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Top 10 accommodations in the city of Shiraz?

Shiraz is one of the main tourism destinations in Iran. It is visited not only by local people but also by thousands of international visitors who travel to Shiraz in the hope of visiting some of the most magnificent sights. If you are going to travel to Iran, and Shiraz is on your itinerary, you may wonder about where to stay.
Here is a list of the best hotels and traditional houses in Shiraz with brief information about them.

Shiraz residences can satisfy any taste

Whatever taste or budget you have, one of the types of hotels or traditional houses in Shiraz will be available for you. Shiraz hotels can really fit all budgets, from lux 5-star hotels to boutique hotels with traditional designs and modern facilities, and of course some very suitable accommodations for budget travelers.
Undoubtedly, one of the best places to discover Shiraz and understand the real Shirazi culture is to stay in the old houses of Shiraz, which have been renovated and changed into traditional houses/ hotels with modern facilities. Of course, staying in them and walking in the old neighborhoods will not only immerse you in the traditional culture and architecture of this city but also save you the cost of transportation. All these hotels are located in the city center and near historic places.
Almost all accommodation in Shiraz offers high-speed Wi-Fi, breakfast, shared or private bathrooms, 24-hour reception, and luggage storage.

If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel, choose one of the hotels below and enjoy it.

1- Darb-e Shazdeh Boutique Hotel
Don't hesitate to stay at an old five-star house/Hotel.
We have designed and created it, to immerse you in the charm of a super luxurious Persian old house. the hotel within Just 1 Km walking distance to Shiraz's main historical sites, is a perfect base for curious tourists eager to discover the essence of Iranian hospitality. This magnificent building is not only a magnificent cozy shelter but also an eye-catching showcase of the Qajar period's architecture.

2- Zandiyeh Hotel
Visiting the historic city of Shiraz and staying in a new super-luxury hotel will be one of the best memories of your trip to the city of flowers and nightingales. Staying in the newly built Zandieh Hotel(2016) in the vicinity of the historic Karim Khan Citadel would be an unforgettable memory for you and your family. It is just twenty minutes away from the airport. You can enjoy all the sights of the city and come back to the hotel, where you are surrounded by luxury.

3- Shiraz Hotel
Shiraz Hotel is a 5- star hotel with a 40000 m² area on 14 floors established in 2005, it is situated in the neighborhood of the holy Quran gate and it is close to tourist places in Shiraz. We are proud to host our guests who have chosen the hotel for accommodation. We try to do the best for you with our best modern amenities, the convenience of today’s connected methods, our bilingual and energetic personnel, and international standards of ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005, ISO 10002: 2018, ISO 10004:2018 tries to reach our main goal that is guest satisfaction.

4- Karimkhan Hotel
A new 4-star Hotel in Shiraz(2013). A combination of traditional Persian design with new standards and lux facilities in a modern atmosphere. All you expect from a hotel. In addition to the modern facilities, its short distance to the historical monuments will be one of the most important reasons for choosing this hotel. Karimkhan Hotel is in the city center of Shiraz just 5 minutes far from most of the tourist attractions in Shiraz including Eram Garden, the Tomb of Hafez ( Hafezieh ), and Tomb of Saadi.

5- Elysee Hotel
A house, away from your home
A newly established hotel (2014)in the north of Shiraz with a new concept of hospitality, we say "New Class of Hospitality". We will record ourselves in your mind as a hotel that enhances both the quality of accommodation and the Shiraz tradition of hospitality. Elysee is the first family-run Boutique hotel in Shiraz.

6- Homa Hotel
A professional group with nearly half a century of experience in providing tourism and accommodation services with a set of 5-star hotels in a number of cities in Iran.
The Homa Groups Hotels are located in Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Shiraz, and two hotels in Mashhad the main religious city of Iran. Shiraz Homa Hotel is located in the shadows of cedars of Azadi Park in the city center which is one of the famous botanical gardens of Iran. The Homa Hotel is one of the old ones in Shiraz(1971) but the last renovation in 2014 has been mentioned as one of the top 5-star hotels. They have 50-years of experience hosting guests from all over the world.

7- Beyn OL Harameyn Hotel
If you are going to visit the city of Love and Literature our hotel would be your host. Just 17 minutes far from the airport, close to the main business district area, Beyn Ol Harameyn is just a few minutes away from popular cultural and historical sites like Arg of Karimkhan, Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, and Hammam Vakil. From the train station, you can reach us in a 31-minute direct drive along the Dr. Hesabi Hwy (The fastest route, despite the usual traffic). We are in the vicinity of Sub-way and you have easy and fast access to it.

8- Ario Barzan Hotel
Ario Barzan Hotel, its name is taken from one of the Achaemenian rulers and champions. This hotel with more than 2 decades of experience, is one the best choice among 4-star hotels. The 4-star Aryo Barzan Hotel is located in the center of Shiraz and among the main historical sites like bazaars and cultural sites in the center of Shiraz city. The hotel's convenient location and easy access make it a popular choice for tourists.

9- Chamran Grand Hotel
Accommodation in the tallest 5-star hotel in Shiraz with a spectacular view of the city of "flowers and Nightingale". If you are going to stay in a 5-star hotel with a charming view of the beautiful city of Shiraz, this will be your best choice. This Hotel is established in 2014 and is located in the beautiful district of Ghasordasht, in the vicinity of Shiraz gardens and a view of mountains. The Chamran hotel has used the knowledge and experience of the experts in the hotel and hospitality industry and has taken into account all the international standards of service quality, promising a memorable stay in the heart of tranquility and serenity.

10- Park Saadi Hotel
The hotel is located close to the entrance to Shiraz gate the Qoran Gate and next to Hafez Mausoleum opposite Jahan Nama's beautiful garden. The Park Saadi Hotel is one of the old hotels of Shiraz 1962 with an area of 4000 square meters. The recent renovation in accordance with modern standards caused to attracts guests from Iran and all around the world. It is redesigned and opened to guests with modern facilities in 2007. Park Saadi Hotel, with experienced staff and new facilities, and memorable surroundings, and using the best features are at your service.