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These 10 reasons will convince you to visit Tehran

Tehran is a great adventure. Embracing the lower slopes of the great snow-capped Alborz Mountains. Tehran is the capital of Iran and the most secular and liberal city. Start your tour from here and spend some days - as you should - and you will soon realize that the city is much more than a chaotic jumble of concrete and crazy traffic covered in a miasma of air pollution.
It is the vibrant beating heart of the nation and the place to learn about modern Iran and what its future will be like. Exploring this fascinating metropolis will lead you on a journey through more than 8000 years of Tehran's history – from the brilliant Golestan Palace in the vicinity of Grand Bazaar to the beautiful Azadi Tower and the notorious former US embassy. Then there are the many excellent museums and serene gardens in the city. In these places, as well as in contemporary cafes, traditional teahouses, and mountain hiking trails, you can relax and enjoy all that is good in Tehran.

These 10 reasons will convince you to visit Tehran.

Tehran the capital of Iran

-How many major international capitals have you ever seen?

Tehran the capital of Iran for more than 8,000 years old history, had been the capital of Iran for more than 200 years. It has been the capital of Iran since the 19th century up to now.

Tehran Glassware and Ceramic museum

-Tehran is the city of museums.

Tehran has some of the most credible museums in Iran that preserve the most beautiful and valuable historical objects. They have included museums, houses, and royal palaces that keep a part of Iran's history. Among them, the two museums of Iran National museum and the Museum of Jewelry have the most visitors and are mentioned in all tourism programs. However, the list of Tehran museums is endless, and among many others is the Museum of Contemporary art, Carpet Museum of Iran, Reza Abbasi Museum, Malik National Museum of Iran, National Car Museum and etc.

Tehran near beautiful nature

-Tehran is near beautiful nature

Besides urbanization, Tehran has retained its natural beauty. Different recreational areas around Tehran are some of the most important attractions of the Tehran metropolis. Easy and fast access to these areas has made one of Tehran's tourism programs dedicated to its natural and beautiful areas. Different mountain ranges around Tehran are full of the most beautiful flowers in spring, while the watery rivers with a mild temperature will refresh your soul in summer, also the colorful tree in autumn will make ready the most beautiful canvas, while the white snow of winter makes ready the ski-slopes for its lovers.
Trekking in the north of Tehran gives you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful landscapes that nature has to offer. The Tochal sports and recreation complex on Mount Tochal offers hiking trails, a ski resort, a gym, and other activities that interest you as a hiker. Darband and Darakeh are your other alternatives for going to a nearby mountain.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

-Tehran is the largest shopping center with traditional and luxury markets

If you are going to buy, Tehran may be one of the best choices. A wide range of traditional and super lux and modern markets allow you to experience traditional shopping in old markets such as Tehran Grand Bazaar or in the most beautiful modern market in Iran. Start with the huge traditional bazaar in the south, an ideal and historical place to stock up on almost anything you need, and then move to the more upscale streets like Valiasr St, where you get a grasp of modern Iran. Never miss the Tajrish Bazaar.

One Day Free Tour Around Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Ski Resort

-Tehran at the foot of the Alborz range

Tehran is one of the best choices for ski lovers. The proximity to the high mountains of Alborz and the Zagros has created a variety of ski slopes around Tehran.
Tochal Ski Resort: The highest ski slope in the world with a height of more than 3,500 meters. This is closest to your hotel (only 10 minutes)
Shemshak ski slope: One of the ski slopes near Tehran (45 minutes)
Dizin Ski Resort: This international ski slope is one of the best in Iran for professionals.
Ab e Ali ski slope: One of the first in Iran.
Ski enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities and fantastic conditions throughout the winter when the mountain hotels and ski clubs of Shemshak and Dizine are full several days a week. Some professional skiers consider the value of snow in northern Tehran to be among the best in the world.

The Best Ski Resorts Around Tehran

Golestan royal palaces of Tehran

-Stroll like a king in the royal palaces of Tehran

Tehran has different palaces, where the kings of the Qajar dynasty and Pahlavi once held court. Golestan royal palace, the oldest historic monument in Tehran and the Qajar’s royal residence, and the coronation ceremony of the first Pahlavi king, it isn’t just a palace, consists of seven palaces, museums, halls, and a vast part of Iran's history. Continue your way to the Niavaran Palace and visit the Sahebqranieh Palace which is located inside this complex. Next is Sa’d Abad Palace in the Shemiran region, which was built by the Pahlavi. This palace also includes museums through which you can walk and learn more about Iran.

-Turn the pages of the Iranian contemporary history book in Tehran

where the last kings of Iran lived and in the street where two revolutions took place, the constitutional revolution and the Islamic revolution, and a coup against the government of Mohammad Mosadeq, August 19, 1953. Visit a collection of monuments and museums in Mashq Square or Parade Square, the historic military square in Tehran where maneuvers took place in the presence of the king during the Qajar era. It gives you an overview of the political and social situation in Iran during the Qajar dynasty. Visit This Place Free

Damavand Peak
-When it comes to mountaineering in Iran Tehran is at its peak.

If you are an athlete, build your strength and endurance by going mountain climbing in Tehran. Damavand is the most popular among professional mountain climbers. Mount Damavand a potentially active volcano 5600-m high, is a stratovolcano that is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. It is just 69 Kilometers northeast of Tehran.

Iranian gardens
-The most beautiful Iranian gardens are in your hands

You don’t need to look far to discover Tehran’s wonderful selection of gardens and parks. Iranian gardens such as Mellat Park, Laleh Park, Jamshidieh Mountain Park, and Nature Park and its beautiful bridge are the best places for a friendly walk. Visit these places and enjoy talking with hospitable people.

the yummy in Tehran
-Experience the yummy in Tehran

Tehran Food, where you can have the perfect mix of eastern and western food tours both in traditional or lux restaurants or even find them in street food restaurants. Iranian cuisine satisfies all different tastes. steak lovers, vegetarians, or even Vegan. Although Iranian cuisine has got delicious dishes, in Tehran you can find the best samples of western and eastern food including, Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc. The cafes, tea houses, and juice bars in Tehran are also wonderful. It’s up to you to choose a budget or mid-range café or splurge for your passion.