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Mashhad Ardehal Calls You to the Ancient“Carpet Washing” Ceremony

Mashhad Ardehal is a village 42km west of Kashan. Among locals, it is also known as Mashhad Ghali. Mashhad Ardehal is located in the eastern domain of Ardehal Mountain (one of the highest regions of the Ardehalrural district) close to Niasar city and Kashan County. Here is the shrine of Imam Zadeh Sultan Ali Ibn Mohammad Bagher (peace be upon him), the immediate child of Imam Bagher (5th Shiite Imam) and brother of Imam Jafar Sadegh (6th Shiite Imam and founder of Shiite religion), and his tomb dates back to 11th century.

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Mashhad Ardehal Calls You to the Ancient“Carpet Washing” Ceremony

Meaning of Mashhad Ardehal

Mashhad means a place of martyrdom, and we must seek martyrdom in any place that bears this name. Mashhad Ardehal is a holy place for Muslims and residents of the Kashan region.

Mashhad Ardehal Kashan

It is said that the people of Fin Town (In the neighborhood of Kashan Feen Garden) in the year of 731 AD sent a messenger to Medina to Imam Mohammad Bagher and asked him for a leader Imam Mohammad Bagher sent his son, Ali, to Iran and the city of Kashan. He arrived in Kashan and dwelled in Fin town. Because of the warm weather, every summer he had been staying at Ardehal village. He had gained a lot of influence among the people of the region, and this made fear and a threat to Ardehal Ruler. Ardehal Ruler by the name Sentatroopto kills Sultan Ali, and his body is buried in Mashhad Ardehal.


The Fin people immediately went toward Ardehal after hearing war news, but they arrived when Sultan Ali was already killed. They wrapped his body in a carpet. They then washed his body in a nearby stream, before burying him. Since that time a ceremony has been held known as "The Carpet Washing (Ghali Shuyan) Ceremony" by the presence of thousands fromFin Kashan, and other cities; this ceremony is held every second Friday of the Mehr Mountain Gregorian calendar it sometimes coincides with the end of September and sometimes early October this second Friday is also the last week of harvesting agriculture products in that region.
There is two philosophy behind the wood that people took at the time of carpet washing: first, it is a sign of revenge from the Imam Zadeh's enemies, and second, they use it for washing the carpet.


The original building of this monument, like the court, and courtyard of Mashhad Ardehal belongs to the Seljuk period, and some parts have been added in different historical periods. In this complex, there are three main courtyards. Safa courtyard in the south of the tomb, Qomi courtyards in the west, and Sardari or Finn's courtyard in the east. All these places are decorated with the best Iranian-Islamic architectural decorations like plaster-work, tile-work, brickwork, Moqarnas, and Mirror work.
The most important parts of this religious place are:
Safa courtyard entrance
Ivan Safa
Water Cistern
Old Caravanserai
Theological schools