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Rafting at the desert land
It has been said and written too much that Iran is a dry and desert country. Yes, it's true! But some parts of Iran are not seen or even not spoken. They are beyond all Iran's deserts. High mountains, long mountain range, 4 million years old Hirkani forests which are vast, dense, and diverse forests, the largest lake in the worldwide plains, and wild, raging rivers plus hundreds more.
Yes, All these spectacular natural landscapes lay in a desert country called "Iran".

raging rivers of Iran

Damavand Peak (5600 meters), one of the five peaks of Asia, connects you to the highest point in Iran, While Iran's historical caves guide you to the deepest part of its history. One of the most exciting nature tours in Iran is rafting in the raging rivers. Although Iran is located in the desert region, peaks and the long mountain ranges of this historic land have created many different stormy rivers for its people. These rivers, which are scattered in different regions, have made the best position for water sports lovers and rafting programs. The rivers of Haraz, Sefid rood, and Chaloos in the northern provinces will image a green feeling with the smell of rice farms among the 4,000,000-year-old Hirkani trees and hospitable people.

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Zayandeh Rood River in the center of Isfahan province

Also, the Armand roaring river (the best river for rafting), passes among the fabulous nature of Iran, makes the most beautiful and picturesque natural and emotional scenes for you. The rivers of Khersan and Bazoft will amaze you with pure nature, picturesque views, and the power of waves. Then if you need excitement, adventure, a little fear, and an adrenaline rush? They are calling you.

Bazoft the lost paradise

Other western rivers of Iran in the provinces of Kurdistan and Lorestan will give you an unforgettable journey with pure and untouched nature. On this trip, you kill two birds with one stone, you visit not only the historical sites of Iran but also discover Iran roaring rivers with your boats.

Rafting in different rivers of Iran

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