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Free two-day tour in Isfahan

Isfahan is the most important and beautiful tourist destination for all travelers. This beautiful historic city with the most beautiful architectural monuments and hospitable people grabs the hearts of the tourists. So trip to Iran without Isfahan would not be complete. The beauty of Isfahan is not limited to its historical monuments. The local culture, artworks, crafts, souvenirs, and fine restaurants with traditional and international cuisine will have you stay for many days.

Isfahan Free City tours

1_Day Free Tour in Isfahan       Hald-Day Free Tour in Isfahan

The first-day itinerary, as previously mentioned.
For the second day, we will have a combination of urban and suburban programs. we will visit the historical and cultural sections of Isfahan. Let's start the morning by visiting one of the most beautiful mosques in Isfahan which is located just 20 Min walking from Naghsh e Jahan sq. A complete set of Isfahan architecture and history from 1300 years ago up to today. you can see the period's evolution of Isfahan's Iranian Islamic architecture.

Esfahan Atigh Great Mosque

The fact is that Atigh Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in Isfahan, is certainly well-known as one of the Particular historical monuments for either Islamic history or the beginning of civilization. However, it is almost backdated to 1300 years ago (the reigning time of Abbasian caliphs), and it can be noticed as a sensible and spiritual structure in many aspects that include the architectural, artistic, scientific, and influential efforts in religious cultural, political, and social fluctuations due to the different eras.

Vank church Isfahan

Toward Julfa area

The second historical complex is the Jolfa area
Isfahan's Armenian area represents one of the historical population characteristics of Isfahan.
Esfahan Different religions underneath a sky
Different religions live in peace and tranquility in Isfahan. Isfahan has always been a place of life for different nationalities and religions.  In the immigration of believers in various periods, it had been the main target of immigration. Isfahan due to its special geographical position and its location in the center of Iran usually had been a major city for immigrants from all over Iran. Jews have settled in Isfahan since ancient times also the Zoroastrians and Christians have been living there for different periods.

Julfa Quarter and its Armenian Churches

To accommodate the Armenians, who immigrated from Aras Julfa to Esfahan, a new parish was established for them called: New Julfa. Much liberty and concessions were granted to this community to practice their own religious and traditional ceremonies. Then, the Armenians appointed their own administrator to handle their affairs, and the land rights (demurrage) were conceded to them by the order of Shah Abbas I, as a particular residential area for the Christians in 1604 A.D. After their settlement in this region, they built gorgeous houses, schools, public bathhouses, arcade squares, covered bazaars, and caravansaries led to a piecemeal improvement in the transaction of business with merchants of different nationalities.

Vank (all saviors') Cathedral The most Spectacular Church of Iran
This cathedral is located on Nazar-e-Sharghi' Ave. in an alley called; Kelisa (Church) as a congregational church of Esfahan. It was built initially as a small Church called; Amena Pergaige in 1606 A.D., and then expanded to its present size later in 1655 A.D., with a gorgeous nave topped by a 38-meter lofty double-layer dome. The nave is adorned all over by mural paintings, including three genres of Iranian miniature, Armenian, and Byzantine either individually or synthetically. On the lower part of the polychrome tilework, which is mostly similar to the arabesque designs of mosques, some realistic patterns are more similar to the Armenian style designed.

Strolling toward the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Strolling toward the Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The Second Historic Site Near you is the Zoroastrian Fire Temple (a 9-minute walk)
The Zoroastrians of Esfahan
Zoroastrians are amongst the initial citizens and the local people of  Iran. Gabay. Gay, or Jey lived in the two ancient and historical Sarouyeh and Mehrin, now known as "Tappeh-e-Ashraf and Atashgah Spectively. Regarding this fact, the only surviving ancient Esfahan is the gah which belonged to the Zoroastrians.

It's lunchtime
Our best recommendation for lunch and break is one of the restaurants in the Jolfa area, around the Vanak Church.
What better place than Jolfa cafes ?!
The Jolfa area is called "Isfahan's Café area" and many Isfahan residents spend their leisure time in these cafes. Most Jolfa cafes are run by Armenians and have a different atmosphere.

Shaking Minarets and Old Zoroastrian Fire Temple are calling you

- Shaking Minarets and Old Zoroastrian Fire Temple are calling you

If you love the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with this option. The Shaking Minarets is one of the eldest mausolea of Isfahan which attracts all tourists. The last part of your two-day trip will be a visit to the old fire Temple which is located on the mountain and watching a beautiful sunset from the top of it. If you are not interested in outdoor traveling you can visit the historic bridges of Isfahan at night instead. Traveling to Isfahan is one of the most exciting trips you will ever have. A journey that introduces you to an important part of the history - culture, and civilization of an old land by the name of Pars.

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