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A journey to the heart of the desert, One night at an antique Caravanserai called Zein o Din Caravanserai
Desert, heat, stars in the night sky, and tired travelers, are all the reasons for creating a masterpiece of architecture by the architects of the Safavid era. During the reign of Shah Abbas, the construction of public buildings expanded, Such buildings include bridges, bathrooms, schools, water storage, and especially caravanserai. The old Caravansaries have the role of today's hotels in the last 500 years. These places are built at distinct distances from cities.

One night staying at 400 years old carevanseray

Business groups and travelers could stay in these places.
The Caravansaries had two specifications:
- A place for accommodation with high artistic value.
- An important role in social and cultural issues.
Caravansaries due to their environmental requirements and their social necessity have found a position beyond a stopover or a home. Also, it changed to a place for the interaction and excellence of thoughts, the exchange, and contrast between the customs and traditions of different nations. This important function of the caravansaries has had a tremendous effect on the lives of the Iranian people. Zeyn ol Din caravanserai is one of 999 such inns that were built by order of Shah Abbas I to provide travelers' facilities.

Maranjab one day desert tour

This is located at the desert of  Yazd

The caravanserai is situated on the Silk Road which was, until 1500, the main trade route between Europe and Asia. The caravanserai is a two-storied structure, square in plan, with a 16-sided courtyard and a water pool. Only two caravanserais have been built with this shape. This caravanserai has been renovated with original decorating and was given the UNESCO award for a best-renovated building in 2006.

Would you like to experience a stay like an old traveler in the heart of the desert?
If yes! Zein o Din Caravanserai is calling you!!
Safavid caravanserai( 16th century) located in the heart of the desert of Yazd. Zein o Din Caravanserai is the only circled caravansary in Iran. The caravanserai has been renovated with its main materials and elements, such as bricks and clay. When you stay at this historic place, all historical feelings of this place will be passed to you. That's why after re-designing this building has used all its original architectural elements and design to transfer the highest historical emotions to you.

Stay at an old carevanseray with original materials

The rooms are located around the corridors of the caravanserai. Some with wooden doors and others with just a thick curtain separating them from the corridor. The beautiful and exquisite Persian carpets have decorated the walls and walls of this place. A clean thin mattress, pillows, and blankets are provided. Everything is delightfully made to evoke the feeling of the Silk Road journey.

2 Days Lout Desert Tour Program

Best feelings
The sun is disappearing behind the mountains to the west and their color is turning too dark here on the edge of tall ranges from east to west. You are standing on the roof of Zein-o-din, around the building that is situated alone and isolated far out in the desert in the center of Iran. You can go on the rooftop and look as far as you can see, imagining what it must have been like to see the camel caravans coming across the desert floor along the silk road. You will also have the chance of attending lectures and then go up in the dark of night and lie on the rooftop-the star show. Be sure to catch a sunrise and sunset up there.

catch a sunrise and sunset up there