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10 dreamy traditional hotels that rob you of your sleep

Iran with over 10,000 years old history is one of the oldest countries in the world and also one of the main tourist destinations. One of the most important characteristics of this ancient culture is its architectural features. This aspect of architecture not only is visible in palaces, holy shrines, public places, and Bazaars but also is clearly visible in traditional houses. Houses are full of traditional decorations with authentic and beautiful architecture based on Iranian-Islamic worth and respect for neighbors and especially the guests' comfort.
These houses have different rooms usually scattered around a yard with a pond and some trees for hot seasons. Summer and courtyard rooms for warm seasons and back rooms for cold seasons are also special rooms with mesmerizing decorations for special guests. In order to sustain tourism and preserve Iranian architectural elements and introduce the history, culture, and architecture of Iran, most of these old houses have been renovated, equipped, and turned into traditional hotels/houses. These old houses are nowadays changed into very luxurious hotels where guests will not only have a comfortable and safe stay but also enjoy the rich culture and architecture of the country.

Almost all traditional Persian houses have been designed to fulfill the following essential characteristics:

1. Hashti and Dalan-e-Vorudi: Upon entering the gate, one passes into a small closed transition space called Hashti. Here you have to redirect the steps from the street and into the hallway, called DalanVorudi. In mosques, Hashti allows the architect to convert the steps of the believer with the correct orientation for prayer, giving the possibility to purify oneself before entering the mosque.
2. Easy access to all rooms in the house.
3. A central swimming pool or pond (Howz) and a small garden with fig trees, pomegranates, and vines.
4. Important divisions such as Biruni part (exterior) and Andaruni part (interior).
5. Specific orientation and direction to Qibla and Mecca.

The architecture of historical houses in Kashan

Additionally, the Persian House in central Iran was designed to use an ingenious wind sensor system that creates unusually cold temperatures in the lower levels of the building. The thick, massive walls were designed to keep out the heat of the summer sun while retaining the internal heat in the winter.
Finally, staying at one of the old houses with 400 years old of history, equipped with modern amenities as well as original and traditional architecture will create a special spiritual feeling for tourists. In Iran,  lots of old houses with the mentioned features have changed to luxury and beautiful hotels. These hotels make your dreams come true. Tourists can use the following hotel/house for traditional and modern accommodation. Be sure that staying in 400 years old traditional houses in Iran may truly come once in a lifetime. Thus choose one of these dreamy houses/hotels and enjoy your accommodation.

Top 10 Isfahan hotels

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

The grandeur of a Historical Banquet
Are you going to stay at a super-luxury traditional house?
A traditional house with all traditional Iranian decoration and original plan plus all 5-star hotel services. The SarayeAmeriha Boutique Hotel is calling you. A dreamy hotel which is made of mixing some old houses together. In 1999, in an attempt to restore a part of Kashan’s local culture, Ameriha House was entrusted to a capable, experienced team for restoration. Great care and attention were taken to restore this invaluable house based on its original layout and designs and the restoration project was finally finished in 2014.
Ameri House / Hotel is one of the remarkable historic houses in Kashan. It is located in the old quarter of the city and attracts many clients as both a tourist spot and a luxury hotel. In both directions, the house gives you a realistic picture of the lifestyle of wealthy families in the 18th century. The unique location and low distance of this great hotel to the main historical sites of Kashan eager all tourists for staying here

ATIGH traditional hotel

One of the most beautiful and special historical houses that have become a hotel with the aim of introducing Iranian historical architecture. This is the commemorative architecture of the Qajar era that dates back more than 200 years ago and is laid in the traditional district (Shahshen) in the city of Isfahan. This old monument was registered with the National Heritage Organization of Iran in 2002. It was renovated in two phases in 2003 and 2010. In the last one, all the rooms and suites were renovated and designed on the basis of the Iranian traditional decoration which provides deep comfort for guests to have a sense of both modern and traditional perceptions. The Atigh Traditional Hotel has been able to provide the best services to customers both with the help of its loyal customers, qualified staff in the field of the tourism industry, and constant active participation in the hotel and restaurant industry

Ghasre Monshi House/Hotel
A dreamy stay in one of the palaces left over from the Qajar period is a unique experience of a trip to Iran. A Qajar palace with 200 years old history, adjacent to a collection of valuable Safavid palaces and monuments leads you to a brilliant part of Iran's history. You can immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of the hotel for hours and enjoy the pure beauties of Iranian architecture. An unforgettable experience of the extraordinary combination of history - Iranian art and architecture.

Kianpour House

Accommodation in Isfahan's historic houses is one of the most enjoyable parts of travel. Especially if you are staying in one of the old houses of the Safavid or Qajar era. The architectural and decorative features of these old homes that are adorned with the most beautiful architectural and decorative elements will attract every traveler. The historic Kianpour Hotel/House is a remaining monument from the Qajar era. After reconstruction and restoration by architectural experts, this historic house has become a unique boutique hotel.
If you are going to stay and enjoy a real traditional House/Hotel with Iranian traditional architecture, this is one of the best choices. Quick and easy access to Isfahan's historical sights and high-quality services will make an unforgettable accommodation for you. Naghshe-Jahan Square, Chaharbagh, Imam Baqer School, Aliqoli Agha Mosque, Post Baroo District, Bazzar, Aliqoli Agha public bath, Si-o-Se pol and many other monuments are not far from five to ten minutes walk from Kianpour boutique hotel.

Lotus Hotel

A pleasant event for you on your trip to Shiraz is staying in an old house with original Iranian architecture and special decorations of that period. This will come true for you at the Lotus traditional House/Hotel. This old house makes true your dream of an old house's staying. A 200 years old house( Qajar era) with a green yard, under the shadow of an Orange tree, some rooms around the central yard, a small blue pool with fish, traditional windows with colorful glasses, narrow stairways, and rooms full of Iranian paintings. The peaceful and friendly atmosphere of the house along with all of its beauty encourage all the tourist to stay here, to recognize the soul of Iranian architecture and beauty. This would be a great opportunity for you to complete your trip to Shiraz with a unique old house/hotel.

Top 10 accommodations in the city of Shiraz

Malek o Tojjar Antique Hotel
Yazd is the city of windcatchers and mud-brick houses dating back to the history of Iran. If you are going to stay in the first ًQajarid era mud-brick house/hotel in the world, this is it. A historical mansion once belonged to a trustable merchant of Yazd by the name "Malek al Tojjar" now it is renovated and changed into an antique hotel for tourists who love Yazd. A narrow alley with high walls is the entrance of the house. A vast house with different eye-catching beauties that will amaze all visitors. The beautiful porch, hexagonal vestibule, winter and summer chambers, terrace, amazing wooden pillars, the eye-catching courtyard, the lofty wind catcher, the big pool in the middle of the Yard, the basement corridors connecting different parts, and the mirror room have considerably more added to the beauty of the building.

Oscru boutique hotel

A unique accommodation experience in a century-old caravanserai
The history of the Oscru Boutique Hotel begins with a 120-year-old caravanserai next to Vakil Bazaar in the historic part of Shiraz. The building dates back to the late Qajar and early Pahlavi eras and the renovation was completed in 2021. Its proximity to Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Castle, and ... is one of its main characteristics. you only have to walk 2 minutes to the historic places and there is no need for transport.

Shiran Boutique Hotel

Isfahan is the city of history, art, and inexhaustible beauties. It is not for nothing that Isfahan is known as half of the world. The beauty of Isfahan's houses and buildings is so great that it will enchant any viewer-eye with any taste. A Qajar house of more than 100 years old is one of the best options for a historical and unforgettable stay in Isfahan. This old house makes true your dream of an old house's staying. A 150 years old house( Qajar era) with a green yard, under the shadow of an Orange tree, some rooms around the central yard, a small blue pool with fish, traditional windows with colorful glasses, narrow stairways, and rooms full of plasterwork. Try your luck for a dreamy night.

Sohre Verdi Boutique Hotel

A unique and skillful combination of two 150 years old houses and an exceptional product is called Sohre Verdi Boutique Hotel. An artistic journey to the history, art, and architecture of Isfahan by staying at Sohre Verdi House / Hotel. Located in the heart of the historical region of Isfahan with easy access to the best historical monuments of Isfahan and a calm pleasant and cozy environment. If you are going to plan a historical, and unforgettable stay, Sohreh Verdi Hotel will be one of your best choices.

Traditional Hotel
The traditional hotel is one of the first and oldest traditional hotels in Isfahan. It is laid in the Bazaar and In the vicinity of main historical sites such as Hakim Mosque and Naghshe Jahan Square. This old house is located in one of the old neighborhoods of the Qajar and Safavid periods. So the hotel's unique location and easy access to historical sites allow you to visit the far more comfortably. The artistic combination of original Iranian decorations with modern equipment has made it one of the best accommodations in Isfahan. Try your luck for an exceptional and unforgettable stay in the traditional hotel of Isfahan.