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It is an old and traditional bazaar much smaller than the grand bazaar

Tajrish Bazar: The most colorful market in Tehran
If you are going to visit an old and traditional bazaar much smaller than the grand bazaar but much cleaner and in the northern part of Tehran, Tajrish Bazar is the very Bazaar for you. Tajrish Bazar is the most colorful market in Tehran. You can plan your visit in order to stop at the bazaar before and after visiting the Sadabad Royal palace complex or Darband recreational area. it's only a 10-15 minute walk. The Tajrish Market is a must-visit to feel the local market and local culture of Tehran. Stroll and buy nuts, fruits, the best quality of saffron in the region. A walk in the evening in this lively and lovely area is also nice and exciting.

The Tajrish market is one of the most prominent places in Tehran. Due to its proximity to Darband mountain, the palaces of Saadabad and Niavaran, and close to the shrine of Imamzadeh Saleh (AS), it hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every day. Tajrish is one of the oldest Tehran neighborhoods. This area has been one of the recreational centers of Tehran's people since long ago. Therefore, shopping and visiting this old market was as same as in the past as a type of recreation. The Tajrish Bazaar is a must for Iranians and tourists. It's very colorful and you can find everything. just walking in the bazaar gives you positive energy. It is close to Tajrish subway station and you can get there easily