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Kerman the city of souvenirs and yummy things

A trip to the city of designs and colors
The designs and decorations have been created with the love and passion of people. They dazzle the eyes of every viewer. These designs adorn Kerman handicrafts and select by every traveler as a souvenir. Kerman, as one of the historical and industrial cities of Iran, has a special and unique position in the production of various handicrafts.
This position has been earned with the art and hardworking of people for many years. Their interest in culture and art has a main role in preserving the culture and art of this land. Kerman Bazaar known as Ganjali Khan is one of the most important factors in the development of handicrafts in Kerman. This magnificent and valuable monument has had a very important role in introducing and developing the art and industry of Kerman.

 Kerman souvenirs can be classified into 2 sections

- Handicrafts
- Yummy Sweet

Kerman handicrafts, like other cities in Iran, have a great variety and satisfy all tastes. Some of these handicrafts such as carpet weaving in workshops and other ones such as scarf weaving, Ariz weaving( a kind of textile), and pateh weaving(Pateh is an Iranian traditional needlework folk art) are produced at home by Kermani women and girls.
The most important handicrafts of Kerman are:
Copper, Pete embroidery, Carpet weaving, Wood mesh, Wide weaving, Carpet weaving, Scarf weaving, Knifemaking, Marquetry(Wood mosaic), Copper engraving,
Khos (texture of gold, silver, and fibers on clothes), Sis weaving (basket and mat weaving with palm wigs)

Kerman copper dishes

copper dishes

When you enter the old bazaar of Kerman, you hear the sound of copper tools. The tools and  Cooking Accessories are made of copper. The different kinds of pots, Kettle, Skimmer, Ladle, fork, and spoon.  The art of coppersmithing has been popular in Kerman since ancient times. Now, craftsmen produce different kinds of copper utensils. Kerman has the best copper in Iran and its mine by the name Sarcheshme Copper is very famous.

Kerman carpet

Kerman carpet

Kerman carpet is such high quality, famous and popular that even has used in Iranian proverbs
Iranian say "it looks like a Kerman carpet" it means that this thing is of very high quality.
The local handmade carpets are the most popular souvenirs and handicrafts of Kerman.

Pateh Weaving

Pateh (pæte) is one of the old and traditional Iranian needlework folk art. This art originated in the east of Iran and is very common among Balouch women. The most beautiful needlework in Iran is the weaves of Baluch women and the East of Iran, which is available in many creditable international museums.

Girih tiles

Girih tiles

One of the types of Iranian-Islamic art is wood decoration. This art has been used to decorate all kinds of doors and windows as well as pulpits in mosques.
One of the most important features of this art is the traditional designs, local raw materials as well as their strengthening without the use of any nails and staples to prevent rust and greater strength.

Engraving  (Qalam-Zani)

Engraving  (Qalam-Zani)
It is the decoration and carving of patterns on metal objects, especially copper, gold, silver, brass, or in other words, the creation of lines and patterns by a pen with a hammer and on metal objects. Engraving is one of the traditional arts of Iran, which is in the category of industrial arts and metalworking.
Engraving on copper
Since Kerman is the center of copper mines in Iran, the art of decorating on copper utensils or engraving has long been common in this city and various artists have paid attention to this art.

Khos Weaving
Khos embroidery is one of the old and traditional handicrafts that has no definite beginning in history.
All the designs and forms are mentally and with no pattern
The patterns come from the heart of the artist and engrave on the fabric with gold and silver fibers.

Kerman yummy things

Kerman Pistachio

Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural products for export in the country, more than 70% of which is produced in Kerman province. Pistachio is cultivated in different parts of the province, but Rafsanjan city, as the largest pistachio growing area in the world, is the main center of pistachio production in the province and has the highest production volume. High quality and variety of products are the two main characteristics of Rafsanjan pistachios that have caused the producers of this region to enter the world market.

Kerman Cumin

This short plant with medicinal properties that has a special place in Iranian cuisine. Also, has entered Kerman into Iranian proverbs.
There is a famous proverb in English: To carry coals to Newcastle
In Iran, this example is told about the city of Kerman: To carry Cumin to Kerman
The plant fruit is a short shrub from the Umbelliferae family that has medicinal properties and is used as a spice in cooking. Cumin has two types of green and black, the black type is known as Iranian cumin and the highest volume of production is related to Kerman province. Kermani farmers harvest black cumin from mid-May to early July. The best and most high-quality black cumin is its mountain type.

Kerman Date

Due to its good geographical location, Kerman province is a very good place for the growth and cultivation of date palms.
Kerman is one of the main producers of dates in Iran. Most Iranian dates are produced in Bam and exported to other countries.

A variety of sweets with date
Production of Date in different gardens of Kerman has popularized the preparation of various sweets. Therefore, you can prepare all kinds of these local sweets in the Kerman Bazaar.
Some types of these sweets are: Bereshtoo, Khorma Beriz, Kolompe

This souvenir of Kerman is a famous sweet in Kerman and the people of Kerman use it for the guests. Qavoot sweets consist of wheat kernels, barley, sesame, herbs, and often pistachios. All these ingredients are mixed together and bake in the oven. You can find these souvenirs anywhere in Kerman.

Kerman Qotab

A delicious and sweet combination of flour - almonds - powdered sugar - cardamom and oil that offers a beautiful and delicious product. This unique sweet is prepared not only in Kerman but also in other cities of Iran.

Kamach Sehan
Kamach Sehan is one of the most traditional souvenirs of Kerman. This sweet is made with wheat germ, cumin, cinnamon, batter, and walnuts. Pistachio powder, walnut powder, and sesame are also used to decorate this komach. This food is very tasty.