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Top 10 attractive things in Kashan
Kashan is a deep slice of Iran's ancient culture

Kashan is one of the best tourist cities in Iran with a collection of the best tourist attractions. These tourist attractions attract thousands of tourists annually. Many travelers, would like to visit Kashan tourist attractions because it holds beautiful sites and various old and traditional arts attributed to this city. This historical city with its majestic historical houses, traditional Hotel/Houses, local delicious food, vivid bazaar, World-renowned rosewater, and traditional dusty rugs, give you a deep dive straight into the Iran culture.
Walking and immersing in the narrow streets and alleys with thatched tall walls would be the most pleasurable part of your tour. You can chat with people, Google translate can help you if you haven’t practiced your Persian. Do not hesitate if you need locals. Hospitable Smiley locals are eager to help out if you get lost in the streets.

Here is a list of the top 10 things that encourage you to visit Kashan.

1- Kashan Architectural

One of the most significant manifestations of the civilization of any nation is its architectural art. Iranian architecture, which is manifested in various ways in different buildings, has a special place in world architecture. Some buildings in Kashan have a special and unique architecture. This style of Kashan architecture is clearly visible in different parts of the city and among historical monuments. This style of architecture pays attention to human, cultural, and religious values. its evidence is visible in all architectural elements.

2- Kashan Mosques

The image of civilization and identity of Islamic societies in the perspective of the old mosques of Kashan. Mosques build the civilization and identity of Islamic societies. In fact, they are the center for the dissemination of religion and science and the context of the basic social changes of the Islamic society and the center for religious education and social movement towards happiness and perfection. The city of Kashan, with a history of several thousand years and the influence of Islam in the hearts and souls of the people, has placed mosques in its heart that show the identity and originality of its people.
The most important historical mosques of Kashan are:
Great Agha Bozorg Mosque
Jame Mosque
Mir Emad Mosque
Miyan Chal Mosque
Soltani Mosque

3- Houses

Kashan traditional houses are among the most beautiful houses in Iran. They attract thousands of tourists every year. These houses not only represent a part of Kashan's social culture but also are an exquisite and valuable collection of the best architectural effects in Iran that astonish any viewer. Each of these houses displays a part of Iranian art and architecture, so each of them has its own special charm.
The most important houses in Kashan are:
Broujedi House
Tabatabai mansion
Abbassi House
Ameri House

How to visit Kashan old houses free

4- Public Monuments

The culture of the endowment has high importance and status in Iran and Islam religion. An important feature of the endowment system was being non-governmental and carrying out public their activities individually or in groups. In too many cities of Iran, the construction of public buildings has been common for centuries ago.
The most important public buildings in Kashan are bathes, reservoirs, mosques, schools, and religious schools. Most of which are run by public communities.

5- Bazaar

One of the most important parts of Kashan that will guide you to deep parts of Iran's history is the Great Kashan Bazaar. This historical Bazaar belongs to 800 hundred years ago. This Bazaar is busy but not manic, traditional but with a nod at modern goods, large enough to surprise but not to get lost in, it’s a great place to wander for a couple of hours, especially in the late afternoon when the lanes are full of shoppers. The 19th-century domed roof of the bazaar radiates the rays of the sun shining through the holes in the ceiling and mesmerizes all visitors. Do not miss the Amin al Dowleh Timche caravanserai(1868) with a soaring, beautifully decorated dome.

How to visit Kashan Bazaar

6- Gardens

Persian Garden is one of the oldest and most important gardens in the world. Iranian gardens are mentioned in different historical sources like Greek sources, Torah, and others. Agricultural and horticultural is recommended in the old tradition and rituals of Iranians with pride and dignity. After Islam, this social thought became more religious and promoted it among the people. Persian Gardens' architecture has a very close relation with Iranian homes' architecture. Kashan's Fin Historical Garden is one of the most famous Iranian gardens. This garden is registered as one of the representatives of Iranian gardens in UNESCO and it is visited by many domestic and international tourists every year.
Feen garden is a set consisting of different historical periods. Based construction of the Feen garden returns to the period before Islam and joined to Sialk Civilization(8000 years). The development of this garden is indebted to the different periods, especially during the Safavid period.

7- Events

Rituals can be considered as a special type of regular speech and actions that originate from religious and transcendental teachings or are used to express religious feelings and because of their long history are often associated with the tradition and history of the people of a region. They have become part of the daily and undeniable culture of the people. Kashan cultural community is one of the most complete communities of its kind with a collection of different religious-social-cultural and traditional rituals. Performing various ceremonies such as the Rosewater festival, Muharram, Qalishuyan religious ritual, or regional and traditional religious ceremonies has become one of the most important tourist attractions that have a special visitor every year.

8- Around Kashan

Kashan is one of the cities of Isfahan province - Iran. It is the gate of the desert and also the first large oases along the Qom-Kerman road which is located along the edge of the central deserts of Iran. The contrast between the desert and its arid regions in front of its lush gardens and mountainous oases has created special natural attractions. A collection of historical-cultural-artistic and natural monuments that will make an amazing and memorable trip for tourists. If you have visited Kashan historical sites there are mountainous landscape height that invites you to a few half-day or full-day trips. Most tourists head to the picturesque pink village of Abyaneh, but for those yearning to think outside the box, Niasar, with a beautiful waterfall and a fire temple, and Qamsar, surrounded by fields of roses especially during the spring, are well worth a visit.

9- Kashan's Desert
If you are a nature lover and a lover of desert trips, this is your favorite part. If you are going to lie on the warm and golden sands of the desert, hear the sound of the wind blowing through the sands, walk on the sands, see the night sky of the desert with millions of stars, this will be your best choice. Be assured that this part of your trip will have the most exciting and beautiful moments. The Maranjab desert offers you a collection of historical, cultural, architectural, and natural monuments of Iran in the best way.

Maranjab Desert Tour

10- Hotel/Houses

If you are going to stay at a traditional historical house (from 400 years ago) and have a unique experience of old local houses, this is it. These old traditional Hotels/houses are renovated and designed for those looking for the comfort of a hotel, the privacy, and convenience of a home, and a memorable stay in a historic museum-type house. All suites and rooms like all Iranian houses have an individual design, all these specifications are combined with new and modern facilities to make true your dreamy stay. Their good location and easy access to historical sites encourage you to walk in old alleys and feel the atmosphere of old Kashan. Just a few steps away, you will be immersed in various historical sites and fall yourself in the history of Kashan. This is a unique experience that will happen just in Kashan. Book your hotel with us