world's most pristine deserts and major Iranian cultural centers in one trip. In the afternoon or early morning, a superb experience that will amaze you is the sunset & sunrise watching at lout desert. Never miss it.

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Shahdad desert and Kalouts

After all the exciting discoveries, it is time to discover the desert's night in a special residence in the heart of the desert with the facilities like a 5-star hotel to complete your trip. Although you can choose one of the local residences of Malek Abad village and enjoy the hospitality of the people, staying in Star desert camp will have a special and unforgettable experience for you.

Lout Desert  Star Eco-Camp

This eco-camp lies in a lush and beautiful palm in the village of Malek Abad, three kilometers from Shafi Abad village and 34 kilometers from the magnificent Kaluts of Shahdad desert. Thus all the beauties of the desert are in your hands. The Lut Star eco-camp is equipped with the best facilities. The facilities and amenities of the camp are accommodation, catering (with restaurant and coffee shop), safari track, handicrafts workshop,  tennis court, etc. This camp is the best place for hosting desert enthusiasts and all nature lovers from all over the world. You can select one of the fully equipped tents and enjoy your accommodation.

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Day2 Shahdad-Mahan-Kerman

Start your fantastic day with the sunrise through the palm garden. A fresh and local breakfast is calling you. Use the leisure services of this hotel such as camel riding, ATV Motorcycle, and desert tours, and complete the pleasure of travel for your companions. On the backway to Kerman, you will visit the most beautiful historical monuments of Mahan city.

The Shahzade or Prince garden

The Shahzade or Prince garden is registered as one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran by UNESCO. This garden refreshes you with its ponds of water and tall trees and evokes the Persian Paradise for you. The mausoleum of Shah Nematullah Vali, the most famous Iranian Sufi. The most beautiful Iranian-Islamic decorations, colorful tiles, and attractive mirrors will fascinate you. This mystical place will lead you to the depths of the history of Iranian Sufism.
Now the time is over and you should come back with a world of exciting and dreamy experiences.

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