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Iran Historical Cities
12 days/11 Nights

A 12 days tour in which you will visit all major historical cities plus some parts of Iran's beautiful desert. In this tour, you will see the traces of several dynasties in cities and discover a part of Iran's deep history.



Day 1: Tehran

Meet and assist at IKA airport and transfer to the hotel. Afternoon panoramic sightseeing. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2: Tehran

Full-day sightseeing in Tehran, visit “National Museum”, “Golestan Palace (UNESCO world heritage), Grand Bazaar, and “Jewellery National Museum”. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Tehran
  • Tehran_Azadi_Tower
  • Tehran_Bazaar
  • Tehran_Golestan_Palace
  • Tehran_Golestan_Palaces
  • Tehran_Milad_Tower
  • Tehran_National_Museum
  • Tehran_Niavaran_Palaces
  • Tehran_Saad_Abad_Palaces
  • Tehran_Tabiat_or_Nature_Bridge

Day 3: Tehran-Isfahan (430 Km)

Head for “Isfahan”, visit “Fin Garden” (UNESCO world heritage) and “Broojerdi” traditional house in “Kashan” en route, transfer to the hotel, afternoon sightseeing in Isfahan. Overnight stay at the Hotels.

  • Kashan_Abyane
  • Kashan_Agha_Bozorg_mosque
  • Kashan_Bazaar
  • Kashan_Desert
  • Kashan_Jalali_Castle
  • Kashan_Sialk_hills
  • Kashan_Tabatabai_House
  • Kashan_Traditional_Hotel_House
  • Kashan_ameri_House

Day 4: Isfahan

Full-day city tour in “Isfahan” visiting: “ChehelSotun” palace, “Hasht Behesht” palace, “Ali Qapu” palace, ”Imam” square(UNESCO world heritage) “Imam” and “Sheikh Lotfollah” mosques, “Vank” church, “Khajoo” and “Si o se pol” bridges. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Isfahan
  • Isfahan_Ali_Ghapoo_Palace
  • Isfahan_Atiq_Jame_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Chehel_Sotoon_Palace
  • Isfahan_Imam_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Naghsh_e_Jahan_Sq
  • Isfahan_Sheikh_Lotfolah_Mosque
  • Isfahan_Traditional_House_Hotel
  • Isfahan_Vank_Church
  • Isfahan_Zayande_Rood_river

Day 5: Isfahan-Yazd (350 Km)

Head for “Yazd”, visit the historical part of “Naeen” city, “Nareen” castle in ”Meybod” city, and transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 6: Yazd

Full-day city tour of “Yazd”, visiting: “Amir Chakmagh” historic zone, “Badgir” (wind towers), Grand Mosque of “Yazd”, “subterranean canal”, Zoroastrian fire temple, Zoroastrian tower of silence. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Yazd_Architectural
  • Yazd_Fire_temple
  • Yazd_Jame_Mosque
  • Yazd_Silence_Tower
  • Yazd_Traditional_House_Hotel
  • Yazd_and_Touriists
  • Yazd_at_Night
  • Yazd_city
  • Yazd_desert
  • Yazd_dowlat_Abad_Garden
  • Yzad

Day 7: Yazd-Kerman (372 Km)

Head for “Kerman”, visit the stone village of “Meymand” en route, transfer to the hotel, afternoon sightseeing in Kerman visits Ganj Ali Khan complex, Bazaar, Jame mosque, and Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Kerman – Mahan – Kerman

Excursion to “Mahan” city and Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO world heritage), Shah Nematolah Valy shrine, and Bam citadel, back to Kerman. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Bam-Citadel-Tourists
  • Bam_Citadel_kerman
  • Ganjalikhan_Bazaar_in_Kerman
  • Ganjalikhan_Square_in_Kerman
  • Kerman_Shahzade_garden
  • Shahdad_Kerman
  • a-couple-tourists-Shahdad-Kalout

Day 9: Kerman-Shiraz (485 Km)

Drive from Kerman to Shiraz on the way to visit Ney Riz city, Passargad tomb, arrival Shiraz transfer to the hotel and overnight.

Day 10: Shiraz

Full-day sightseeing in Shiraz, Visiting: “Nasir ol Molk” mosque, “Narenjestan-e-Ghavam” (Ghavam Orange garden), “Arg-e-Karimkhani” (Karimkhan Castel), “Vakil Bazaar”, Shah Cherag mausoleum, Hafezieh (the tomb of one of the greatest Iranian poets). Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Shiraz_Karim_Kahn_Tower
  • Shiraz_Naghsh_e_Rostam
  • Shiraz_Nasir_ol_molk_Mosque
  • Shiraz_Nomad_Carpet_Weavers
  • Shiraz_Persepolis
  • Shiraz_Persepolis_and_National_Gate
  • Shiraz_Qavam_Garden
  • Shiraz_Traditional_Hotel
  • Shiraz_Vakil_Bazar
  • Shiraz_vakil_Mosque
  • Shiraz_vakil_Mosque_1

Day 11: Shiraz – Persepolis – Shiraz (80 Km)

visit Persepolis (UNESCO world heritage, palaces, and temples of the Achaemenid Empire from 2500 years ago), Naghsh-e-Rostam (the tombs of Achaemenid and Sassanid Emperors), and Inscription. Transfer to the airport at night, fly to Tehran, transfer to hotel, and Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • A_View_of_Persepolis
  • A_View_of_Tachra_Palace
  • Achaemenian_Soldiers
  • Achaemenian_Soldiers_1
  • Apadana_-_North_Wing_Of_The_Eastern_Stairway
  • Apadana_-_The_Center_Of_The_Eastern_Stairway
  • Columns_of_Persepolis
  • General_View_of_Persepolis
  • Gift_Queues
  • Human_headed_winged_bulls
  • National_Gate
  • Palace_Of_Xerxes_-_The_Doorframes
  • Persepolis_1
  • Persepolis_Bas-relief
  • Persepolis_View
  • Persepolis_at_Night
  • Persepolis_general_view
  • Remained_Columns
  • Sunset_Over_Gate_Of_All_Nations
  • Tachara_Palace_-_Lion_Vs_Bull
Day 12: Departure

Transfer to IKA, and fly back to your country.


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