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Bagh e Shahzadeh or Shahzade Garden
Bagh-e Shahzadeh has more than one-century antiquity and historical background located at a distance of 35km southeast of Kerman city and a distance of 6km from Mahan Town. It stands on the Kerman-Bam roadway near Jupar highlands, Hezar (Tigran) very height, and altitude mountain slope which consists of Cerates lime depositions. The high difference in temperatures between day and night is one of the climatic specifications of this area. Bagh-e Shahzadeh (Prince garden in the Persian language) is about 5.5 hectares, and stands on a vast, open terrain with a rectangular shape and an approximately 4.6% slope. 

Persian Gardens

Bagh-e Shahzadeh or Shahzade Garden

This great garden was built in 1297CE by the order of Abdolhamid Mirza the ruler of Naser Al Din Shah a prince of the Qajar era. There are two building constructions in the east and the west of the garden that are connected to each other by some ponds and fountains. On the highest level of the garden, there is the main pavilion with two-story.

Shahzade Garden Kerman

It had been a place for some celebrations and a home for the owner. One of the features of Bagh-e Shahzadeh adding more depth to the perspective compared to other gardens is its relatively long length, pleasant landscape, and loud jets of water playing relaxing music. The main internal views, including the movement of water, pools, and waterfalls, emphasize the axes perpendicular to the main axis. These views and its plant system present inviting interior views of the garden. This beautiful garden has been registered in UNESCO as a symbol of Iranian gardens due to having different characteristics of Iranian gardens. This garden was renovated in 1991 and today it is in use of giving good services to the guests and tourists.

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