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How to visit Iran month by month

Iran, as one of the top 10 tourist countries with a set of geographical, historical, cultural, and artistic features, has various attractions throughout the year. Each of these features has created special attractions for tourists. You can visit this historical cultural country in different seasons of the year and enjoy it.

Join us to visit Iran on a one-year tour.

Trip to Iran in January

Trip to Iran in January

What do you prefer for your Christmas holidays?
- A cold mountainous area full of powder snow.
- Hot Beaches close to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with tonnes of amazing and exciting things.
You can have both of them simultaneously. Yes, Iran is a four-season country that can present you with all your desire for a great magic holiday.


Weather in January
- In southern cities close to the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman have a pleasant and enjoyably mild temperature and the average humidity causes pleasant weather without a sudden drop in temperature during the night.
- Northern and western cities like Kermanshah, Tabriz, Gilan and etc., are almost covered in heavy snow with a temperature of about 5°-7°C, and it sometimes decreases to zero or even lower and most of the days are snowy or rainy.
- The main historical and tourist cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz have January days with a temperature of around 8°-12°C, less snowy and rainy than western cities.

Why January?
Visiting a country with whole different culture, nature, and climate during the Christmas holidays, is an interesting experience, surely. Taking celebrate in a desert camp, traditional house/hotel with family and friends is a new unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to taste winter Iranian fruits like different kinds of citruses, apples, and pomegranates. Taking celebrate in a desert camp, traditional house/hotel with family and friends is a new unforgettable experience.

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the greatest migration of Christians occurred during the Safavid period and Shah Abbas Kabir

Events or Festivals
If you are in Iran in the late days of December, the Iranian Zoroastrian ceremony by the name Sade or “Jashn-e-Sadeh”, at Kerman and Yazd cities is the best Iranian event. It is a fire ceremony with a very large bonfire, as the symbol of defeating “Ahriman” (Satan) because fire is a holy element for Iranian Zoroastrians. They gather around the bonfire, say prayers, sing and wish their soul to remain pure and innocent.
Also, you can join Iranian Christians for the new year's ceremony in different cities. You can not only discover Iranian Christian ceremonies but also can visit the most beautiful Iranian-Christian churches like Vank church in Isfahan, Ghare Kelisa, Black church(Monastery of Saint Thaddeus), and Saint Stepanos Monastery.

- Our suggestions for your January journey to Iran
If you are interested in winter sports various ski resorts in different parts of Iran are calling you. You can pack your winter necessities, apart from Skiing tools(You can hire them easily in all ski resorts).
- Visit the best Ski resort in Iran
- Cultural tours in Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz with their milder weather are better destinations for those who don’t enjoy snowy and freezing winter.
- Iran's Saffari Tours especially the Lut desert (Shahdad in Kerman) with its extremely beautiful sky and magic kalouts has been introduced as the warmest spot on earth with a 70°C temperature recorded. So an excursion to the stunning Shahdad desert is a good choice on cold days of January.

Trip to Iran in February

Trip to Iran in February

Feb is one of the best times to visit Iran! it's a mix of exciting experiences that may be not visible in other places.
The southern areas of Iran(Khuzestan and the southern Islands) with spring weather (23°-25°C) and a middle temperature will create attractive landscapes for you, simultaneously the north and west of Iran with peaks covered with powder snow are the best places for ski lovers. Interesting Iran deserts with various Safari tours in a low temperature(17 C) are the best places to discover their beauties.

Khuzestan in Februry

Weather in February
February is the best time for visiting southern provinces like Khuzestan which are warm about 23°-25°C with nice rain once in a while and no humidity.
Eastern and desert cities of Iran with an average temperature of about 17°C, have warm days and cold nights due to a lack of sufficient rain but they can be good destinations because of the pleasant sunlight during day time.
February is the coldest season (-10°C) in northern and western cities, which are covered with snow, and also some roads are closed because of the heavy snow.
But, the central cities also have cold weather about 8°-10°C on rainy days and about 12°C on sunny days.

Some suggestions for your February tour to Iran
Khuzestan with a series of the best Iran historical monuments is the best place to visit. Don't miss:
- The Elamit Choqazanbil temple ( 3000 years ago).
- Shushtar Historical Collection- Shushtar's historical Hydraulic system dates back to King Darius the Achaemenian era(500 B.C.), and old historical bridges, and rivers.
- The southern cities and Islands
- Bushehr and Bandar-Abbas are other southern cities of Iran, recommended to be visited due to their uniquely delicious and spicy seafood and live traditional music beside the Persian Gulf.
-Sistan va Baluchistan with more than 6000 years old history and unique monuments has weird tourist attractions although it is not a common destination. Shahr-e-Soukhteh near Zabol is a UNESCO list.
- You can visit “Shahr-e-Soukhteh” (the burnt city) near Zabol, which dates back to 6000 years ago! “Shahr e Soukhteh” is a world heritage inscribed in UNESCO’s list. Or you can visit Chabahar seaport’s
Also, this area can impress you with some other attractions like mangrove forest, unique seabird species like flamingo, eagle, heron and etc.


Events or Festivals
If you are interested in Iranian art and cinema,  the Fajr cultural festivals of Iran on the occasion of the Iran anniversary Revolution (1978) are one of the best ways to get to know Iranian cinema, theater, traditional Iranian music, and art shows.

Trip to Iran in March

Trip to Iran in March
March is the month of different Iranian ceremonies, festivals, and getting ready for journies and Iranians prepare for the Iranian New Year with a series of the most beautiful traditional celebrations. People are preparing to celebrate the beginning of spring and of course the holidays.

Weather in March
The central cities are getting warm little by little and the average is (15°-20°C) thus you would have great weather for walking in cities and visiting the attractions. But the southern cities are getting warm for the spring, but have spectacular nature yet. Northern provinces located south of Caspian Lake like Rasht and Anzali port, western provinces like Tabriz and Kurdistan are not very cold and freezing like December and January days and the average temperature is about 10°-12°C.

Nowruz in Iran

Why March?
March in Iran! Good choice! but too crowded!
Iranians love this month because it is the days before Nowruz with various ceremonies and activities for welcoming the new year. Everything becomes active and alive. Iranians are preparing for Nowruz and planning their trips, children are going crazy because the holidays are coming and nature is truly green and young. The whole nature of Iran becomes elastic! Some traditional festivals take place in the days leading up to Nowruz and are so interesting to see.

Some suggestions for your March tour to Iran
If you want to experience cold but beautiful cities in the west like Tabriz, Hamedan, and Kurdistan you need to pack your warm clothes and shoes. In central and southern cities light coats and jackets are sufficient, especially on the last days of March. Visit Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tehran and enjoy the vibrant pre-holiday atmosphere. Visit Persian Gulf harbors and the Oceanic harbor of Chabahar to enjoy their temperate weather before it gets warm there.

From 18 Mar up to 3. Apr all hotels and tourist services are fully booked, thus primary reservation is mandatory.

Chaharshanbe Soory or fire festival

Events or Festivals
The most beautiful, happiest, and oldest Iranian fun festivals are held in March. These celebrations have historical, cultural, and artistic roots that will fascinate all tourists interested in Iran.

Cooking sweet
Samanoo pazun or cooking Samanu (an Iranian sweet made from wheat)is an ancient ceremony in which all family members and friends are gathered for 24 hours until the Samanu is ready.

Charshanb e Suri
The last annual celebration to welcome the new year is called the Chaharshanbe Suri Wednesday celebration, which is held on the last Wednesday of the year.

The most important and famous holiday in Iran is Nowruz. The oldest celebration from 3000 years ago in Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and some other countries. Although all hotels, roads, and tourist attractions are very crowded during March, interesting customs related to Nowruz make it worthy to be visited once.

Trip to Iran in April

Trip to Iran in April

If you are going to visit Iran full of flowers and grass this is the best time. The Iranian are backed to their jobs, roads with no traffic, hotel vacancy, and historical sites are not crowded.  Real spring in Iran starts in April, the temperatures rise, flowers bloom, and all over Iran is beautiful for visiting. April and May are high seasons for international travelers; book ahead for rooms and flights.

Weather in April
The central cities of Iran with 20 ° -22 ° C and light spring rain are very suitable for visiting. The main tourist cities have the most incredible time in April. Northern cities located south of the Caspian Sea with temperatures of 17 ° -20 ° C are green heaven for visitors. Even southern cities are always appropriate destinations with a temperature of around 30 ° -32 ° C and tolerable humidity.

Horse riding in Iran

Why April?
April days are simultaneous with Ordibehesht (Iranian month) days in Iran. The word “Behesht” means heaven in the Farsi language and Iran’s nature does look like heaven in April. All the cities have suitable weather and that’s why April is the peak season for visiting Iran.

What to pack?
You don't need any necessary things to pack, just don’t forget your camera for capturing the green landscapes of Iran during spring.

Some suggestions for your April tour to Iran
Cities with fresh colors like green and pink, Plains are covered with fresh green grass and nature is a magnificent artwork. we recommend you choose road trips to move between the cities.
The experience of visiting Shiraz in April in historical gardens like Eram, Afif-Abad, Delgosha, etc, will not be forgotten for a lifetime.
This is the scent of orange blossom that spreads throughout the city in old alleys, gardens, and even busy streets. If you have a panoramic view of Shiraz, you will see that this city is surrounded by mountains and covered with long-standing cypress trees. Maybe that's why Shiraz was home to many world-famous poets like Hafez and Saadi and the people who live in this city are so hospitable, with a calm and joyful lifestyle. Visiting vast fields of wild tulips, living rivers, and springs on Zagros Heights in Kohkiluye va Boyir Ahmad Province is a good option if you prefer a tour of the fresh air. You can also join a professional rock climbing group in this world-famous mountain country.

Events or Festivals
Islamic Republic Day,
April 1, is a public holiday marking the anniversary of the referendum that formally established the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. It is marked by rallies, speeches, and military parades.
13th Farvardin is Sizdah be Dar (13th day of the year, April 2nd) is a public holiday and the last day of the new year holidays in Iran. On this day the entire population goes to the countryside for a picnic. It is a pre-Islamic tradition that symbolizes a new beginning.

Rosewater or Golabgiri festival is held in some cities like Kashan,  and Meimand (near Shiraz) during April. This is a traditional process of extracting rose water with traditional sweating methods.

Trip to Iran in May

Trip to Iran in May

If you are an Iran-lover and are going to discover the history and nature of Iran in May, can still enjoy the spring beauty of Iran and immerse yourself in them. The mild spring weather in the northern cities of Iran is cooler(20°-22°C) with spring rain, the central cities of Iran invite you to enjoy the mild spring(26°C) heat and cool nights with their pleasant weather. Although desert cities such as Yazd and Kerman experience 30-degree heat, this heat is worth visiting these historical cities. But in the southern cities, the weather gets quite hot and reaches 38-40 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is a little high.

Are you a traveler, tourist, or backpacker?

Iran Hospitality

Why May?
In most areas of Iran, you can enjoy nice weather and nature is as beautiful as it is in April.

What to pack?
Light, bright, and comfortable clothes and shoes are very good for ladies and gentlemen. If you are an adventurer and join Iran adventure tours a light jacket is necessary.


Some suggestions for your May tour to Iran
Nomad Tours in Iran is a unique tour to discover in lifestyle and the people who have not changed for centuries. They set up their tents (Kooch or Nomadic migration) in summer lands like Eqlid and Abadeh in Fars province. If you are going to experience their new lifestyle and probably join in their daily routine, Iran Nomads are calling you. You can book your nomad tour and spend 2 or 3 nights in Qashqai tents to realize the real meaning of hospitality. Their simple dishes with live folklore music on handmade woven carpets are more delicious and have a long impression on you. They are extremely nice and hospitable.

Isfahan known as half of the world or museum city with its long history would be your tour's highlight. You can walk in Naqsh e Jahan square (UNESCO list)which is decorated with the most famous and eye-catching Safavid mosques and palaces. Here, you would have a flashback to the history of Isfahan when Shah Abbas the great selected Isfahan as the Safavid Capital after Qazvin. The Jolfa neighborhood or Armenian quarter brought you a piece of European architecture during Shah Abbas's kingdom. Visit Julfa Vank Church or Monastery of St. Amenaprkich, walk in the streets and alleys, and drink a cup of aromatic Armenian coffee in the cafes. You can spend days and days in this marvelous city and find interesting cultural and social attractions on every corner.

Tehran, the capital of Iran known as the city of museums and monuments from the Qajar era with its spring weather will amaze you. The national jewelry museum, carpet museum, contemporary art museum, and Tehran Iran ancient museum are some examples of museums available in this city.

This is the best time to visit Shiraz; you do journey to a small paradise by the name of Shiraz the city of flowers and nightingales. May is the best time to visit Shiraz when the gardens are green, crofts are covered with colorful flowers and you would be intoxicated by the sour orange trees' bloom smell.

If you are interested in exciting sports, Iran's roaring rivers are the best choice for rafting tours. Join these exciting tours and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Top Ten Reasons For Iran's Rafting
Shiraz a Lovely City

Events or Festivals

-International Zoorkhane Event (Iran's UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritages) is usually held in May in Iran. It is a traditional Persian sport and is registered by UNESCO.
- 5. May is the Day of Shiraz. If you are in Shiraz the interesting ceremonies and festivals are held in the most prominent Shiraz tourist attractions.
- Traveling to Uramanat Kurdistan in the middle of May and watching the traditional ceremony of Pirshaliar will be one of the most beautiful parts of your trip.

Trip to Iran in June

Trip to Iran in June

Although all Middle-Eastern countries are hell in summer, Iran is a cool Paradise compared to them. North and western provinces of Iran with various forests, high altitudes, and roaring rivers are a dreamy cool paradise that amazes all visitors. The days are getting warmer and warmer and usually last till September. Desert cities, Iran deserts, and southern cities are very hot places to visit. So, let's say you have no choice but to travel to Iran during its hottest times. What things do you need to know? Is it really that bad or does it still have positives?

Why June?
June is the month of examination in universities and schools. Therefore, hotels and tourist attractions are not crowded and can enjoy low-cost services.

Iran dress code

What to pack?
Light clothing, caps, and sunglasses are necessary, but during nights in the northwestern towns, you may need a long-sleeved shirt.

Rafting in Zayande Rood Iran

Some suggestions for your June tour to Iran
- The northern cities of Iran in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea with their forested mountain and summer areas are a verdant paradise for nature lovers. Stay in one of the local villas, and enjoy delicious local food and beautiful nature. You definitely won't want to leave there.
- Western cities like Azerbaijan and Kurdistan with their unique nature are the best summer destinations.
- Staying in Tabriz the capital of East Azerbaijan province and visiting its world’s biggest covered Bazar with the best Iranian hand-made leather shoes, nice hand-woven carpets, and Kandovan rocky village 800 years old (Iranian Cappadocia), is an unforgettable journey to the northwest of Iran.
- Ardabil city the capital of Ardabil province is the coolest place in summer(26°-28°C in June). This is the motherland of the Safavid kings and has a main role in the foundation of the Safavid dynasty. Visiting Sheikh Safi gnostic mausoleum, Fandoghloo forest, and Sarein the city of hot springs will complete your journey to Ardabil.
- Iran's roaring rivers with their unique nature and eyecatching view are a cool recreation for you and your family.
- Iran with more than 600 peaks over 4000 meters is one of the best destinations for hiking. High natural rock sites like Damavand (near Tehran) or Sabalan (Ardabil province) are definitely worth the effort.
Events or festivals
Tirgan Zoroastrian Festivals and Wheat Harvest Festivals are held in parts of Iran in June.

Trip to Iran in July

Trip to Iran in July

Although the heat in July is very annoying in Iran, but only in the central cities and desert areas of Iran. If you are a nature traveler or adventurer, you can enjoy the coolest places (20 - 25 C)this month.
Tourism destinations in different parts of Iran with cool mountain areas, dense forests, and beautiful local ponds are the best destinations for summer travel.

Trip to Iran in July

Why July?
The long summer days are the best chance to visit more places. Hamedan & Kurdistan with mild temperatures are the best summer cities to visit as they are usually covered with snow in winter.

What to pack?
Light clothing, caps, and sunglasses are necessary, but during nights in the northwestern towns, you may need a long-sleeved shirt.

Alisadr is the world's largest watery cave which attracts millions of visitors every year

Some suggestions for your June tour to Iran

- Hamadan can be an ideal summer destination for various historical, cultural, artistic,
 and natural reasons.
- Historical: The summer capital of the Achaemenids, the historical city of Hekmatane, various historical monuments
Cultural: Tomb of great Iranian poets and scientists such as Avicenna and Baba Taher.
Art: Various pottery workshops around Hamedan.
Natural: Ali Sadr Cave is the largest water cave in Iran.

 - Kurdistan province will be a dreamy journey for you with a collection of the most beautiful summer destinations.
Oraman Takht (Oramanat) Marivan
Oraman Takht village is one of the most beautiful mountainous areas of Iran, near the Sirvan and Leila rivers that pass through this village.
Palangan village
Palangan village is one of the most spectacular terraced villages in Kurdistan province, which attracts all tourists with its amazing Staircase architecture and beautiful and pristine nature.
Lake Zarivar-Marivan
Zarivar lake is one of the unique lakes of Iran and the world with its fresh water and wildlife.
Crafto Cave
This ancient limestone cave, which was formed in the Mesozoic era, calls the nature walker.

Takht e Suleiman or Solomon Thrown in Takab city

- Takht e Suleiman or Solomon Thrown is the most famous and creditable Zoroastrian fire temple from the Sassanid era.
It is a historical area located in west Azerbaijan province and it is inscribed on the world heritage list (UNESCO). This place had been an important area during the Maad, Achaemenian, Ashkanid, Sassanid, and Moguls.

Events or festivals
In ancient Persia throughout the hot days of July folks were accustomed gather by the rivers or springs and unfolding water around to give thanks to “Tishtar” (Iranian rain goddess) and the need for ample rain. the foremost vital motivation for this fun feast named “Tirgan” has been having some fun within the water and obtaining a bit cooler. today people still prefer to keep this ancient ritual alive. throughout summer days we have a tendency to may even see some friends spraying water on one another with water guns and having summer fun by the rivers, lakes, or pools.

Trip to Iran in August

Although August would be the last and hottest month of summer, there are many destinations to enjoy this month. The mountainous and northern regions of Iran with cool and summer areas are the best places to visit and enjoy nature. You can stay at local houses or cottages and enjoy the special beauty of the pristine mountainous regions of Iran and realize the real hospitality.

Why August?
You can find cheap tours in August because many tourists think every place in Iran is unbearably hot, but you can enjoy cool nature and less crowded attractions during this month.

What to pack?
- You should have a cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen, whether or not you're visiting jap and thus their areas or cool northern and western cities.
- In northern and western heights a cool breeze blows throughout the night so a protracted sleeve shirt may come back in handy.
- For brave activities like canyoning and froth rafting you may need a trekking shoe and a bit backpack. alternative technical tools are out there on such tours

Some suggestions for your August tour to Iran
- The western provinces of Iran especially Kurdistan with unique nature and natural views and some eye-catching villages like Paalangan, and Oramanat are the best places to discover a mix of culture, nature, and hospitality stimulatingly.
Paalangan is an old touristic village in Kurdistan province with amazing architecture it is located in a deep valley with a wild river flowing through. The houses in “Paalangan” are built on the two sides of the river in the form of stairs, which means that a house’s roof is the ground yard of another house, which is built on top. Enjoy the cool weather and great local foods like great barbequed trout fish and different kinds of kebabs.

- Move to the north of Iran especially the Summer areas on the slopes of the mountains and relax with pure fresh cool Oxygen.
Kelardasht is a city in Mazandaran province, located on the hillsides of ‘Alamkooh’, the second-highest peak in Iran. Walking in vast green jungles and breathing humid and fresh air makes you feel like a newborn. You can also ride paragliders and fly over this green heaven or you can ride horses on the wealds. You also can also enjoy riding paragliders and flying over the hillsides or riding horses.

- A fun and happy recreation in the cool waters of the mountainous regions will be the most memorable part of your trip. Canoeing and rafting in the roaring and cold waters of Iran will be an exhilarating recreation for you. In this section, you will not only have a cool trip but will also enjoy the most beautiful natural areas of Iran.

Events or festivals
Hazelnut fests in Qazvin.

Trip to Iran in September
The last days of September (Sep.22) are the best time to plan a great trip to different cities in Iran. Summer trips in Iran are over, schools and universities have started, roads are quiet and hotels with better services will be at your disposal. So join us for a great trip at the beginning of colorful autumn. Central tourism cities like Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz are lowered to 30°-31°C and they drop even more during the first days of autumn. Eastern cities like Yazd & Kerman are getting cooler(about 34 C) as well. But the temperature in southern cities like Ahvaz is still high. If you are eager to walk in rainforests in the north of Iran the time has come.

Group tours to Iran

Why September?
If March and April are the most beautiful seasons to travel to Iran, September and October are also the best time.
Autumn weather is favorable in many destinations.
Tourist destinations are not crowded in autumn.
Unique attractions of autumn in Iran.
Then get ready for an unforgettable journey to Iran.

What to pack?
If you've chosen the southern cities, regular summer clothes are fine but don't forget your summer tools like sunglasses and sunscreen. In the central and eastern cities, you may need a light jacket for the cool night breeze, especially for the last days of September. You may need a light jacket and sweater for those chilly northern nights or maybe an umbrella for rainy days. A lightweight trekking shoe is suitable for walking in the northern jungles.

Shahdad Desert and camping

Some suggestions on your September tour to Iran
Although the tourist cities of Iran such as Isfahan and Shiraz will be the usual choice of Iran travelers in this season, this colorful season offers you new ideal choices.

- Iran's deserts are calling you with stunning charms and untouched destinations. Maranjab desert is the closest desert to Tehran and Kashan with a complex of natural and historical beauties, also Abu Zaid Abad desert near Kashan and Lut desert, Shahdad desert, and the central desert of Iran are your best choices to discover Iran's desert beauties.

- The nomads of Iran in different central, eastern, and southern parts of Iran will give you an unforgettable stay in the nomadic camps with a different style of animal husbandry and nomadic life. You will spend your time with them among the fresh green wealds with cool and fresh climates, enjoy the folklore music, and taste the best high-quality foodstuffs.
- The northern forests of Iran with a wide variety of natural beauties will be your best destination for camping, hunting, and watching the natural and colorful beauties of autumn.

Events or festivals
-Rice is the main food of Iranians and it is planted in northern Iran (provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran). September is when the rice seed is ready to be harvested. Farmers hold a party during harvest days and thank God for their good produce. It has been an old ritual that is kept alive until now.
-Pistachio is a rich and nutritious fruit of the nut family, especially planted in the dry areas of Iran, especially in Rafsanjan, a city in the province of Kerman and it is exported to many countries in the world as nuts precious and delicious. The pistachio is harvested in September and a festival called "Jashn-e-pesteh" is held to show gratitude for the good harvest.