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  International Twin Popular natural Sights in Iran

 International Twin Popular Natural Sights in Iran
Iran is the Paradise of tourism and holds some world's best natural wonders. They are some identical twins and natural tourist attractions which are scattered in different countries but you can visit most of them in Iran. Iran is home to some of the world's international twin popular spectacular natural sights. From historical city squares to majestic mountains and vast deserts, Iran offers a diverse range of natural wonders that are sure to leave visitors in awe. Whether exploring the Naqsh-e Jahan Square or hiking in the Alborz Mountains, visitors to Iran are sure to be impressed by the country's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Some of these identical natural tourist attractions are:
- Grand Canyon Valley =  Khazineh Valley in Lorestan
- The King's Valley in Australia = Shiraz Strait in Koohdasht, Lorestan province
- The glowing Vaadhoo beaches in Maldives = Luminescent beaches in Chabahar

Kandovan an interesting & ancient village

Kandovan is an interesting & ancient village
The most unique, magical volcanic village. A wonderful and enchanting stone village that will fascinate nature lovers with its natural beauty. If you are looking for unique attractions in the world, this place is worth visiting twice.

All About Damavand the Highest Peak in the Middle East

Damavand the Highest Peak in the Middle East and the national symbol of Iran
Mount Damavand is the most famous and tallest mountain in Iran and also the second highest volcano in Asia after Kunlun in Tibet and the highest volcano in the Middle East. These few main reasons have turned this mythical peak of Iran into one of the most important tourism destinations for eco-tourism, nature tourism, and mountaineering in Iran. Damavand is the name of an area (Damavand county) close to the northeast of Tehran(150 Km), the capital of Iran. This area includes various villages, small cities, and recreational tourism places with mild temperatures during the hot summer of Iram.

Bistoon petroglyph: Achaemenid Illustrated History

Bistoon petroglyph: Achaemenid Illustrated History
Kermanshah, with its untouched nature and climate, is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Iran. The name of this city is coming after a mountain, which is reminiscent of bravery and legends. Bisotoun Mountain was recorded on the Word Heritage List. But, the oldest works of Bisotoun belong to the Middle Paleolithic period and the latest one is related to the Safavid era. However, its reputation definitely relied on the inscription of Dariush I of Achaemenid (486-521BC), which is engraved at an altitude of 80 meters from the foot of the mountain.

Top 10 Best Locations for Photography in Iran's Nature

Top 10 Best Locations for Photography in Iran's Nature
If you are a nature hiker, backpacker, professional or amateur photographer, or even an Instagrammer, and are eager to visit and enjoy the natural pure view of Iran and share your photos with others, these eye-catching natural landscapes would be your best choices. These beautiful natural landscapes are spread not only in mountainous or desert areas but all over Iran. You can visit the plateaus and high plains in the northern provinces of Iran, flat and dry desert plains, salt mines, and beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf.