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Qom Holy City, The Vatikan Of Iran

The important holy cities in the world such as Mecca - Benares - Lhasa - Jerusalem, and the Vatican are always the most attractive parts of tourism. These tourist destinations offer religious and theological attractions to their enthusiasts and provide them the inner peace along with rich history and culture. Therefore, a large number of tourists always travel to these destinations for better recognition of religious beliefs and familiarity with religious culture and customs. Iran is one of the most important destinations for religious tourists, especially Shiites, with its holy and religious places.

Qom Holy City, The Vatikan Of Iran

There are various holy and religious cities in Iran that are important for religions such as:

Hamadan and Shush: Jews
Julfa and Urmia: Christians
Yazd: Zoroastrians
But among the religious cities of Iran such as Shiraz, Mashhad, and Rey in the south of Tehran, the city of Qom due to the existence of the Shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, Jamkaran Mosque - Fayzia Religious School - and 93 Islamic holy places and 594 mosques and 260 religious theaters and dozens of other valuable and natural historical works have a great valuable religious tourism position. The city of Qom, with a collection of religious, historical, and cultural monuments is one of the most effective destinations for attracting various cultural, religious, and recreational tourists.

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Fatima Masumeh Shrine on the reverse of a 1981 5000 Iranian Rial banknote
Fatima Masumeh Shrine on the reverse of a 1981 5000 Iranian Rial banknote

- What to see

The city of Qom has become a historical place with various religious buildings that have had a special place for Muslim rulers in the past. The mausoleums of many Iranian kings, famous poets, and famous people are located in Hazrat Masoumeh's shrine. Also, the traditional Bazaar of Qom with an exquisite and valuable collection of all kinds of silk carpets, Qom Museum, various caravanserais, Safavid era water reservoirs, and the tomb of the Safavid and Qajar kings is one of the most important destinations for those interested in the history and culture of Iran.

- Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism Attractions of Qom

The holy Shrine of Majesty Fatemeh Masoumeh. This valuable gem donated a special privilege and value to Qom and its people in the desert area of Qom, and it could attract various visitors and religious tourism.

Qom Holy Shrine decoration

- Important Parts of the holy shrine

-Holy Yard: This yard is the first yard of the holy court of majesty Masoumeh with elegant porticos called “Najafi Porticos”, the same as “Golden Portico”, the northern portico is the entrance of the yard to Feizieh school, the western portico is the entrance of yard to Great Mosque and the eastern portico is the entrance of golden yard to Atabak

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Jamkaran Mosque in Qom

-The Great people who were buried in the court of Majesty Fatehem Masoumeh include:

Majesty Fatemeh Masoumeh, daughter of Imam Mousa Kazem(The seventh Imam of the Shiites)
Parvin Etesami the great Iranian woman poet (1907 - 1941)

The kings of the Safavid dynasty
Shah Safi I (1611 – 1642)
Shah Abbas II (1632 - 1666)
King Solomon (1648 – 1694)
Shah Sultan Hossein (1666–1694)

Qajar kings
Fath Ali Shah (1769 – 1834)
Mohammad Shah (1808 - 1848)

Qom Feyzieh School.

Old and historical schools, tourist attractions of Qom

Feyzieh School, Geyathieh (Pamenar) School, Jahangir Khan School,
Razavieh School, Sayeah Schools, like Hojatieh, Momenieh, Marashieh, Korha, Shahabieh, Kermaniha, Saad, Imam Khomeini, Amir Almomenin, Imam Bagher, Shahidain Rasool Akram, Alhadi, Golpayegani, Masoumieh, Mahdieh, Opic Chi, Dar Altalig schools which considered to be the most famous schools in this city.

Historical Tourist Monuments of Qom
- Alikhani Bridge
-Dar Alshafa Reservoir

Historical Tourist Tombs of Qom
Tomb of Fathali Shah, the Tomb of the Second Abbasid King, the Tomb of Shah Soleiman and Shah Safi, the Tomb of Mahde Olia, the Tomb of Ali Ibn Babouyeh Gomi, the Tomb of Mohammad Shah, Sheikhan Cemetery, which is considered one of the famous shrines from Qom; at this place, a group of close friends of imams and scholars of the 1st century were buried. Scholars such as Zakariaye Adam, Mirzaye Gomi, and Mirza Javad Aga Maleki Tabrizi; Tomb of Imam Khomeini's mother, Tombs of Gonbade Sabz

Museums and Cultural and Tourist Centers in Qom city

Museums and Cultural and Tourist Centers

Museums in Qom include Astaneh Mogadaseh Qom Museum, Qom Natural History Museum, Astaneye Mogadas Library, Ayat Allah Haeri Library, Ayat Allah Boroojerdi Library, Ayat Allah Marashi Najafi Library, Old Market, and a large archway.

Natural Tourism Attractions
Local seasonal Rivers, Salt Lake, Hoze Soltan lake, Masileh basin, Kosar National Park.

How to get Qom
Qom has located just 140 Km from Tehran and the low distance allows people to arrange weekend tours to Qom city. This city is connected to Tehran via a highway. Regular daily Bus services do from Tehran to Qom. The Railway of Tehran to the south has the main station in Qom. So, you can visit Qom city easily and safely.