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Tehran Navab High Way

Tehran Tourist Attractions Briefly
The most natural attractions of Tehran city are related to Mount Tochal 3710m high in the north of Tehran. There are several, also other known hiking paths like Darband, Darakeh, Darabad, etc are known among the locals. A Cablecar starts from Velenjak and ends near the peak at number 5 station. There are other recreational facilities like bungee jumping stations, various restaurants, rock climbing areas and much more, among them maybe Darband is the most complete and known area for the people because of the variety of tourism attractions .

Tehran's History Briefly

Tehran's History Briefly
Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is known for its modern atmosphere, Qajar historical buildings, hospitable people and different local, traditional and international restaurants, various cafés and plazas. Azadi Tower at the western gate entrance of the city has marked as the symbol of the Iranian capital for years.
Tehran city, with a length of about 50 km and a width of 30 km is located at the foothills of Alborz Mountain Range.

Tehran Food and Beverage

Tehran Food and Beverage
Special Foods In Tehran Province and especially in the city of Tehran various types of pleasant foods are served. Best cocks from all over the country have come to Tehran and serve various types of Iranian traditional foods in an extended number of restaurants. Besides the Iranian foods, specific restaurants serve foreign foods like Indian, Thai, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Swiss, French, and Japanese foods as well.


Tehran at a glance

The modern powerhouse of the government and its engineers, Tehran was originally a village on the suburb of Rey, Iranian capital until Mongol invasion of the country in 1220 AD. Actually, very little is known of the origin and early history of Tehran. It is possible that it may date back to the ninth century AD, but for the first few hundred years of its existence, it was an insignificant town, its development being retarded by its proximity to the large and flourishing Rey.

Tehran's Metro Guide 2019

Tehran's Metro Guide
One of the biggest problems in Tehran, like other major cities of the world, is the urban daily traffic. This daily traffic causes various problems, such as wasting time and other problems. One of the best alternative to navigating in Tehran is the Metro system. Metro not only can save your travel time but also can be part of the cultural experience as it includes a variety of people who live and work in the city.
Make surprise yourself by the ease, low fare, and convenience of traveling on the Tehran Metro Plus, you can see friendly hospitable faces. you will meet many curious people, who are ready to help and chat you. undoubtedly, traveling by Tehran's subway is an amazing new experience.

Tehran's Nightlife

Tehran's Nightlife | What to do in Tehran at Night
When we talk about the nightlife, We can truly say that Tehran is a 24-hour city. Most fun activities start just after sunset in Tehran. Many travelers are wondering if there is no nightlife in Tehran without all the things they know and can not find here (at least not officially). we try to classify some suggestions for Iranian nightlife (mainly in Tehran). The difference between Tehran's nightlife and that of other popular capitals is largely due to its political, traditional and religious status.

Hiking on Vali- E Asr street

Hiking on Vali- E Asr street, the longest street in the middle east
The most beautiful and longest street in the middle east where you can find most of Tehran's interesting things. The longest street, the highest quantity of trees in a street( more than 1000), nice art galleries, lux, and super lux restaurants, great malls and shops, old Tajrish Bazar, local cafe's, artists' hangout, nice parks, all can be found at this lovely street. This street stretches from north to south of the city, from the rich to the poor, from the parks to the shops.

On The Roof of Tehran

On The Roof of Tehran
In the evening when you want to continue enjoying your Tehran's tourism, Tochal complex at the top of Tehran is a full-scale choice, which is open 24 hours.
You have different choice for doing: walk from the parking to the first station and enjoy different types of activities such as: watching the waterfall, eating different foods, drinking tea, playing paintball, doing archery, etc.

Visit Tehran at 48 hours

Visit Tehran at 48 hours

Most travelers stay in Tehran for less than 2 days, and even the locals recommend to have a visit from the other historic cities as Isfahan and Shiraz.
However, Tehran as a cultural and historical center has various places and opportunities to offer
We would like to guide you to visit, eat, drink and watch Tehran at 48 hours while you are there.

How tov Visit Tehran at 5- days

How to visit Tehran at 5- days
There are so many options to discover Tehran in terms of cultural, historical and natural attractions, that many visitors spend little time in this mega capital city. But in addition to its different sites, Tehran offers a great insight into modern-day Iran and its people.

It is an old and traditional bazaar much smaller than the grand bazaar

Tajrish Bazar
It is an old and traditional bazaar much smaller than the grand bazaar, but much cleaner and located in the northern part of Tehran. You can plan your visit in order to stop at the bazaar before and after visiting the Sadabad Royal palace complex or Darband recreational area. it's only a 10-15 minute walk.
The Tajrish Market is a must visit to feel the local market and local culture of Tehran. Go and buy nuts, fruits, the best quality of saffron in the region. A walk in the evening in this lively and lovely area is also nice and exciting.

If you are looking for a nice of hiking experience mouth

Tochal complex
If you are looking for a nice of hiking experience mouth, a great skiing day, fresh air, unique view of Tehran, different groups of age and sex, different food and snacks and also a unique experience of Tehran tour, the Tochal complex is the best. It's really great for a day of hiking. There are 4 ways to reach the mountain. On average, you have 12 km to reach the mountain. You have a wonderful view, especially on Mount Damavand. You also have the gondola (telekabin, cablecar) to reach the mountain and back.

A tall and great tower laid over the high hills of Tehran's west.

Milad Tower
A tall and great tower laid over the high hills of Tehran's west. The 6th tallest tower in the world, with 435 meters height. Having seen other tallest towers in DUBAI and CANADA, but it's different and can have lunch at revolving restaurant of this tower. In the wind and chilling atmosphere having look of TEHRAN from the view of the tower which is great.

Darband area

Darband area: The nature friends' first choice
Beautiful Nature, Long and old trees, high mountains, fresh air, Colorful restaurants with fresh tea and foods, river stream, all come with fresh oxygen that makes you intoxicated. You can spend your day in Darband, enjoy the nice and pleasant weather and sound of the river below you. You have a variety of choices to eat and drink, this area is famous for its sour junk food and snack which is called in Persian: (Lavaashak) next  to which you can have different types of broth like (baaghaalia or coked Vicia faba, aash doogh, labo), they are really really recommended if you visit this area, you also  have the option of cycling or climbing, classified as sports activities in this locality. Sit outdoors, between mountains and trees, in the shades or in the sun, on wonderful carpets and have breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply tea.

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge

Tabiat Bridge
- If you are an advocate of successful women.
- If you want to watch Tehran, more beautiful.
- If you want a special selfie photo of yourself.
And if you want to walk in the lushest region of Tehran.
The Tabiat Bridge is calling you.