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Ancient Walls & Battlements of Yazd

In the narrow and winding alleys, under the golden glow of the sun, among the thatched walls and a space full of the smell of straw-clay plaster perfume, walk freely towards the deep ancient history of Yazd. This is the most exciting part of your tour which will experience the historic neighborhoods of Yazd, the first and largest brick city in the world.

Ancient Walls & Battlements of Yazd

In the historical area of Yazd, the thatched thick walls, mixed with the blue of the sky, and the intelligent coexistence of man and stubborn nature, can be felt well in the margins of arches, windcatchers, and Sabats.

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The natural location of this area caused the first inhabitants of this city to use their high intelligence and interact with their stubborn nature by creating intelligent solutions. This coexistence of man and nature has created a beautiful, unique, and purposeful texture as the primary nucleus of Yazd city. in ancient Iran, there were many types of public structures, Among these buildings, the most effective and efficient were the city walls.

The 1000-year-old walls of Yazd are one of the most efficient architectural elements in Yazd that still remain intact and show the intelligence and ingenuity of the desert architects. In the old part of Yazd, sections of the old walls and the moat remain, providing an interesting example of a medieval wall, fortified by a moat, towers, and barbicans, now buried deep within a city that long ago expanded further. beyond its old limits.

Ancient Walls & Battlements of Yazd

These walls were started, it is said, in 1119 and were rebuilt and expanded during the 14th century. In some places, they were 15 meters high; be very well decorated with ornamental devices such as those used in unglazed ceramic.