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A Golden And Mysterious Land, Shahdad

In a four-season land like Iran, attractions are never-ending. Iran has as many attractions as you can be in traveling every day of each season. Don't think that with the end of summer, the trip season is over. In contrast, autumn is the best season to take a trip to the golden places in our country. Deserts are those golden attractions and the best time to visit this wonderland is autumn. Among all deserts of Iran, the Shahdad Desert is the purest and the most beautiful desert tourism destination.

Shahdad desert Kerman

Shahdad Desert is some part of the western border of Dasht-e Lut that with 24 thousand square kilometers area in the south-east of Iran and north-east of the city of Kerman is one of the greatest regions of the country and the greatest historical region of Kerman Province. In every comer of the Shahdad Desert, there are ancient monuments such as graveyards, castles, caravanserais, etc. from the fourth millennium BC to Islamic eras and even contemporary times. The natural and historical attractions of this region are many. One of the most fascinating and natural attractions of this desert located northeast of Shahdad town is known as Shahdad Kaluts. These Kaluts are unique in the world in terms of their shapes and genesis conditions.

2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Shahdad desert and Kalouts in Kerman

Kaluts are U-shaped huts found in desert areas, it is consist of two words "Kal" and **Lut". "Lut" refers to the Lut desert and "Kal" means village and town. Wind and water are the most important elements consisting in these structures: the most important winds, known as 120-days-winds-of-Sistan erode the walls of Kaluts, and the other important element is Rud e Shoor River. Rud e Shoor River is the only Permanent River streaming in the Lut desert. Rud e Shoor's spring source is in the North-west Mountains of Birjand, and it passes a 200km winding path at the heart of the desert finally, it reaches to Salt Mind of Shahdad. Watching Kaluts from distance, it evokes a town with many skyscrapers. Here, the sky and earth have another color and smell Watching the sunrises and sunsets of Shahdad Kalutsisa must, even for once, deeply understand the great beauty of Kaluts.


Iran deserts

Here, tranquility attempts you to lay down on earth and make wishes from the bottom of your heart. It seems that the sky loves the desert the most and gives its morning smile to the desert earlier than anywhere else. Full Of Stars and the azure sky of the desert do not let you pass here easily, you have to spend a night under this sky and deep down its tranquility. If at the time of rising you are among Kaluts, you definitely admire such wonders. As Sun goes down, the sky becomes so smooth and 2 clear that it seems the distance between the earth and the sky is just a step, and you can easily deep down in the town of Kaluts and pick up every and each bunch of stars If You are planning to have a journey there, you need to accompany by a local guide familiar with this region because the position of this region and wind blow and sometimes the rain falls change the shape of Kaluts and you may get lost In 20km distance from Shahdad town and among hills, there is a camp base suitable for tourists. This camp base has about 40 alcoves built with natural materials and supplied with drinking water, electricity, restroom, bathroom, etc. that all bring a happy and memorable night for its guests. To reach this camp base, from Shahdad go 27km toward Kaluts, and then after passing Dowiat-Abad Village, Amir-Abad village, and Shafi-Abad Village, you will see Shahdad Desert Camp Base. Interests of both domestic and foreign tourists have led to many recreational activities in the area, including safari, camel rides, sightseeing tours among Kaluts, and start watching.

Equipment Needed For A Trip To Shahdad Kaluts

-Equipment Needed For A Trip To Shahdad Kaluts

Desert has cold nights and scorchingly hot days: so, on your trip make sure to bring a bottled water cap, sunscreen, tent, sunglasses, sleeping bag, warm clothes, flashlight, and other personal equipment, and most importantly a camera to record all these beauties.

Camel riding in Shahdad desert Kerman

-Last Words

Shahdad desert is divided into three zones: green, orange, and red. The Green zone is accessible for tourists, but accessing the orange and red zones is forbidden, unless tourists are accompanied by a local guide familiar with the region because of difficulty in recognizing the path, it is possible that tourists get lost. These two orange and red zones begin immediately after the green zone. Try to start your trip with a professional guide to have a useful and safe trip. Desert, this amazing land, with its tranquil silence attracts everybody to itself, is worth visiting many times.

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