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Maranjab Caravanserai, Host for Lovers of History and Nature
Maranjab Caravanserai with more than 300 years old of history, near Namak Lake (Salt Lake)and at the heart of a desert with the same name has been a safe shelter for travelers from the distant past. Its fresh drinkable water, one of the uncovered miracles of this castle, has been call shop for passing caravans in this desert. This caravanserai is located on Silk Road. Nowadays, Maranjab Caravanserai is a host for lovers of history and nature and every year attract many domestic and foreign tourists to this area to touring Maranjab Desertinside an undefinable tranquil silence. Here, is also one of the observatory centers in Iran that attract lovers of the sky from every comer of the country to enjoy the sky in a pleasurable silence. Geographical Position Maranjab Caravanserai is located in 50km north-east of Aran-Va Bidgol County, Isfahan Province in south cost of Qom Lake in altitude of 810m from sea level. From the east, this region is leading to Kavir Desert, and from the south-east leads to two mountains of Yakhab Mountain and Latif Mountain.

Maranjab Caravanserai

- History of this Caravanserai
After Afghan and Uzbek's invasion (17th century) to Iran from Namak Lake (Salt Lake) and their advance to near the capital, Isfahan, made Shah Abbas build a defensive fortress in that region. Before that Shah Abbas ordered to build many caravanserai and castles all over the country, but due to Namak Lake and its deserting area, and also till that moment there has been no attack to the capital (Isfahan) from that side, no defensive fortress was installed there. But such attacks were an alarm to the King and made him command to build a military base there in 1603 to prevent threats from this region On top of the caravanserai in the form of trenches, there are always 500 armed guards in the castle. The caravanserai also secured the crossing of goods from Chinato Europe and vice versa.

Maranjab Caravanserai close to Aran and Bidgol

- Caravanserai Architecture
This caravanserai is composed of 29 rooms and one alcove in a 3500-meter square foundation. It has a square shape plan and if you look at it from above you can recognize its square shape plan. In addition to those rooms, it has various stalls and 6 castles. There is a pool on its south part of, which fills from spring sources beneath this pool. In fact, these springs supply the consuming water of the caravanserai. The existence of such freshwater springs with many tall trees at the heart of the desert is very surprising that wonders Visitors of this caravanserai.

Maranjab Caravanserai close to Kashan

-Safety Tips
If You plan to take a trip to this caravanserai and enjoy Maranjab sand dunes, you need to pay attention to some safety tips. First, there is no village on the road of this caravanserai and there are many crossings that might make you lost in the desert, so make sure you take a local guide. Second, watch out for camels while driving. They may come to the asphalt road. Finally, watch out for insidious animals such as scorpions, entities, and snakes. Of course, after spraying off done by caravanserai officials there is no need to worry about such animals, but it is highly recommended to those groups who are going to stay there for a night not to sleep on the rooftop of this caravanserai.