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These reasons encourage you to travel to Kerman

It is much talked about and written about the diversity of Iran, not only in its history but also in natural and historical terms. “Iran is a vast country,” they say to their friends, “where you can see legendry desert-scape, lush forests, charming beaches, and tall glorious mountains.” To recognize this, we recommend traveling to a unique area. Kerman province is the representative of Iran to show off the beauty of Iran. The city of historical adobe citadels with thousands of years of history, the mysterious Shahdad Kalouts, the verdant Shazdeh Garden, the lively  Meymand village, or the majestic Bam Citadel are among the top Kerman attractions.

Kerman Desert


Although Kerman is one of the desert cities of Iran and is located next to the Lut desert, the warmest desert in Iran and the world, but the special geographical location of this province has created special conditions for it. The high altitude of the city (1760 meters) has made it cooler than other surrounding cities such as Yazd, Isfahan, and Qom.
As is the case across most of Iran, the most comfortable time to travel is spring and autumn. Summer days get hot but if you ask me, the warm breezy summer nights are when Iranian cities really come alive. Almost all accommodation options have air conditioning and central heating, so you’ll sleep well regardless of the weather outside.

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Bam Citadel Kerman

2-Deep History

Dislodge yourself in the old history and stride into the city of Kerman.  you’ll face many historical sites, especially around the old bazaar and the famous Ganjali Khan complex. Kerman’s identity is intertwined with legendary and historical stories, where you can see some monuments from prehistory up to recent years. The Jiroft Culture, a Bronze Age agricultural culture in the south-east of Kerman province, Bam citadel as the largest adobe building in the world with 9000 years old and recorded in UNESCO world heritage list or other remains like Jame mosque, Jabalieh dome, Shahzade Garden and more are the samples of Kerman that will fascinate you. The people of Kerman are proud of this history and mention it as part of their honors.

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Ganjalikhan Complex

3-Historical Sites

Kerman with its ancient history, kind people, and special geographical position offer you a collection of the most beautiful and special sights. A collection of the most beautiful and unique sights that do not exist anywhere else in Iran. The prehistoric village of Meymand - Bam citadel with 9000 years of history - Tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali - Prince garden A clear example of Persian Garden - Citadel of one of the historical castles of Iran - Kerman Grand Jame MosqueJablieh Dome - Ganjali Khan complex and its charity buildings, are a part of the beauties of Kerman that will enchant every viewer.

Kerman Pistachio

4-Hospitable people

The people of Kerman, like other Iranians, have the most important brand of Iran tourism or "hospitality". You won't feel so strange. They will greet you like an old friend and invite you to their house or shops for a cup of tea. Enjoy this hospitality and join them.
Here you can interact with curious locals, discover historic sights without other tourists on-site, and of course visit the big attractions in this desert region. You won’t get hassled by touts here, but instead, find some of the friendliest people in Iran who are just glad you have come to explore the wonders of their regions. Allow three to four nights to experience all the highlights of Kerman Iran and its surrounding area – trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Getting Kerman

Lut plain and desert


Kerman province is very famous due to the existence of numerous deserts around it. Some of these deserts are marked with local names. But one of the most important and famous deserts of Kerman is the Lut desert which has been registered as one of the natural sites of Iran in UNESCO. This plain, with an area of ​​more than 40,000 square kilometers is located between parts of the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, and South Khorasan, and with an area of ​​about 175,000 kilometers, covers about 10% of Iran's area. It has been recorded as the hottest spot in the world for several years with more than 70 degrees Celsius. This desert with its unique beauties such as Kalout and Gandum Briyan region is one of the most important tourist areas of the city and Kerman province, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Lut plain is one of the most amazing desert landscapes in the world. Some of its attractions are:
 - The largest clumsy city in the world. The area of ​​the Kalouts is remotely like the ruins of a large city that has been described in various ways, such as the imaginary city or the city of Lut.
- The highest sand pyramids in the world are in Lut. The tallest known pyramids in the world have a maximum height of 300 meters (Libya), but in Lut, the height of some pyramids sometimes reaches 480 meters.
- There are 40 Quaternary cones on the surface of the Lut Plain.
-  Wide areas of sand and gravel with light brown to gray and black color spectrum.
-  Plains of hollow basaltic lavas such as "Gandom beryan".
- Vast Wavy sandy areas.
- Hammada (Eng: Hammada) Plains of sand that have no plants.

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6- The city of Souvenir, Handicrafts, and yummy things
Kerman has such a place in Iranian souvenirs that it has placed itself in Iranian proverbs.

There is a famous proverb in English: To carry coals to Newcastle
In Iran, this example is told about the city of Kerman: To carry Cumin to Kerman.

Kerman, a city rooted in ancient traditions and ways of life, has a variety of crafts and arts. Some of them are made home by local men and women, but a good majority are made in workshops. The most important Kerman craft is Pateh, which is a type of Iranian sewing. Pateh, an art that has been passed down chest to chest for years and is an important part of Kerman's culture. Local women have been the most vital part of keeping the tradition alive. Consider buying from local women in Kerman who have been trying to become more financially independent in recent years. Others include the Kerman rug, decorative copper work, and shawl making.
Also, there are a wide variety of different local foods, cookies, desserts, Vegetarian, and Vegan foods with private recipes that will amaze you with their taste and smell. Most of them are made with safe, local, and organic material that increases their quality of them. Besides all these cases, Kerman pistachio has a global reputation. It has made Iran famous in the most remote places and the most luxurious shops.

Ganj Ali Khan complex


1- Kerman with more than 7000 years old history is one of 5 important historical cities in Iran.
2- Kerman with more than 600 historical monuments and national monuments has a special position in Iran tourism.
3- Kerman has 3 UNESCO heritage recorded sites (Meymand city, Shahzade Garden, Lout desert).
4- Shah Nematollah Vali mausoleum the monument of the most famous Persian Sufist.
5- Kerman is the city of Yummy and delicious things like Qottab, Kolombe, Zireh, and Ghorme.
6- Kerman's handicrafts are famous like Pateh, Carpet, and Coper tools.
7- Kerman's Pistachio is an international brand for Iran.