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You will fall in love with Iran's deserts

Among the various tourist attractions of Iran, the vast, attractive, and memorable deserts are one of the best and most unforgettable parts of Iran's tourism. These diverse deserts with special geographical features have their enthusiasts in each region. These deserts along with other natural attractions of Iran (mountain - river - plain) are the most attractive aspects of Iran's nature and exploring vast deserts is the most amazing part of Iran's tourism.

Varzaneh Desert

Iran is one of the few countries in the world with 4 seasons. This historically vast country has one of the most diverse climates on earth. The arid and semi-arid areas, snowy mountains, and regions in the northwest and west to hot central and eastern deserts and various roaring rivers in green plateaus have created such an amazing destination that is named the paradise of nature lovers. Iran is a four-season country that has a lot to offer all year round. If you are a nature lover and are eager to discover and enjoy Iran's interesting deserts follow us to arrange the best desert tour in one of the deserts.

You can choose one of the following deserts according to your interest, time, and schedule and enjoy its beauty.


Varamin Desert close to Tehran

Varamin Desert

If you are a businessman or you have little time and you want to visit the desert, the Varamin desert is the most beautiful and the best desert near Tehran. Undoubtedly, one of the best places where you can look for peace under the shining frame of the stars,t without the hustle and bustle of the city is the desert and its nights. But walking on the sun-baked sands and sandhills of the desert has its feeling. Now imagine yourself on a sandy dune and watching the sunset, while the horizon of your vision is covered by an endless border of hills and endless desert sands!
This tourist area near Tehran (55 km) offers a collection of the most unique and beautiful historical buildings and natural scenery to tourism enthusiasts. Varamin historical city with more than 250 historical, natural, and tourist attractions is the most important tourist city close to Tehran. Its historical mosques, monuments, mausoleums, holy shrines, and old castles can satisfy the visitors here.

One-day free tour in Tehran

Friday mosque or Jame mosque Varamin

The most famous monuments are:
Friday mosque: The oldest mosque in Varamin and one of the oldest ones in Iran. Its original construction back to the Ilkhanid period began at the time of Sultan Mohammad Khodabandeh (Oljeitu) and ended in 1326 AD. It is one of the 152 most impressive mosques and historical monuments in Iran.

Aladdin Tomb Tower
An Ilkhanis 17 m tower close to Jame mosque can surprise all visitors with its masterpiece brickwork and unique architectural detail.

Iraj Castle
This great historical structure is close to  Jafarabad village northeast of Varamin. This huge clay and mud sun-dried castle is one of the largest such structures in Iran.

Varamin Attractions:

Baqer Abad Bridge
A historical bridge belonging to the Qajar era, 25 kilometers southwest of Tehran, on the way to Varamin.

Varamin national park
Among all the natural and historical tourist sites in Varamin, the Varamin desert is a dreamy and unforgettable place. The Kavir e Varamin or the National Park has a main route via Varamin through Pishva, Qal’eh Boland Villages, Asgar Abad, and Hesar Goli which ends at Mobarakieh and finally reaches the Varamin desert. The most important ancient & historical monuments such Shah Abbasi Caravansary (Bahram Palace) and the remnants of Haram Khaneh and Ainol Rashid are also present in this region.
It is located in the west of the central desert of Iran and east of Qom ‘salt Lake’. This protected area with unique and valuable flora and fauna reserves as well as a variety of wildlife is one of the most important natural protected areas in the south of Tehran. The most famous wildlife species found here are a wild ass, ram, wild sheep, wild goat, panther, gazelle, wild cat, hyena, wolf, jackal, desert fox, fox, hare, porcupine, and sable. The waterfowl which may be mentioned in this vicinity are flamingos, geese, ducks, eagles, pheasants, and cranes.

10 Iran's Attractive Desert Eco Camps

Mash Reza eco-house is the best option for one-night accommodation in the Varamin desert

How to get to Varamin Desert:
1) Take a one-day or two-day tour from one of the tour operators. This is the safest and easiest option,  Although it will cost you more.
2) Take a train from Tehran to Varamin( 1US$), you can take a Taxi from the rail station to the desert.
3) There are various scheduled public buses and Minibuses to Varamin from Tehran( 1US$).

Where to stay:
Mash Reza eco-house is the best option for one-night accommodation in the desert. This local house with the best amenities and services is located close to the Varamin desert. You can use local tour services and book the local guide and vehicle for the desert tour program.
If you are eager to book the local house please be in touch with us.

Isfahan Deserts
Isfahan is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran. This province has become the most important tourist destination for all those interested in Iran. This destination by presenting the most beautiful, the best, and purest tourist attractions of Iran will fall in love with Isfahan.
You will visit not only the most beautiful historical monuments but also the most exciting natural manifestations of Iran such as diverse and attractive deserts, roaring rivers for rafting, and high mountains for hiking and climbing. Surely, Isfahan with all its unique beauties will be an unforgettable destination.
In this section, we will introduce the deserts of Isfahan province.

Maranjab Desert close to Kashan

Maranjab Desert

If you can get your time together and are interested in a two-day trip, an exciting trip near Tehran will excite you. This 2-day trip to two cities near Tehran (Qom 140km -Kashan230 km - Isfahan 270 km) with the most beautiful and exciting historical-natural and anthropological effects would have a long impact on you. This trip to historical (Kashan) and religious (Qom) cities will encourage you to visit one of the most beautiful deserts of Iran (Maranjab Desert) along with its attractive historical and religious monuments.

Tehran to Qom:
In the middle of the road from Tehran to Qom, the salt lake (Sultan Pond) will be one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that can amaze you. As the most religious city in Iran, the city of Qom will be one of the most exciting religious tourism destinations with the Shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh and Jamkaran Mosque. Your next destination will be the historical city of Kashan with dozens of enviable and beautiful historical sites that will make it an unforgettable destination.

What to see in Kashan:
Historical houses: The city of Kashan is known as the city of historical houses with a collection of the most beautiful historic houses in Iran that represent the history - art and architecture of Kashan. These historical houses, such as the Boroujerdi House, Tabatabai House, Ameri House, and Abbasi, will not only introduce you to the architecture of Iranian houses but also to a deep part of Iran's history.

Kashan Mosques
Two famous mosques in Kashan (Agha Bozorgh & Jame mosques) alongside other historical mosques( Mir Emad, Mianchal, Soltani) will present you with a fusion of Iranian and Islamic cultures.  

Sialk Hills: The Sialk mounds are among the most ancient sites of civilization on the Iranian plateau. The two mounds are called the Greater Sialk (southern mound) and the Smaller Sialk (northern mound). These imposing tumuli and the relics they contain are the remains of the ancient city of Sialk, which, according to the research carried out in 1932-37 by French Prof. Ghirshman, was inhabited by highly civilized people from the 5th millennium B.C. or earlier.

Kashan Bazaar: One of the most fascinating sites of Kashan is its 13th-century great bazaar. Its twisted labyrinths with old caravansaries and roofed parts of the Bazaar will amaze you.

Maranjab desert and Kashan on 2 days tour

What to see and do in the Maranjab Desert

The highlight of the Kashan Tour:
Undoubtedly the best part of your 2-day tour would be the Maranjab Desert.
Maranjab desert is one of the most beautiful Iranian deserts where you can drive with equipped 4WD vehicles among the tall sandhills, Salt lake, or the silk road and even stay a night at Maranjab historical Caravanserai. Also, the desert animals(wolf, jackal, hyena, fox sand, sand cat, lizard, chameleon, a variety of lizards, snakes, scorpions, dull-yellow partridge, eagle, hawk,), Maranjab historical Caravanserai, and the desert vegetations are other eye-catching of this tour program. If you are going to have a dreamy desert tour Maranjab desert tour is calling you.

One-day free walking tour in Kashan

What to see in the Maranjab Desert:

Maranjab Caravanserai: Maranjab Caravanserai is one of the most famous Safavid desert caravanserais. This caravanserai has been one of the most important outposts for taking care of the caravans on the Silk Road. Maranjab Caravanserai has a Qanat having fresh sweet water which, is a unique phenomenon in the salt desert.

The sand hills of the desert about 70 meters are the best places for hiking, Sandboarding, Safari Tours, Camel Riding, Motorbiking, quad biking, and watching the rising or sunset of the sun. If you are looking for a bit of adventure, with a 15-minute walk you can reach the top, the view of the desert from the top is breathtaking. Moving dunes create a beautiful landscape in the desert. You can walk barefoot on the dunes.

Maranjab Salt Lake: Maranjab desert triangle-shaped lake with 1800 km² is one of the best natural attractions of the desert. It is located approximately 100 km east of the Qom and is about 5 - 50m deep. The Maranjab salt lake is used for salt extraction too.   If you are lucky you can see flamingos too. September, October, and November, (the whole autumn) is flamingoes' migration time.

The best time to go?
 April, mid-autumn, and late November are the best times due to the dryness of the path, the mild weather, and the lack of insects.

Getting there:
There are several ways to get to the Maranjab desert. Maranjab desert is located 58 km from Kashan. There are different daily tours from Kashan to Maranjab. You can contact local tour operators to book your requested tour.
The Maranjab desert tours are usually one-day tours from Kashan or Tehran. Maranjab is located about 1.5 hours from Kashan. You can start your trip at 8 am and enjoy visiting Maranjab Caravanserai, Maranjab Salt Lake, and Dunes. You can spend the whole day in the Maranjab desert and come back to Tehran or Kashan after a beautiful sunset. Otherwise, you can just visit the dunes and the caravanserai and return to Tehran in the afternoon. If you are eager to stay in the desert the local eco-houses or Maranjab Carevanseri are the best options for one-night accommodation.

Maranjab Caravanserai, Host for Lovers of History and Nature

There are various options to stay in the Maranajab desert or Kashan city

Iran Tour offers a one-day tour program to visit the desert.
Early morning drive to Kashan. You will arrive in the desert at noon, and a short visit from Maranjab Caravanserai will make ready you for lunch. In the afternoon you will visit Sandhills and walk on them, the great Polygon of Salt Lake would be the best place for driving on them with 4WD vehicles. Evening back to Tehran, while you are enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Where to Stay:
There are various options to stay in the desert or Kashan city (58 km from the desert).
Kashan: You can book one of the hotels in Kashan(2-5 stars). The local eco-lodges are attractive options for those who like traditional accommodations.
Aran & Bidgol: This city is the gate of the desert and the last destination to complete your provisions and mineral water.
You have a few local eco-lodge( about 10) options to stay in this city.
Maranjab Caravanserai: The last and perhaps the most exciting place of your stay in the desert will be the historic Maranjab Caravanserai in the center of the desert and among the sand hills. A Safavid Caravanserai with more than 400 years old history that will lead you to the depths of Iran's history. If you are going to stay in a historic caravanserai like the Silk Road caravans or maybe a bit more comfortable, this place will be your best choice.

Varazaneh Desert in Isfahan

Varazaneh Desert

If you are a cultural tourist and are in Isfahan to visit the historical masterpieces and monuments, and also are eager to check out the desert the Varazaneh desert (100 km) is the best place that you are searching for. This interesting desert area with 17 thousand hectares is located east of Isfahan and 10 km from Varzaneh city. This attractive desert area with easy access from different cities (Tehran - Kashan - Isfahan - Yazd) and many comforts and recreational facilities and historical monuments in Varazaneh village is one of the best desert tourism sites in Iran.

Deserts have always been charming destinations for backpackers or nature lovers tourists. The Varzaneh desert with its diverse and exciting activities can increase your heart rate and flow the Adrenaline in your blood. Here you can walk on the soft golden sand for hours drown in its pleasant silence and enjoy a dream sunrise and sunset. Discover the remote parts of the desert with camels. Also other activities like Zip Line experience,  Motorbiking, off-roading, SUV & ATV riding, paragliding, camping, and many other pleasures, like watching the starry nights of the desert.

5 reasons to travel to Varzaneh:
-Unique white dresses of people and their culture.
-Ghoortan historical castle.
-Gavkhouni wetland
-Gav Chah and the traditional irrigation system of the desert.
-Traditional mills working by camel.

How to book a Varzaneh desert tour
Iran Tour offers different tours to the Varzaneh desert from Isfahan or Tehran. Our tailored-made tours are the best for enjoyment from the tour program.

All About Varzaneh Village

Itinerary (Varzaneh tour):

Day 1: Tehran / Isfahan / Varzaneh
Flight from Tehran to Isfahan, Drive to Varzaneh desert. Visiting the desert, walking on sand hills, and visiting a dreamy sunset above the sand dunes, transfer to the traditional local house and overnight.

Day 2: Varzaneh
With the first rays of sunlight, the desert will call you. The experience of camel riding in the desert will be one of the most attractive parts of your trip. Then you will visit the village of Varzaneh, where the hospitable people of the desert will invite you to visit their historical sights. Explore the historical Citadel of Ghortan, visiting Varzaneh highlights including Gav Chah, Asyab Shotor, and Karbafy workshop. Evening drive back to Isfahan and the end of the tour.

What's Included in the Varzaneh tour:
-All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
-Stay at a traditional local house with Breakfast.
-Tour leader throughout, local guides.

Tour price: From 148 US$

Citadel of Ghurtan in Varzane Village, Isfahan

What to see in Varzaneh Village:
Citadel of Ghurtan: This historical castle with thick 3-4 meters walls, and about 9m high in an area of 40,000 square meters, has been supporting the people of this region for 1000 years. The citadel has 4 mosques, an old pigeon tower, a water reservoir, a mill, and, many houses. It is protected by 14 round towers and you can get it from 2 gateways.

Gav Chah: A traditional method of irrigation and extracting water from deep wells in the desert region with the help of some animals like cows or camels.

Camel-mill Complex: A funny experience of the different functions of camels in the desert area. The sympatique owner of the mill shows you how camels have helped the people of dry areas. They started only to work with a song from the owner.

Karbafi workshop:  Karbafy is a traditional textile industry, common in Varzane and surrounding villages. This handmade is woven by women in different patterns and colors. In Varzane you can find them banded and blue.

Ardestan Deserts

A great historical city with unique and fantastic monuments, deep culture, amazing nature, and attractive deserts is calling you. Ardestan a historical city with some historical monuments remaining from the Sassanid era(224 to 651 AD) up to the Qajar dynasty(1789 to 1925) is one of the important tourist destinations close to Kashan(130 km) and Isfahan(150 km). You can immerse yourself in the various beauties of this historical area and enjoy them. Ardestan Historical Grand Mosque, its unique two-story aqueduct, Zoroastrian fire temple, roofed market, various aqueducts of this city, and mesmerizing deserts would be the most important and attractive parts of your trip to the historical city of Ardestan.

A trip to Ardestan City is a journey to the land of Wonders.
The most famous monuments in this city are:

Jame Mosque: Jame Mosque or the Congregational Mosque of Ardestan is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Iranian mosques. Vestiges of four historical epochs are discernible here. The earliest belong to a Sasanid fire temple. It is renovated during different periods after Islam.  

Arvaneh Qanats: The Arvaneh Qanat is one of the largest and oldest Qanats in Iran. The qanat is certainly very old and dates from at least 2,500 years ago.

Mun Qanats: Another famous qanat, in the Mun district, is the world's only two-story qanat. It has two separate canals and floors and the water of the two canals never mixes.

Khosrow Mosque: A masterpiece mosque that is famed as the world’s first two-story mosque. The mud-brick monument is known as one of the earliest four-iwan mosques constructed in the country. Its two-story hypostyle structure incorporates successive architectural styles of the Sassanids, Buyids, Seljuks, and Safavids.

Zavare Village
Among all the historical sites and valuable monuments of Ardestan city, the Zavare Village is the only pebble on the beach. This village is a college of tourism with various kinds of historical monuments, different customs, and natural attractions. It is located only a short distance east of Ardestan, this ancient town was an important point on the crossroads of trade routes starting from Sasanid or even earlier times to approximately the 11th century. Today it is a forgotten little town whose narrow streets and flat-roofed houses have changed little in the last hundred years. Located on the edge of the desert, Zavareh has a very arid climate, often with very hot days and cold nights.

What to see in Zavare Village:
Jame Mosque: This four-Evan mosque is one of the oldest and the first four-Evan mosques in Iran. The main structure of this building with an area of 1,200 square meters belongs to the Seljuk period and has some renovations from 700 years ago.

Sang Bast Castle: This castle is the biggest and strongest castle in Iran after Alamut Castle in Qazvin. The height of this castle reaches 12 meters and raw clay, mud and soil are the materials used in this building, and stone is also used in its lower part. The shape of the castle is cube-shaped and four cylindrical towers have been built in its corners
Pamenar Mosque: Pamenar Mosque with its historical minaret as the second oldest minaret in Iran is another tourist monument of this village.

Nayeri House: One of the old houses of Zavareh village with original decorations that represent the history, culture, art, and architecture of the people of this historic village.

All About Zavareh Village

Zavare Desert

Watching the sunrise on the eternal horizon, watching the twinkling stars at night, and walking with bare feet on the warm and soft sand can all be among the pure and unforgettable experiences of a trip to the Red Deg Desert. This desert is located near the city of Zavareh, which is almost pristine and untouched. Degh e Sorkh desert is approximately 50 km long and 20 km wide in the northeast of Zavareh village, separated from the central desert of Iran by low mountains next to Haloxylon forests and wide and high sand dunes in the center of this desert have doubled its attractions. This desert area is one of the most pristine areas of Iran, which is less visited by tourists. Therefore, the special and pure beauty of the desert can be easily seen in this area.

What to see:
Degh Sorekh desert is not just desert tourism, it has some beautiful tourist attractions that can be seen in different parts of it.

The most important part of Isfahan's Degh e Sorkh Desert is the sand dunes. The sands of these hills move in the direction of the wind and sometimes they can be seen up to 15 meters high. Visiting the remains of the ancient city of Leilaz. The remains of Leilaz city can be seen in this desert. This city with 3000 years of history has many colored terracotta, broken crystal glasses, clays of different sizes, aqueducts, etc. Tale Shaytan or hill of the devil: In the center of the Degh e Sorkh Desert, there are sand dunes that are formed by the movement of the wind like an island.

How to get there:
This desert is located in the northeast of Zavareh city and it is 25 km away from Zavareh village.
There are many quick, comfortable, and easy accesses to visit this desert area.
Tehran - Ardestan - Zavareh: There are several daily services from Tehran to Ardestan and Zavareh, which can generally be purchased from the southern Terminal of Tehran (2-3$).
Also, there are many daily services from Isfahan city to Ardestan city (2-3$).
If you are going to visit this area, please contact us for more information.

Where to stay:
Although the cities of Ardestan and Zavareh do not have modern luxury hotels, local eco-lodge accommodations with their hospitable hosts will provide you with a memorable trip.
You can choose one of the many rural houses in Ardestan, Zavareh or Aliabad village near the desert.
These local houses with suitable facilities and low prices (from 10 dollars) will provide you with a dream trip from the desert.

Travel safety tips
This desert area does not have many facilities like other deserts of Iran (Maranjab, Lut, Varzaneh, ...).
So note to Travel safety tips
- Use local or professional guides to travel to this desert.
-The best time to travel to the desert is April - autumn and winter.
-Local guides and 4WD Vehicles are available in Zavareh village.
Our tailored-tour desert tours are made especially for you. Please contact us to arrange them easily.


A magic beautiful village in the sea of sands. If you are going to visit an all-in-one desert full of picturesque scenes, mesmerizing views, and interesting villages with starry skies, the Mesr desert is the best one. A beautiful desert that is located on the way of the most interesting deserts of Iran. You can get to this magic village via these roads:

- From Isfahan to Nain city, Ardakan city, Chopanan Village, Chahmalek, Farrokhi village, and Mesr desert. On this way, the nice deserts of Khoor & Byabanak and Tabas city will amaze you.
- From Tehran to Semnan city, DamGhan, Moaleman, Jandagh, Mesr Desert. Along this amazing route, Semnan historical monuments, and diverse pistachio gardens in Damghan, Moaleman's beautiful desert Village, and the beautiful desert of Jandaq will enchant and surprise you.

Where is Mesr village & Desert
It is located in Khur & Biabanak counties in Isfahan province.
It is 420 km from Isfahan and 650 km from Tehran.
This nice and beautiful village is a dreamy place for all those who yearn for off-road trips on the small and tall dunes in the sea of sands. On the way to Mesr village and crossing the sand dunes, the mesmerizing natural features and wooded desert villages make the road a very enchanting place for ecotourists in the heart of the Iranian central desert or the Dasht-E Kavir.

Why Mesr Desert

Tall dunes with soft sands.
Unforgettable sunrise and sunset.
Historical sites on the way to Mesr desert.
Historical cities with deep and rich histories.
Interesting and amazing routes to the Mesr desert.
Different local eco-lodges for dreamy accommodation.
Various historical and cultural monuments are on the way to the Mesr desert.
Different deserts with various charms(Garmsar desert, Khoor & Byabanak desert) are located on the way.
Very interesting and beautiful salt mines on the way from Tehran, Garmsar, and Mesr desert.

In addition to these extraordinary attractions, different and diverse entertainments such as camel riding, ATV Motors, desert climbing, Sand Boarding, Off-roading tours, Safari tours, Stargazing & Night Sky Watching, and camping will make your trip more attractive.
A desert hiking on the golden sands and a night camping, while you are chatting with friends and drinking hot chocolate, would have a long and profound effect on you.

The best time to go?
The end of September to December is the best time to visit Iran's deserts. During this time the days are not hot and nights are moderate and very suitable for visiting the deserts. If you are eager to explore the beautiful desert, autumn is the best time to travel to Iran. You can book one of our scheduled tours or arrange tailored tours to enjoy more.

Where to stay near the Mesr desert
If you like to experience desert camping our camping tours are the best ones for you.
If you like to feel local accommodation and Iranian lifestyle, various and different local eco-lodge in Mesr village or Garmeh village can make your dream come true.
Also, the luxury hotels around this area can make a nice and modern accommodations for you.
If you are eager to book your accommodation, don't hesitate to contact us.

A vast desert with countless short and tall sand dunes, desert animals, beautiful desert villages with palm orchards, and the starry sky of the desert would be a part of your adventures in the Mesr desert.
But  you can visit:
Bayaze Castle: An old village with located 50 km to Khoor & Byabanak with different palm orchards and one old castle, where you can walk and immerse yourself in the desert ambiance.

Takht e Arous desert: Aroos or Bride is an adjective to call beautiful things. Takht Arous (The bride throne) is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran, and its charming and beautiful scenery can surprise all visitors.

Salt Lake: An amazing salt lake in the middle of the desert with different shapes and colors (Winter=Dark, Summer=Brright) is an interesting place for afternoon hiking while you are watching the sunset.

Takht Arous or Bride's Desert

Takht Arous is one of the most beautiful desert areas of Iran, where you can see rolling sand hills, Chal Selkanun, and Mesr village.

Reason for naming
In the culture of desert dwellers, the bride is a symbol of beauty and dignity. The people on the edge of the desert call the beautiful areas the bride(Arous). Names such as Arousan village in the eastern Mesr desert and Takht Arous are among these names.

How to get there
To reach the Takht e Aroos, you have to go north from Mesr village.
This area is located 9 km from Farahzad village.
Due to its untouched nature, is one of the most beautiful places, and you should definitely use enough facilities and equipment to travel.
Therefore, it is necessary to be accompanied by guides and suitable equipment.

Yazd Deserts

Yazd Deserts
Yazd the capital of Iran's desert is surrounded by different deserts and various specifications. They attract adventure tourists from all over the world to surprise and mesmerize them. If you are going to attach a light desert tour program to your classic Iran tour program or even intended to discover Iran's desert entirely, the Yazd's deserts are the best one.
Follow us to discover the best deserts in Yazd province.

Haft Sang Desert  and Camp

Haft Sang Desert Camp

Haft Sang Desert is the closest desert, located in the northeastern part of Yazd. If you are going to do a short day trip to Yazd Desert,
It is located just 12km from Yazd city center. You can hire a Taxi for getting there and join others in Haft Sang eco-camp and enjoy different desert tour programs.

Haft Sang desert camp is the best option. You have not only the desert camp but also can use different desert activities like Camel riding, Safari, Zip Line, Four-wheeled motorcycle, Star watching, sand Volleyball & Football, and Paraglider along with different restaurants, coffee shops, and different residences. Experience the true beauties of the desert, observe native wildlife, leave your old life behind on the dune line, and walk with nomadic guides and camels through the soft sands of the Sahara.

Desert activities

Haft Sang Desert in Yazd
Hiking in the desert - yes, that's one thing. Hiking in the desert is one of the most beautiful and difficult expeditions you can take. The landscapes are dramatic, almost lunar, and the silence is peaceful, uniting you with the sand under your feet and the sun above your head. The wildlife is without a doubt unique, from Haloxylon to charming animals, there is something new around every corner.
Endless sandy landscapes, rolling dunes, sand squishy underfoot - or blown in your face by the wind; in fact, sand: EVERYWHERE! In your boots, in your pockets, in your… teeth! But despite these little tortures (and with sandals on, not boots) - the desert is of otherworldly beauty, breathtaking, numbing the brain, and hypnotizing.

Yazd Karakal Desert

Karakal Desert
Caracal or Karakal Desert is the most famous desert region near Bafgh city and Sadeghabad village. It is located 12 km from Bafgh city(120 Km from Yazd). This desert area is one of the most well-known habitats of wild cats by name of Caracal(Karakal). Its name is taken from that wild cat. This area is also called the Sadegh Abad desert(it is close to a village name Sadegh Abad).

2 Days Tour in Yazd

How to get Karakal desert
You can book daily Safari tours in Yazd or book one of our Safari tours to enjoy Iran's desert tours. Also, you can take a Taxi from Yazd to Bafgh city and Sadegh Abad village to visit this area. Bafgh has located 120 Km from Yazd.

What to do in the Karakal desert
Here is full of various amazing activities to surprise you and your family. You can walk on tall sand hills, watch the sun set & sun rise and enjoy the local foods. Also, you can enjoy off-roading tours, camel riding programs, four-wheel motor riding, and stargazing.
Where to stay
If you plan to experience staying in the Caracal desert,  different choices will surprise you.
Hotel: If you are interested in staying in a hotel, 1 to 3-star hotels in Bafaq city (6 km to Caracal Desert) will provide you with a comfortable and safe stay.
Eco-lodges: One of your most attractive choices will be staying in a local eco-tourism house with many local facilities. These residences will provide you with an unforgettable stay with simple and ordinary facilities.
If you are going to stay in any of these places, be in touch with our advisors.

What to see in the Caracal Desert

Baqarabad Castle in Bafgh city

1. Baqarabad Castle, An Attraction Along the Way
An old Qajar castle in the city of Bafgh is the most historical monument remaining from the 15th century.
About 9 km from the Caracal Desert, a great castle with 45 rooms, 2 watchtowers, 3 stone-throwing stations, and 10 shooting sites has saved the inhabitants from the local bandits and thieves.

2. The Gardens of Pomegranate, Pistachio, and Date
You can walk among the orchards and palm gardens and enjoy this green paradise in the middle of the desert.

3. Flowing Sand Dunes in Bafgh Desert
Walking on the tall sand hills would be an unforgettable experience that has a long effect on you.

4. Old House
Desert houses with their own architecture will be one of the most attractive parts of your trip. Simple architecture and compatibility with the environment will fascinate every viewer.

5. Charitable Monuments
Public and charitable buildings such as public baths, reservoirs, and comprehensive mosques are other attractive buildings in this area.

Kerman Desert

Kerman Desert
If you are going to visit one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Iran, Kerman will definitely be on your top list. This historical city with a unique collection of the most beautiful, historical monuments and the only Iran desert registered by UNESCO will be your most important tourist destination. If you are interested in visiting one of the most beautiful, attractive, and exciting deserts in Iran, the Lut (Lout)desert is calling you. As the hottest place in the world, this desert will be your most exciting and beautiful Safari tour in Iran.

The Lut Desert
Visiting the most famous Iran desert with an area of over 40,000 square kilometers, with amazing picturesque scenes, natural specifications, and a unique great variety of spectacular desert landforms is the most interesting part of your Iran Desert Safari Tour. The Lut Desert is located in the east of Iran between the provinces of South Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Kerman and is the world's 27th-largest desert, inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. This desert area is divided into 3 geographic units: Central Lout, North Lut, and South part. The central part of the lout desert with a collection of the most beautiful and alluring natural phenomena like Pediment, Kaluts (Yardangs), and tall dunes is the most interesting part of the lout desert.

2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Lut desert (one famous entrance to that is from Shahdad) is one of the most amazing places on this planet. From 2004-2009 Lut desert was the hottest place on earth recorded at about 70.7°C. That means you can scramble some eggs on a natural flat stone! In "Gandom Beryan" you can see the "Sirch heights" that are covered by snow at the same time, with a temperature difference of about 50^C. This place is spectacular but it's a long and incredibly hot drive into the desert, so be sure to go in a vehicle with good air conditioning. Perhaps no one would want to be caught there after dark as there is nothing as far as the eye can see - but there is cell reception! It might remind you of the Badlands in South Dakota in the USA.
Don't forget to visit Kalouts in the Lut desert. You will experience the walk among the fantasy-land structures carved out of sand hills through eons of the blowing desert winds. You will let yourself roll down the soft sand hills, and see the Nebka's (the flower pots of the desert), the incongruent citrus gardens in the heart of the desert, and old fortresses. The inner tranquility that will decent upon you by spending a night or two under the dark and starry skies of Shahdad, in the heart of the Iranian Kavir surrounded by the deep silence of the desert, will add so much more to the pleasures of your trip.
The villas in Mahan, Jopar, Rayen, Kuhpaye, Pardisan Jungle Park, and Sirch Ski Resort (just as near as visible from the hottest place on earth) are lovely places to visit.

Top 10 in Kerman that you Cannot Miss!

What to see in Lout desert

What to see in Lout desert

-Cobbled Area Of Dasht-e Sar
An area in the lout desert which is cobbled with different sizes of stones. Therefore, they have named it the paved desert.

The most amazing buildings of the Lut desert during 20 thousand years of erosion and continuous and united cooperation of natural elements (water, wind, and sun) have created the most beautiful desert structures in Iran called Kaluts or Kalouts. These amazing structures are the result of 20 thousand years of erosion by two important factors, wind, and water. The wind carries the sand and hits these structures, thus making them very smooth.

Sand Dunes
The great sand hills up to 500 meters in an area of 45 thousand hectares,  in the central Lut desert can surprise and enchant all visitors.

Sandhills up to 10 meters high where tamarisk trees and shrubs grow. The tallest Nebkas in Africa is up to 3 meters.

Top 5 Kerman Hotels

Eco-lodges in Lout desert - Kerman

Where to stay
After all the exciting discoveries, it is time to discover the desert's night in a special residence in the heart of the desert with the facilities like a 5-star hotel to complete your trip.  On your journey to the Lut Desert, you can select one of the different accommodations.
Eco-lodges: Various local houses in Kerman, Mahan, Sirach city and
Shafiabad village are the best local house for a nice overnight at a low price.

Camping: If you are interested in camping, one of the safe areas of the Lut desert with a starry sky is calling you.
If you like to experience a desert night in a special residence in the heart of the desert with the facilities like a 5-star hotel the Lout Desert Star Eco-Camp is the best option.

Hotels: There are different standard hotels with comfortable services in Kerman, Mahan, Jiroft, Bam, and Sirach cities.

If you would like to book your hotel services our expert advisers can help you well.

Getting there
There are different daily Safari Tours from Kerman to the Lout desert. You can book them via the local tour operators. You can have a day trip excursion from Kerman to this magnificent region by IRAN TOUR Desert Tours. Our experienced and trained guides will prepare an unforgettable trip for you with sufficient and equipped facilities.