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This electronic guidebook contains some overall information about Iranian culture, civilization, geography, etc. in addition to a detailed list of tourist attracting sites in each city, for the use of tourists visiting Iran from different countries. Our main goal is to provide brief information about the country's history, nature, civilization, culture and language and provide a general picture of this ancient country and the character of the Iranians because Iran is not limited to its carpets and mats or historical buildings and sweet poetry. A tourist who visits Iran will quickly discover the life of the contemporary Iranian and the roots which binds him to his past. A traveler coming to Iran will have many beautiful scenes to inspect including different natural landscapes, seas, lakes, waterfalls, forests, mountains, deserts and wonderful historical monuments. A man or woman traveling to Iran besides getting acquainted with the ancient civilization of East will discover the changes in the modern towns and the country's assorted natural landscapes. Iran forms a bridge between the West and Fareast. One of the things which make Iran unique is its glorious history, ancient civilization and geography... .