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Getting Kerman

Kerman  the mysterious and beautiful city

Kerman province and especially the city of Kerman is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Its ancient history is a complicated mix of different tribes like Persian, Baluch, and Zoroastrian religions, Also, the unique ruins that remained from thousands of years ago. The city has always attracted its lovers with its special historical and cultural attractions like a magnet and has shown them the most beautiful features.
Do not miss this opportunity.

Getting Kerman by plain


If you want to choose one of the fastest, safest, and most convenient means of transportation, the plane will be the first. It helps you to plan the itinerary better and arrange it in a short time. Since the city of Kerman is one of the most important commercial and economic areas as well as tourism in Iran, regular daily flights on this route will help you to have better and more regular planning. You can choose one of the daily scheduled flights of Iranian airlines.


- Your trip is about 1.5 hours and should be at the airport about 1.5 H before departure.
- You can choose one of the airlines and timetables on the basis of your itinerary.

Getting Kerman by plain

Plain Classes

-The Plain has First/Business and Economy classes with different prices.
- Your ticket price(per pax) starts from  30 us$.


If you have chosen the train to travel to Kerman - congratulations.
You have chosen a safe, affordable, environmentally friendly, cozy, and quiet choice in Iran, which gives you more opportunities to talk to each other or make friends.
Of course, with this long time, you will save a lot of travel expenses. Traveling by train has the benefit of knowing the local people, face to face chatting with them for an extended period, which usually leads to cultural exchange and even making new friends, which is the primary objective of tourism.
The railway to Kerman starts from Tehran and stops at the below destinations.
Tehran- Kashan- Yazd- Bafgh- Zarand- Kerman. It finally stops in Zahedan city.

There are different timetables for Tehran/Kerman that you can arrange due to your itinerary.

Getting Kerman by train

- Your trip is about 995 km and takes approximately 14 hours. So you can choose a night train journey between Kerman and Tehran to reduce your travel expenses.

Train Classes

-The trains with 6 seats in each compartment with lower quality and price.
These trains share many facilities and services like first-class trains, but they can’t compare with these trains in the aspects of quality and convenience.
-The trains with 4 seats in each compartment with higher quality and price.
- Your ticket price(per pax) starts from  7 us$.

Getting Kerman by train

- Their services would be:

- Air conditioning
- Audio-video entertainment
- 220 V power outlet in compartment
- Beverages and snacks are available
- Dining car/ meals in the compartment:
Serving dinner is optional and one needs to pay a surcharge on the ticket.


If you are going to planning to travel to Kerman with one of the cheapest and safest land vehicles, the bus will be your best choice. The most important feature of buses in tourist cities is their variety in timing. Therefore, you can choose one of the types of buses in 3 passenger terminals of Tehran (south, Beyhaghi, and West Terminal) at any time of the day.

Getting Kerman by bus

If you are able to sleep on a moving vehicle; a cool trick would be to take a VIP night bus. You can get a relatively cozy place to sleep away all the hours and save on accommodation! There are different cooperatives that you can choose your bus from. They have more or less the same quality. However, I will advise paying attention to the bus itself! Firstly, the number of seats in each row (obviously it’s more comfortable to be on a bus with 3 seats which are called V.I.P. in each row than 4 seats).

Getting Kerman by bus

- Tehran Bus Terminals include different timetable services to Kerman, which operates between 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. This bus service allows you to choose an ordinary(32-person) or VIP bus to reach this historic city.
- Your distance from Tehran is 990 km and it takes about 10 hours.
- All Buses are controlled by Police and camera and have limited speed.
- All passengers have a snack package at all bus classes and Audio/Video services on VIP buses.
-The Ticket price starts from 7 us$.