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Mashhad Ardehal Calls You to the Ancient“Carpet Washing” Ceremony

Mashhad Ardehal Calls You to the Ancient“Carpet Washing” Ceremony
Mashhad Ardehal is a village 42km west of the Kashan. Among locals, it is also known as Mashhad Ghali. Mashhad Ardehal is located in the eastern domain of Ardehal Mountain (one of the highest regions of Ardehalrural district) in Kashan County. Here is the shrine of Imam Zadeh Sultan Ali Ibn Mohammad Bagher (peace be upon him), the immediate child of Imam Bagher (5th Shiite Imam) and brother of Imam Jafar Sadegh (6th Shiite Imam and founder of Shiite religion), and his tomb dates back to 11th century.

Kooch or Nomadic migration

Kooch or Nomadic migration
Epic Migration in an Ancient Nomadic Style
One of the most memorable moments of my life has been, no doubt, my time spent with various groups of nomads. I spent an incredible few days experiencing a nomadic lifestyle. Every single day I experienced something novel or life-changing-moments of 'epiphany Stunning images I had long seen in some of my favorite books and movies and that have become recurrent references for me, suddenly became flesh and full of life in front of me.

Where Birds Matter

Where Birds Matter
The Pleasure of Birdwatching in the Neighbourhoods of Tehran.
The air belongs to birds, although they are also masters of the land and sea. No other group of animals ventures so high in the air makes its home on every landmass and dives to such great depths below the water. Birds have fascinated us as far back in history as we can explore. Descended from reptiles that developed the ability to fly, birds are among the most mobile of animals.

Iran Mosques

Iranian Mosques
Mesmerizing pure Art
There are places of worship throughout the world that can claim to be extraordinarily beautiful in design and form. Among these places, Iran is home to breathtaking mosques filled with intricate mosaics and a kaleidoscope of colors. Dignified, magnificent, and impressive. The arches, tilework mosaics, and the very round domes are the post-Islamic method of building structures in Iran. However, Iranian architecture has a history from at least 5000 BC to the present which significantly inspired the architecture in India, Turkey, and Tajikistan to Zanzibar.


The First World Windmills in South Khorasan & Sistan- Baluchestan Provinces
Asbads (Windmills) of Iran
Asbads (windmills) of Iran are the oldest windmills in the world. Located in the Iranian town of Nashtifan, initially named Nish Toofan, or "storm's sting," the windmills have withstood winds of up to 74 miles an hour.