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Hiking on Vali E Asr street, the longest street in the middle east

The most beautiful and longest street in the middle east is where you can find most of Tehran's interesting things. The longest street, the highest quantity of trees in a street( more than 1000), nice art galleries, lux, and super lux restaurants, great malls and shops, old Tajrish Bazar, local cafes, artists' hangout, nice parks, all can be found at the this lovely street. This street stretches from north to south of the city, from the rich to the poor, from the parks to the shops. The change in temperature from the Railway station in the south to that of the Tajrish in the north is considerable. People from diverse backgrounds live and work on this street.

If you are looking for a meeting place for artists, take a walk to the Enghelab junction. If you are looking for a beautiful park to walk around, go to Mellat Park. If you want to know where people are going to shop, walk from the Taleghanin junction to the intersection of Fatemi. If you are looking for coffee, go from Bagh Ferdows to Tajrish. Valiasr Street extends from Tajrish Square in the north to Rah Ahan Square (Railway Sq) to the south and about 16 Km. It is the longest street in Tehran and, according to some, the longest in the Middle East.

graffiti and fresh murals  on Vali e asr street

But Valiasr is different

Take a stroll down Valiasr Street, Tehran's longest street, and explore some of the highlights and impressive works of art along this 15-kilometer stretch. If are going to walk (or even part of it), I suggest you have a camera on hand. There are all kinds of art, graffiti, and fresh murals officially commissioned to make this street beautiful.

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Valiasr Street or Pahlavi Street is a long street with two lines of plantain that make it unique not only in Iran and the Middle East but also in the world. It divides the metropolis into western and eastern parts. The street was built by the order of Reza Shah Pahlavi and is called Pahlavi Street. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the name of the street was originally changed to Mossadeq Street (referring to former Nationalist Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq), then to Valiasr (a reference to the 12th Shia Imam). Valiasr Street is the hub of Tehran's various activities. It is home to countless shops and restaurants, as well as many parks (such as Mellat Park), highways, and cultural centers along this long avenue.
Valiasr Avenue is the main shopping street in Tehran and also Iran. Many international chain stores have branches on this street, such as Benetton Group (3 stores), Reebok, Adidas, etc. Many of Tehran's major shopping Malls are located here, such as Tandis Center, Safavieh Shopping Center, Eskan Shopping Mall, and many more. Many jewelry stores and luxury accessories like Rolex, Tag Heuer, and hundreds of other local shops are located on this famous street.


Mellat Park
Known as Shahanshahi Park (Imperial Park) before the 1979 Revolution, it is one of the largest and most famous public parks in  Tehran. It is located at the foot of the Alborz Mountains adjacent to Valiasr Avenue in the east and extends to the Chamran Expressway (Parkway) and Seoul Street to the west.

Tehran Railway Station
Almost all the historical sites along the avenue have been inscribed on the national heritage list and the Tehran railway station is the first recorded historic site.
The station was built under the supervision of Karim Taherzadeh Behzad, brother of the famous Iranian miniaturist Hussein Behzad, and a Ukrainian engineer named Vladislav Vladislavic Garaditski, buried in the Armenian cemetery in Tehran.

Vali E Asr street

City Theater
The modern City Theater building made by the order of Farah Pahlavi, located at the intersection of Enqelab and Valiasr avenues, is another eye-catching monument in Tehran.

Azeri coffee shop
Another interesting place to visit and learn more about Iranian culture along this street is the Azeri coffee shop. This coffee shop is located near the Railway Sq and on the south side of Valiasr Street. In this place, you can make relax by drinking Iranian tea or traditional Iranian cuisine and enjoying the beautiful wall paintings.
A trip to Tehran without walking in parts of this long street will never be complete. This is one of the most beautiful and historic streets of the city, do not miss it.