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The Kabir Jame Mosque

The magnificent Jameh Mosque stands still, overlooking the expanse of the desert evoking the long history of older civilization hidden in a haze of time. According to historians, the mosque was constructed at the site of the Sassanid fire temple, and A'la Al-Dole-ye Garshasb commenced building the charming mosque. The previous mosque was constructed by order of A'la Al-Dole-ye Kalanjar in 6" century A.H., however, the main construction of the present building was done by order of Seyyed Rokn Al-Din Mohammad Qazi.

The cortyard of Yazd Jame mosque

The Jame Mosque with a spectacular view boasts picturesque plasterwork, a charming dome-chamber, a courtyard, elegant tile works, and towering minarets. The cluster of spacious iwans, the magnificent rotunda, and its surrounding space are world-famous artworks commanding a view like no other. The soaring iwan full of picturesque mosaic tiles, exquisite arabesque patterns, and gorgeous brickwork offers a spectacular vista.

The elegant patterns of brickwork and the priceless inscription of mosaic tiles bearing angular Kufic script all create a sense of timeless beauty. The main prayer niche, the one which is located below the dome, is decorated with elegant mosaic tiles, a charming inscription, and a soldier course. And on the two star-shaped inlaid tiles, the name of the builder and the date of the construction of the prayer niche (777A.H.) sparkle beautifully.
The impressive dome is of continuous double-shell on which the painting of the floral patterns was elegantly done and on their stalks, the phrase of Al-Molk U-lellah in Kufic script is repeated. The two towering minarets dating back to the Safavid era measure 52 meters in height (from top to bottom) and meters in diameter. They both collapsed in 1313 S.H., but they have rejuvenated again. One of the minarets boasts two rows of stairs which makes it really unique artwork.

The ceiling of Yazd Jame mosque

Undoubtedly, the Great Jame Mosque of Yazd is one of the masterpieces of Iranian mosques, whose beautiful and unique decorations have given it a praiseworthy appearance. This building consists of a high porch, a dome, two summer naves on either side of it, two winter naves on the east and west sides, and a large rectangular courtyard and a Qanat with two accesses to it.
The mosque has six entrances that are located on different sides of the building. The main entrance, which is located on the east side of the mosque, has a high entrance and mosaic tile inscriptions, and two minarets are based on it. This beautiful entrance was added to the building during the reign of Shahrokh Teymouri, and it was decorated with mosaics, tiles, and Islamic arts.

The tile-work of Yazd Jame mosque

This main part can be called Museum Calligraphy. Because it has a variety of decorative calligraphy - Qoran calligraphy - government decrees and various endowment documents. The most beautiful part of the building can be called the porch and dome complex and the surrounding spaces. The main Iwan with a tall wall is covered with a collection of the most beautiful mosaic tile decorations with Islamic arts and plant motifs that excite all visitors.
The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāmeh) of Yazd city, in the center of Yazd city the capital of Yazd Province of Iran. An 800 years old mosque that is still in use today. It is founded by Ala'oddoleh Garshasb of the Al-e Bouyeh dynasty. The mosque was largely rebuilt between 1324 and 1365 and is one of the outstanding 14th-century monuments of Iran. According to archaeologists and the latest research, this mosque has a Sassanid structure and was built on a Sassanid fire temple.

Monuments around Jame Mosque

The tile-work of main hall Yazd Jame mosque

The mosque is a good example of great Iranian-Islamic architecture. The tall entrance gate of the mosque is decorated with two super tall Safavid era minarets which are the tallest in Iran. They are 52 meters high and 6 meters in diameter. This part of the mosque is decorated from top to bottom with the best colored magnificent tiles. Inside is a long arcaded courtyard where, behind a southeastern iwan, is the sanctuary chamber. This chamber, beneath a stubby tiled dome, is exquisitely decorated with tile mosaics - its tall tiled Mihrab, dated 1365, is one of the best of its kind. On two star-shaped sgraffito tiles are the name of the craftsman and the date of construction of the Mihrab. One of the surprising attributes of the Jame de Yazd Mosque is that the lighting system is obtained indirectly by the reflection of light from the white plaster of the dome and walls.

Iranian Mosques

A view of Yazd and Jame mosque

Why Yazd Grand Mosque?

 Yazd Grand Mosque is one of the glorious monuments of the Islamic period of Iran and its name appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
-The minarets of the Yazd Grand Jame Mosque with a height of about 52 meters are on the list of the tallest minarets in the world.
-The precision and elegance used in the decorations and tiles of this mosque are unparalleled.
-This building is one of the most famous attractions in Yazd.
-The inscriptions of the mosque and the calligraphy on the tiles are very impressive.
-The lighting in this mosque is done by the white color of the walls and their plastering.