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10 Iran's Attractive Desert Eco Camps
As an emerging branch of tourism in Iran, ecotourism is lately growing more popular among lovers of Mother Nature and those fond of ancient cultures. The term is defined by the International Ecotourism Society as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people." It is intended as a low-impact and often small-scale alternative to standard commercial mass tourism and its purpose is to conserve natural areas and the environment and improve the well-being of locals. The emerging industry requires a variety of platforms and strategies to prosper, including extensive advertising of the indigenous settlements, maintaining roads in tourist attraction areas, and, most importantly, the establishment of ecolodges. Ecolodges specifically aim to serve clients in line with the traditions of the region, offering tourists a glimpse of the local way of life. Here are the country's top 10 eco-lodges, suitable for camping in Iran.


1- Matinabad
The Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp and Organic Farm were founded in 2008 by a group of environmentalists and tourism experts. It is located close to the Dasht e Kavir, Iran's largest salt desert lying in the middle of the Iranian plateau, and has Karkas Mountains to the other side. The camp offers unforgettable adventures in close proximity, to local people and unique nature. Baking and cooking with local women, harvesting and picking fruits in organic farms and orchards, desert walls, short safari trips, with jeeps, and stargazing at night are activities offered by the camp. Matinabad's main building, which is designed like a caravansary, as well as earring rooms, nomadic tents, and huts, are accommodation places prepared for travelers. The traditional restaurant within the camp, which is designed homogeneous with the local colors, consists of a big hall with the capacity of seating 100 people, a kitchen, and sanitary facilities. The external courtyard is suitable for relaxing and enjoying the night sky after dinner. The camp primary aims to present maintain and promote the ethical codes of international tourism and ecotourism organizations to uphold CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility model and realize sustainable and responsible tourism in Iran.

Reza Desert Resort

2- Reza Desert Resort
If you are in Tehran and have little time to visit Kavir, the Varamin desert is your closest choice to Tehran. On a one-day tour of the Varamin desert, you can enjoy the natural beauties of this region such as Varamin desert, Kavir National Park, Bahram Historical Palace, and other recreational activities. Reza Desert Resort is a small desert eco-camp on the edge of the desert that can be suitable accommodation for dessert enthusiasts.

Dikako Eco camp

3- Dikako Eco camp
When you are traveling in the desert and you are fascinated by its tranquility, you say to yourself that you wish you had mobile homes here. Dikaku eco-tourism and nomadic resort located in Tabas city, not only come true your dream of staying in the heart of the desert but also the friendly atmosphere of the resort gives you the feeling of home. Founded in 2016, Dikaku Ecotourism Resort is one of the most popular desert ecotourism choices, especially in the fall. At the Dikaku Eco-Resort and Nomadic Residence, they make fresh you, relax and remain silent, and you will be free from the noise and traffic jam of modern cities.

Bali Desert Eco Camp

4- Bali Desert Eco Camp
Located in Khoor town in Isfahan province, the three-star Bali Hotel is a traditional accommodation at the heart of the Khoor desert. This unique relaxing place with a quite traditional setting and design and mud walls offers fine facilities and services in a pleasant atmosphere. The hotel's off-road travel activities are of its highlights providing guests an amazing and memorable adventure along with the traditional tasty foods which remind people of the past times.

Zeinodin desert caravanserai

5- Zeinodin desert caravanserai
The Zeinodin Caravanserai is one of two rounded (circle form)caravanserais of Iran built in the 16th century. It has been renovated with its original form and design. In 2006, he received the UNESCO prize for the best-renovated building. The traditional caravanserais can become the highlight of your trip to Iran, where you can experience some of the best and most memorable nights of your life. This is one of 999  valuable caravanserais built under the Safavid dynasty to promote trade. However, you can stay in one of the 52 renovated rooms.

Potas Salt Village

6- Potas Salt Village
This village includes salt suites, salt lake, evaporative pools, swimming pools and salt baths, a beautiful salt waterfall, sports-recreational facilities, night sky observation site of the tourist area of Potas Khorobiabank complex in the form of mineral tourism tours, Geotourism, and health tourism welcomes those interested in traveling to the central desert of Iran.

Ghale Ganj Eco Camp

7- Ghale Ganj Eco Camp
The Ghale Ganj Eco Camp is the first Iranian hut hotel is established in Qaleh Ganj city, in Southern Kerman Province in March 2016. The hotel has 31 huts with a capacity of 60 guests, has been designed according to regional culture and architectural styles. The huts are made of local plants, particularly palm fronds built in an area of one hectare on the road interconnecting Kerman and Hormuzgan. The different activities like camel riding, desert safari, local music and dance, and local traditional games will never get bored you.

Bahram Hidden Castle

8- Bahram Hidden Castle
Bahram Hidden Castle Hotel is an economic hotel in Garmsar, Iran. The hotel has 13 rooms and offers a variety of programs such as camel riding and desert climbing. Offroad and Stargazing teams can also stay here. The residence is built underground and in addition to 13 overnight accommodation rooms, includes salt and straw therapy rooms, sound reflection corridors, underground fountain, meeting and reception hall, and exhibition of the life of the ancient rulers. Guests are also served breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with completely traditional dishes.

Googad Carevanseray

9- Googad Carevanseray
The historical Arge Googad Hotel is the second mud-brick building in Iran. The historic 3-star hotel is the old town of Golpayegan in the city of Googad in the province of Isfahan. The Kohgud Arg is located on the path of the famous Silk Road and is the second building of Iran's clay and mud, which dates back to about four centuries ago. It was used as a caravanserai during peacetime as a military fortress during the war or attack.

Star Eco Camp

10- Star Eco Camp
The Star Eco Camp is laid in a lush and beautiful palm in the village of Malek Abad, three kilometers from Shafi Abad village and 34 kilometers from the magnificent Kaluts of Shahdad desert. Thus all the beauties of the desert are in your hands. The Lut Star eco-camp is equipped with the best facilities. The facilities and amenities of the camp are accommodation, catering (with restaurant and coffee shop), safari track, handicrafts workshop,  tennis court, etc. This camp is the best place for hosting desert enthusiasts and all nature lovers from all over the world. You can select one of the fully equipped tents and enjoy your accommodation.