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Armand Rafting an unlimited excitement

Need some fun, excitement, adventure, a little fear, and an adrenaline rush? Do you want to drain your energy completely and make yourself ready for a new beginning in life? The adventure trips such as rafting tours are your solution. Take a leap in the dark. Release yourself in the wave of the river and forget all pains. We help you to combine fun, exciting, and amazing trips with a hint of fear, and you will laugh and scream, then be back to your life and work full of energy. So, pack your luggage and join us for travel to Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and the Armand River.

Armand Rafting an unlimited excitement

This is where geography meets history. The Armand is a part of the Karoun river which is the biggest river in Iran at 950 Km. The Armand river is located in the Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari and It’s one of the finest places in Iran for boating holidays and exploring the natural world – so don’t forget your binoculars. You’ll be surrounded by the blue river and green plates, punctuated by picturesque villages. While you are rafting on the river you can watch unique scenes: a Lark taking flight or a pike wriggling in the water or maybe the goats, bears, and gazelles are passing throw out there. You are surrounded by the high mountains of the Zagros range with various trees such as oak and elm. Spend some time drinking it all in and living simply among a people and a culture that will leave a lasting impression.

Nomads The hospitable people

The hospitable people

Hospitable people who easily accept you as an old friend would be the most interesting part of your trip. Peace and freedom on a wonderful, adventure-filled journey that awakens all the senses - that's what an Armand cruise can offer. Why not give it a try? Set off on memorable rafting along the exciting waterways of Karoun & Armand.


Must-see sights in the Armand area

There’s different to do and discover as you are along with the Armand area, but we’ve picked out three of the best attractions.

Rafting on Armand River

-Rafting on Armand River: try Kayak

Rafting on the Armand river is incredibly easy(the best team supports you), making it the perfect holiday for families. This river is so long and exciting that you can do rafting days on days in different parts and levels (depending on your skills and time). Release your boat in the heart of the river with our professional captains and enjoy the song of the river and birds. This river will bring you infinite pleasure. No license is needed to rent a boat from our bases, and you can prepare your journey stage by stage. The river has an influence on most of the Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari landscape and guides you straight towards the Karoun Dam the biggest in Iran.

The Best Iran's Rafting Rivers

Fishing with Kids on the Armand river

-Fishing with Kids on the Armand river

If you are interested in fishing, try your luck on this river. You can catch a wide variety of fish and enjoy your vacation. Different fish like Barbus kosswigi- damascina, Capoeta trutta, Chondrostoma regium, Cyprinion macrostomum, Garra rufa, are calling you. Thank you for your interest in promoting fishing, especially among children. In this age we live in today, I think it's extremely important to get kids to fish because it keeps them away from computers and phones and allows them to see how the natural world works. I think one of the most important things to get kids interested in fishing is having a parent who is interested in teaching. Without devoting all of your attention to their experience, especially when new frustrations can set in quickly.

Discover Helen Protected area on foot!

Discover Helen Protected area on foot!

There is plenty to explore in Helen's protected area and the best way to do it is on foot. All the tours are fully customizable to your needs. From the slopes of the Zagros valley to the spectacular rivers of Armand, Khersan, and Bazoft. Our eco-tours tours are carefully designed by professional local guides, who cherry-pick routes to make the best possible set of itineraries. Our eco-tours with professional local guides will acquaint you with the beauties of the region and the nomads living in it. This area is so beautiful and attractive that it will enchant you.

Nature can be the best medicine

Trekking in the Helen protected area at Chahar mahal & Bakhtiari province includes off-the-beaten, lesser-known tracks of this country, added to green slopes, unspoiled local areas, and pure tranquility far away from other people and the busy life of the city. You just need to discover it, chatting with locals and nomads is the best way to relaxing. Picture yourself hiking into Helen's cliff-rimmed depths. Or the towering, Green, and oak-covered plains of the region, and the wild water of the Kherson river.

Breathtaking sports activities in the Do Polan area
- Breathtaking sports activities in the Do Polan area

Pump Your Adrenaline Rush By Trying Bungee jump from a Suspension Bridge.
Exciting sports in Do polan village
Do polan village near Helen region and Armand river has been introduced as one of the tourist hubs of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in recent years. It's sports and exciting recreations such as high jump (bungee jumping), zip line, and rafting (rafting). A 60-meter bridge over the roaring Armand River, which is the tallest jumping bungee in Iran. Also, a 300-meter zip line can get rush your Adrenaline.

Watch bungee jumping Video