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Armand River The Paradise of Rafting lovers

Different waterfalls, oak forests, numerous fountains, caves filled with water, tidal rivers, and other spectacular attractions are parts of Armand'sdistrict attractions.
Armand River in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province after crossing the different villages and connecting to several small local rivers and then joining to the Bazoft great River will arrive at Karun 4 dam.
This is the most important river and the main potential of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province. Exciting rivers, abundant and constant water, fantastic natural scenery, natural oak forests, beautiful villages, and Kind and hospitable people, attract many tourists for visiting the charming nature and also the implementation of the rafting program.

Top Ten Reasons For Iran's Rafting

Armand River The Paradise of  river rafters Lovers

Helen "A Little Paradise in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.
Helen "is a protected forest area in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, which has about 30,000 acres of wild oak types. Armand River has doubled the beauties of Helen's protected area throughout passing there. Helen area due to its location in the outskirts of the old Khuzestan road and the presence of tribes in this region is recognized as a symbol of the harmony of life with nature.
This natural area starts through the village of Do polan(2 Bridges) and ends in the village of  Madan Village(  mine village). The Do polan(2 Bridges) Village has different rafting clubs, jumping, and Bungee jumping platforms.

Iran's Rafting is the most exciting part of your travel

Echo tourism in this area has several specific features
- High mountains up to 3500 meters
- Varied forests
- Wild oak forests
- Deep and lush valleys
- Wide river with varying degrees for rafters
- Beautiful and local villages
- Hospitable People
These are reasons to attract you.

The best Iran rafting river

Zayande rood river

The best raft route in the Armand River will start from Do polan Area and will end in the Armand Bridge close to Madan Village(Mine Village).
This way is about 60 km that you can do it max at 3 days.
1) Do polan  up to Durak Shapouri  about 23 km
2) Jowzestan up to Madan Village about 17 km.
3) Madan Village up to Armand Bridge about 20 km.

Iran Rafting Tour

In the Armande area, various clubs provide daily rafting services. You can use the services of these clubs. All these clubs will provide you the essential and necessary tools for rafting as:
Helmet, Inflatable Rafting Boat, Life Jacket, Carbon Paddles, Drysuit, and the local professional guides.

At the end of this exciting journey, you can have an unforgettable and memorable experience of staying with the local tribes and nomads and starry nights with a BBK Kebab along with the hospitable people and will keep it, in your mind forever.