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Iran Desert Safari

Desert Safari tours are very popular in Iran and there are various operators who specialize in tours through the vast and spectacular desert-like Maranjab, Aboo ZeydAbad, Karakal, Lout, and Mesr deserts. Enjoy breathtaking orange sunsets and experience one of the most adventurous activities in Iran.

Camel riding tour in Maranjab Desert

Our tip:

Book a trip to Maranjab the closest desert to Tehran and Kashan to meet “Safavid caravanserai”  One of the 999 caravanserais of the Safavid period or a trip to Lout desert one of the most mysterious deserts of Iran
- Staying at one of the desert Eco-camps is a dreamy accommodation.

Overnight at Maranjab Desert Carevanserai

Morning safaris are also available, allowing you to witness the sunrise over the stunning landscape. A camel ride is an ideal way to cross the desert in the same way as the people who have inhabited this region for centuries.

Overnight at a Desert Camp

We offer overnight stays in so-called desert camps, often in combination with a traditional feast plus the most delicious Persian Kebabs. Entertainment is provided by Singers, fire, and music. But don’t forget to look up during all these performances - the starry sky shines especially brightly in the desert.