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Ferdows Garden, Cinema Museum of Iran

Ferdows Garden, Cinema Museum of Iran
There is one of the most popular and longest streets known as Valiasr Street, around Tajrish Square, a busy and crowded street with sky tall trees hug each other and covered both sides of the street. Deluxe and luxurious shops and restaurants are seen on both sides of the street. Among these many shops and restaurants, a beautiful garden with a white mansion decorated with special stucco-workings and a pond stretches by the whole length of the garden, decorated with blue tiles and fountains, attract any attention to itself.

Iran Carpet Museum

Iran Carpet Museum
If you want to visit a unique beautiful museum of the best handmade Iranian carpet, This is it. The museum is wonderful, the carpets are great, original, colorful, super artistic, historical, strange, excellent and with very high artistic technical that portrays Persian tradition and culture. It is an amazing museum but you need a professional guide to present it.

Glassware & Ceramic Museum

Tehran Glassware & Ceramic Museum: Iran's Churchill House
A unique display of glass and paint
A very beautiful octagonal bricked-up building in the 7,000-meter-garden, with a 100-year-old history from the residence of Iran's prime minister Qavam to the Egyptian Embassy and eventually a museum of glass masterpieces. Elegant brickwork in Seljuk style - colorful traditional windows and spacious rooms that will impress you. It is recommended to all visit Iran's Museum of Glass and Ceramics (Abgineh Museum). This museum is dedicated to the history of glass and ceramics in Iran.

Reza Abbasi Museum Housing a valuable collection of arts

Reza Abbasi Museum
Reza Abbasi Museum Housing a valuable collection of art, paintings, calligraphy, and art book, the Museum consists of two divisions: Pre-Islamic and Islamic Galleries. This Museum, located in a modern four-story building, was named after the famous painter of the Safavid period. Its collection covers Iranian Art from 6,000 BC to the 20th century.

The Royal Palaces and Museums of Saadabad

Saadabad Royal Complex the Summer Residence of Pahlavi
Saadabad Royal Complex the Summer Residence of Pahlavi belongs to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods. They are located at the northernmost point of Tehran and in the mountainous region of Darake in the north of Tehran. This royal collection is based on an area of 110 hectares. It has about 180 hectares of natural forest, springs, aqueducts, gardens, greenhouses, and streets.