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Abbasi House

Another architectural masterpiece of Kashan is the Abbasid house in the vicinity of other historic houses. The unique structure and architecture with twisted rooms, high-quality plasterwork, glazed glass windows, and a garden pit all together display the special Iranian architecture. In addition, this House witnessed the confluence of Iranian arts from painted plaster to carved stone fences and… You’ll be. All these unique features have made this structure nominated for the most beautiful architecture in Iran. A great 5-story house with 5,000 square meters and 7,000 square meters infrastructure, 5 yards, and different rooms started on 1245 Ah and was completed 20 years later. This is one of the well-known mansions in Kashan, especially among foreign tourists arithmetic.


The historic Abbasid complex had five courtyards and a garden pit. After the death of its main owner, decomposes over time and becomes five independent houses.
So far, four of these homes have been purchased and renovated. Two houses have been preserved as a garden pit, a two-story house with a covered courtyard, and a house in the form of a traditional courtyard. The main difference between this house and houses such as Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi. This is because the type of building is as if it came out of the heart of the Earth because the first floor is below ground level.

How to visit Abbassi House

Kashan's Abbasi House

Kashan's Abbasi House surprises every viewer, unlike its non-verbal and straightforward entrance, into an interior at the height of art and architecture. The house built in accordance with the hot and dry climate of the region, introverted, and its area is so large that you can even get lost during your visits. In addition, special attention is paid to the functional details of the spaces, so that even an independent space is intended to hang the meat so that the cat does not reach it. The Abbasi house was inscribed in 1997 on the list of national monuments.


The traditional restaurant of this house can bring you happy moments. Besides, there are other facilities such as cafes, Kashan souvenir shops, ice cream and syrup, fabrics and rugs, and bathrooms.

Various parts of Abbassi House

Various parts of the House

Input and vestibule
The simple exterior view of the house is the first part that amazes you so that you do not believe that there is a historic house behind it. A sloping surface called Hijab Corridor with a subtle slope will lead you home. It indicates that the House level is below the street and also helps to gradually change the height.This beautiful covered vestibule destroys the direct view from the alley into the building(Considerations of Iranian Islamic architecture), and leads on the one hand to the crew and on the other hand into the building. After that, you have a large vestibular.

2 Days tour Kashan

Outer part of Abbassid House

Outer part

The exterior includes the upper floors used for the temporary accommodation of passengers, business guests, and relatives. Meanwhile, the owner's workrooms were also located here. The exterior part is made up of different parts such as the hall of mirrors, the high ceiling, the spring porch, the halls of mirrors, the low height of the ceiling, and the central room. Parts of the lower floors are also part of the exterior.

Abbasi_Historic_House Kashan
King’s room

The VIP room or the King’s rooms are the most luxurious rooms in the old houses and are decorated with many decorations such as mirrors, plasterboard, colored windows, beautiful Mirror-working, and a Shamseh decoration in the center of the ceiling. Mirror-working beauty nurtured and Shamseh Central in the ceiling of this room, there is not only a special beauty. The doors “sash”, another decoration of the King’s room is vertically opened and closed, and the upper part of them is double glazed. Since the King’s room was used for the reception of special guests and special ceremonies such as weddings, it was also called the bride’s room.

How Kashan attracts the travelers

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Why Abbasid historical house?

Why Abbasid historical house?

-The Abbasid Historical House is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture that has been nominated for the award of the most beautiful Iranian-Islamic residential building.
-This house with a traditional restaurant and a pleasant atmosphere can give a different effect to your trip and bring you happy hours.
- The Abbasid House is located close to many other attractions that can complete your itinerary.
-This unique historic house with all its beautiful landscapes has been the place of making several TV series and movies such as the traveler Rey series (Life of Hazrat Shah Abdolazim), Mulla Sadra,  and Jaber bin Hayyan.