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Kerman Jame mosque

Mozaffari Grand Mosque, also known as Kerman Grand Mosque or Kabir Grand Mosque, is located on the western edge of Shohada Square (Moshtaqieh) and at the end of Kerman Grand Bazaar. This mosque belongs to the eighth century( 750 AH). This magnificent building is attributed to Amir Mobarz al-Din Mohammad Mozaffari Meybodi, one of the kings of the Muzaffar family, thus it is known as Mozaffari.

Kerman Jame mosque

This precious Islamic 700 years old mosque, shines like a jewel in the city of Kerman. The Grand Mosque has such values ​​architecture and art, especially in the eastern part, that the famous American archaeologist Arthur Upham Pope considers it as one of the greats of Islamic and Iranian architecture and the background of the growth of this land.

Kerman jame Mosque

This mosque has three doors on the north, east, and west sides. The vast courtyard of the mosque is 6605 meters and its width is 49 meters and its area is 325805 square meters. The Islamic decorations and unique tile works of this mosque, especially in the eastern part and the entrance door, have made it one of the architectural masterpieces of Iran. Based on the evidence in the mosque some repairs have done in different parts of the mosque at the Safavid - Zandieh - and Qajar periods.

Kerman jame Mosque Entrance

Kerman Mozaffari Mosque has three entrances, that one opens to Mushtaq Square and the other one to Shariati Street (former Mozaffari). The plan of the mosque is of the type of four-porch mosques and the north and south porches are taller. The tiles used in the south porch are seven-color tiles. The plan of the mosque is four-porch mosques and the north and south porches are made taller. The vast courtyard of the mosque is decorated with four beautiful porches. Also, the mosque has two large summer and winter naves, according to the principles of symmetry. They are located in the east and west porches of the mosque's nave.

altar of the Mozafari or Jame mosque kerman

The main altar of the mosque, which is the most beautiful part of the mosque, is covered with nice tile work. Of course, the lower part of the altar is covered with marble with inscriptions. Various architectural decorations such as tilework, plasterwork, and Mogharnas have given a special effect to the altar of the mosque.
In general, Kerman Grand Mosque or Mozaffari Mosque is one of the great and magnificent buildings of Kerman that different parts of this building represent the history, culture, and art of the people of Kerman throughout history.