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What is your winter destination?

When it comes to winter travel destinations, don’t overlook Iran’s southern provinces with their hot Islands in winter. Kish Island and Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf offer a different winter getaway, away from the traditional snowy landscapes. Many people underestimate Iran’s potential as a winter destination, but in fact, the country offers diverse entertainment and amenities for all seasons.
Escape the cold and snowy mountains and head to these desert starry skies or tranquil Islands for a warm and dreamy Christmas vacation. The Southern Islands of Iran boast marvelous and eye-catching views, with a suitable climate perfect for winter travel. Enjoy the sunny and sandy beaches, unique natural landscapes, and various recreational facilities for water sports.
Don’t miss out on exploring Iran’s winter destinations, especially the hot Islands in the Persian Gulf, which offer a different perspective on the country’s beauty and allure. Experience a different side of Iran’s tourism and make unforgettable memories in the picturesque settings of Kish Island and Qeshm Island.

What is your Iran winter destination? Desert or Beach

If you are an adventurous soul who loves desert landscapes, consider exploring the stunning deserts of Iran this winter. Iran’s deserts offer a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking something different from the typical winter destinations.
You can arrange a desert tour to regions near tourist cities like Kashan (Maranjab), Isfahan (Varzneh & Tabas), Yazd (Karakal), and Kerman (Shahdad & Lout). Here, you will witness the most beautiful natural landscapes and create exciting memories that will last a lifetime.
Experience the thrill of camel riding on endless golden sands, trekking on towering dunes, witnessing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and staying in historic caravanserais. The mesmerizing starry skies of Iran’s deserts in winter will leave you in awe and provide a truly unique travel experience that you will cherish forever. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Iran’s desert hot winter destinations and create unforgettable memories in the heart of the desert.

Iran’s Southern Islands offer an enchanting escape for travelers seeking warmth and beauty during winter. These hot Island for winter destinations boast pristine beaches, vibrant local eco-lodges, and colorful traditional houses that add to their charm. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere, enjoy local delicacies, and experience the hospitality of the locals who are eager to make your stay memorable.
In addition to relaxing on the virgin beaches, you can indulge with Persian music, and unique folklore performances, and immerse yourself in the rich regional culture. For adventure-seekers, there are ample opportunities for surfing, paragliding to catch a glimpse of dolphins, hiking along scenic trails, fishing, or exploring giant shopping malls. Discover Iran's different side as you unwind in the tranquil surroundings of the Southern Islands. Here the beauty of nature meets the warmth of local hospitality and mesmerizes you.

At the same time, Iran's deserts with different Eco-camps (Shahdad Star, Matin Abad, Zainuddin Caravanserai) at main tourist cities like Yazd, Isfahan, and Kerman provide you with convenient amenities and safe accommodation.
Different desert activities (camel riding, hiking, stargazing, paragliding, ATV Motors, and motorcycling) will prepare exciting Safari Tours for you and your companions.

8 Attractive Beaches in Iran

Here is a list of Iran's best winter destinations.

Silver Beach - Hengam Island - Hormozgan Province and Matin Abad Eco-camp Desert

Silver Beach - Hengam Island - Hormozgan Province

The beaches of southern Iran, especialy in Hormozgan province and the Persian Gulf region, are truly a sight to behold. Qeshm, Kish, and Hormoz Islands are known for their stunning beauty and pristine shores. Among these islands, Hengam Island stands out as a hidden gem. There are no cars, streets, or luxury hotels, Hengam Island exudes tranquility, crystal-clear waters, picturesque beaches, untouched nature, and authentic local charm.
The features of Hengam Island attract visitors to explore the nearby Qeshm Island Geopark, a UNESCO site in the Persian Gulf. Here, travelers can experience the natural wonders of the region. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the enchanting beaches and islands of Iran, where raw beauty meets genuine hospitality.

Why Hengam Island is a must-see?

 - One of the most eye-catching Islands in the Persian Gulf.
- Hosting groups of different dolphins.
- Various ceremonies, traditions & local culture and sub-cultures.
- Has one of Iran’s loveliest and most traditional bazaars.
- Clear water for watching fish & crabs up close.
- You may catch sight of Uromastyx aegyptia and Indian gazelles.

Matinabad Desert Eco-camp

If your winter destination is Isfahan and eager to discover Isfahan's art & history, and also like to experience a desert camp you are in the right place. A great eco-camp close to the Dasht e Kavir, Iran's largest salt desert, in the vicinity of local people and Iran's desert's unique nature. The Matin Abad Eco-camp offers baking and cooking with local women, harvesting and picking fruits in organic farms and orchards, desert walls, short safari trips, with 4WD, and stargazing. An old caravansary monument, nomadic tents, and huts are accommodation places prepared for travelers. The traditional restaurant within the camp, with various Iranian traditional and vegetarian dishes is the best place to enjoy Iranian cuisine.

10 Iran's Attractive Desert Eco Camps

Hendorabi Island or Rigan Desert

Hendorabi Island

If you like to spend your winter vacation on a cozy local Island far from different tourists and enjoy the original southern culture with local dishes and secret recipes this is the right place. This is one of the most spectacular Iran beaches for cycling, you can enjoy clear coastal waters that are great for swimming and bathing and pleasant weather during winter.

Rigan Desert

If you plan to enjoy a multipurpose winter destination, Kerman province would be your best choice. You will not only enjoy the deep history, unique historical monuments, and visiting the Silk Road, but the Kerman deserts will be one of the most exciting parts of your trip.
Have you ever tried sand therapy or sand sports?
The Rigan sand hills are located 12 kilometers from the center of Rigan-Kerman province. This village with easy and comfortable access from Kerman attracts various tourists. The local eco-camps with reasonable facilities are the best places to experience local accommodation.

Iran's desert is a Charming rough

Lavan Island in Hormozgan province or Kafe Namak in Kerman Province

Lavan Island

The third biggest Iran Island after Qeshm and Kish. This small southern Island with 81 square kilometers, and about 5000 people is one of the calmest places for a winter vacation. The presence of sandy beaches with white sand and clear waters is one of the features of this beautiful island.

Kafe Namak

Discover the unique wonders of Kerman as a winter destination that will surprise you. The extraordinary natural landscapes of Kerman, including the desert plains of Kalots, dunes, and salt lakes, make this region truly special. Namak Lake in Sirjan, Kerman Province, stands out as one of the most beautiful natural features in southern Iran. This dry lake has become a popular tourist attraction in the area.
Covering an impressive area of 35 thousand hectares, Namak Lake is located on the route from Kerman to Shiraz, just 27 km from Sirjan Road near Kheirabad village. Known for its white plain filled with salt, the lake transforms into a stunning sight during rainy days and turns into a salt marsh on dry days. As you travel to Shiraz to explore the Achaemenian ruins, don’t miss the opportunity to be amazed by this natural wonder. Explore the natural landscapes, historical sites, and desert beauty of Kerman for a truly memorable experience.

Maxer or Makser Beach and Shahdad desert Kerman Province

Maxer or Makser Beach

An Emerging Beach Destination for the Instagram Photographer. If you are going to walk on the legendary beaches of south Iran and are eager to watch the Persian Gulf which is packed with natural beauty, clean beaches, historic architecture, and super-friendly local people Maxer Beach or Maxer Beach is the best choice for you. When you start searching for the best Persian Gulf ports, you come across many incredible choices such as Kish, Gheshm, Hormuz, and Bandar Abbas. The bad news is that many of these seaside spots have skyrocketed in popularity and are overcrowded in peak season. But there are other wonderful ports that remain secret to tourists.

A Golden And Mysterious Land, Shahdad

In a four-season land like Iran, attractions are never-ending. Iran has as many attractions as you can be in traveling every day of each season. Don't think that with the end of summer, the trip season is over. In contrast, autumn is the best season to take a trip to the golden places in our country. Deserts are those golden attractions and the best time to visit this wonderland is autumn. Among all the deserts of Iran, the Shahdad Desert with 24 thousand square kilometers area in the south-east of Iran is the purest and the most beautiful desert tourism destination.

2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Red Beach - Hormozgan Province and Karakal Desert Yazd Province

Red Beach - Hormozgan Province

The tourist sights of Hormozgan province and the Persian Gulf are endless. You can spend days on the islands, beaches, and swim in clear waters and enjoy their beauty. If you are going to visit one of the best and most beautiful southern islands of Iran with red edible soil (after Spain) and enjoy the sunset by walking along the beach, the Red Beach in Hormoz Island would be your best winter destination. This beautiful Island is one of the best winter destinations with a series of historical, natural, and cultural sights that can make your winter journey dream come true.

Caracal or Karakal Desert

Caracal or Karakal Desert is the most famous desert region near Bafgh city and Sadeghabad village. It is located 12 km from Bafgh City (120 Km from Yazd). If you are going to visit Iran's history and enjoy Yazd as the second-largest adobe city with dozens of amazing historical monuments, undoubtedly the Karakal desert can complete your dreamy journey. Here is full of various amazing activities to surprise you and your family. You can walk on tall sand hills, watch the sun set & sun rise and enjoy the local foods. Also, you can enjoy off-roading tours, camel riding programs, four-wheel motor riding, and stargazing.

How to visit Yazd Desert

Shidroo or Shidvar Island and Maranjab Desert

Shidroo or Shidvar Island

One of the smallest Iran islands close to Lavan Island has come to be known as “Iran’s Maldives”. If you are eager to walk in one of the smallest Iran Islands and enjoy a dreamy sunset among the Persian Gulf this is the best one.

Maranjab one-day desert tour

Maranjab Desert

If you have selected Tehran or Kashan for your winter destination, dozens of historical and cultural monuments can surprise you easily. But, the Maranjab desert can complete your tour and make your dream come true. The closest desert close to Tehran(200 km) and Kashan (25 km), with the best white sand hills, Salt Lake, old caravanserai, and various recreational activities like Camel riding, ATV Motors, walking on dunes, Stargazing Tour, is the best place for winter destination and discover Iran deserts. Book your Safari tour and enjoy your journey to Iran.