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One-day tour in Meybod & Ardakan cities

One-day Historical Tour
One-Day Tour in Meybod & Ardakan Cities Experience the rich history of Iran with a one-day tour through the historical cities of Meybod and Ardakan. Nestled in Yazd province, these ancient cities are home to a myriad of historical monuments that will transport you back in time. Explore a complex of ancient sites, Islamic landmarks, and Zoroastrian holy places as you immerse yourself in Iran's fascinating history. From ancient castles to traditional windmills, each stop on this tour will give you a glimpse into the diverse cultural heritage of the region.
Discover the beauty of Ardakan, a historical city known for its unique architecture and rich history. Marvel at the ancient structures and landmarks that have stood the test of time, and learn about the traditions and customs that have shaped the city over the centuries. In Meybod, explore the ancient city that boasts a wealth of historical sites and monuments. From ancient caravanserais to ancient mud-brick buildings, each site tells a story of Iran's ancient past and the civilizations that once thrived in the region.
Join us on this one-day historical tour and uncover the hidden gems of Meybod and Ardakan cities, two of Iran's most captivating historical cities. Immerse yourself in the history of Iran and witness the beauty of its ancient cities on this unforgettable journey.

Join us to discover the deep layers of Iran's history

Meybod city and its History

Meybod city in Yazd Province is known for its breathtaking architecture and rich history, making it a must-visit destination in Iran. If you are eager to discover ancient history, unique monuments, and historical sites this is the best destination. Meybod is an ancient city with a rich history dating back 7,000 years. Its desert climate, influenced by its proximity to the Dasht-e Kavir, results in scorching summers and chilly winters, with mild spring and fall seasons. Meybod boasts some historical sites that showcase Iran's rich heritage to enchant visitors.
When exploring Meybod, visitors can marvel at a variety of tourist attractions that showcase the city's beauty and history. Notable landmarks include the Meybod Dovecote, Jame Mosque, Old Caravanserai, Chapar Khane (old Post Office), renowned pottery workshops, and the Ziloo Museum, where pottery and ceramics are on display. Wind towers, also known as wind catchers, are among the city's iconic architectural features that have been preserved over the centuries. These tall structures use to capture and cool the desert winds, providing a welcome respite from the intense heat of the region. Meybod's historical significance and remarkable sites make it a must-see destination for travelers looking to delve into Iran ancient past and architectural wonders.

The most famous and important monuments are:

Meybod Dovecote, Jame Mosque, Old Carevanseray, Chapar Khane (old Post), Ceramic workshops, and Zilo museum,

Pigeon Towers or Dovecotes

Pigeon Towers or Dovecotes: Intelligently Iranian Architecture

Meybod Pigeon Towers, known as Dovecote, is a prime example of unique Iranian architecture. These structures, built during the Qajar era, designed to accommodate pigeons and other birds for agricultural purposes.

The towers have different functions:

- Providing birds' shelter.
- Collecting bird droppings as fertilizer.
- A visually captivating monument.

Together shows the ingenuity of Iranian builders in utilizing nature for practical purposes. The Iranian & Meybod Pigeon Towers are considered as the first world's unit earthquake monuments, showcasing the advanced architectural techniques employed by the Iranians during that time. The towers are not only historically significant but also aesthetically pleasing, with their intricate designs and artistic details. Overall, Meybod Pigeon Towers are a testament to the rich Iranian architectural heritage and are worth a visit for those interested in exploring the country's cultural history.

Why Visit Meybod Pigeon Tower?

-A simple, beautiful, and attractive architecture that will charm all tourists.
-One of the most beautiful Pigeon Towers in Yazd Province.
-Its special architecture and simple eye-catching decorations attract lots of attention.
-In comparison with other similar buildings in other parts of the country, this Dovecote is the best preserved.

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Narin castle

Narin castle: A Legendary Castle

If you want to experience an amazing view of Meybod town from above a Sassanid-era castle, this is the best place. This mud-brick castle shows you, how soldiers protected caravans on the Silk Road. This ancient castle, with a legendary history, and ancient architecture, over the town, shows you a part of Meybod's deep history. According to legend, Narin Castle was founded by King Solomon and constructed by jinns (spirits). Though its origins are shrouded in mystery, much of what remains today can be traced back to the Sassanian era. The oval-shaped castle was built on seven floors (or five) and was one of the most significant strongholds along the Silk Road. It was a vital point for soldiers who safeguarded passing caravans and collected taxes for their protection.
Visitors can explore this Mud Brick Castle and other Meybod historical sites to gain a deeper understanding of the area's past. Don't miss the chance to discover Meybod Attractions and delve into Meybod history by visiting Narin Castle and immersing yourself in its fascinating story.

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Meybod Ice House

Meybod Ice House: A great example of human ingenuity in the Desert.

One of the architectural masterpieces of the desert people is the invention of Ice-houses (traditional refrigerators) to deal with harsh and hard heat. These simple and practical buildings, which today have become one of the tourist attractions of Mibod, are a masterpiece of overcoming the overwhelming heat in front of the hardworking people of the desert. Meybod Yakhchāl is one of the Meybod tourist attractions made of adobe and mud and belongs to the Safavid era. This intelligent structure has 3 different parts: shadow-caster walls, an Ice pond, a fridge tank, and a dome.

Why visit the Meybod Ice House?

One of the largest adobe ice houses in Iran.
One of the few remaining Yakhchals in Yazd province.
Once the biggest old ice maker place in Iran.

Nearby you can practice desert sports such as off-roading and motorcycling. The rare desert sky awaits you at night too.

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Meybod Caravanserai or Old Iranian chain hotels

Meybod Caravanserai: One of 999 Safavid caravanserai

Old Iranian chain hotels
One of the 999 Sadavid Carevanseray(old hotels) was founded by the order of great Shah Abbass the Safavid king. They were a series of simple roadside inns constructed all over Iran where travelers could rest and recover from the day’s journey. The Meybod Shah Abbasi Caravanserai is one of the main tourist attractions with 100 rooms. This public Carevanseray is based on a rectangular plan with a central yard and different rooms around it.
If you like to recognize the Iranian Safavid accommodations, this Caravanserai is the best option. Also, you can choose one of the Iranian historical caravanseray that is changed into hotels to try one night at the Iranian Safavid Caravanseray. Shah Abbasi Caravanserai includes a water reservoir, a Chaparkhaneh, and an Ice-House. Some parts of the caravanserai have been turned into traditional restaurants that provide Iranian traditional foods. The Meybod Ziloo museum is positioned in the eastern part of the Caravanserai.

Meybod Chaparkhaneh

The Old Post Office or the Chaparkhaneh of Meybod, one of the Meybod tourist attractions, dates back to the Qajar era and was located along the ancient path of Rey-Kerman alongside Caravanserai of Meybod. Royal letters and parcels were sent to other cities from this post office and Since important orders and parcels were temporarily stored there, guarding towers and barracks were later built to protect the Chaparkhaneh. Now, this adobe building has turned into a museum.

The historical sights of Mibod are not limited to the mentioned ones and you can visit other historical buildings (if you have time).

- Mehr Jerd Castle
- Firooz abad Jame Mosque
- Barchin Castle
- Bashnighan Castle
-Ceramic Workshops
- Meybod Traditional Bazaar

Where to Stay in Meybod?

If you are interested in staying in Meybod City to explore it further, there are a variety of options available to you. While there may not be luxurious hotels, you can experience traditional accommodations in renovated old houses that have transformed into eco-lodges. These lodges offer new and modern facilities for a safe and comfortable overnight stay. Some of the traditional hotels and hostels in the area include Golshan Traditional Hotel, Hajmalek Hotel, Attar Hostel, Vesta Guest House, and more. we can help you to find the best accommodations, please contact us.
Following a half-day city tour in Meybod, we will be heading to Ardakan city, which is just 9 kilometers away. This short distance will lead you to some of the most beautiful Iran historical monuments.

Ardakan City: A Holy City for Zoroastrian People

Ardakan name is a combination of two parts, "Ard" which means holy, and "Kan" which means mine or place. The Old City of Ardakan is a Miracle of Iranian Architecture and has all specific historical desert city elements. 12 districts and gates, and surrounded by 4 tower walls, this old city is a beautiful sample of the most integrated, most intact, and liveliest historic structures in Iran. This old city has all the elements specific to a historical desert city's elements like the urban beautiful image, harmonious buildings, big mosques, exclusive Darbands, proportioned gates, several Ab Anbars, integral districts, narrow and narrow alleys, etc.
Ardakan has been one of the main Iranian Zoroastrian places of gathering and group life for hundreds of years ago. Furthermore, Ardakan is home to several significant Zoroastrian sites, making it a holy city for Zoroastrian people. Some notable Zoroastrian landmarks are the Chak Chak Zoroastrian temple, where pilgrims gather annually to pay tribute to the sacred fire, and the Pire Harisht Zoroastrian temple, a site of religious ceremonies.
Overall, Ardakan's desert architectural charm, combined with its status as a holy city for Zoroastrian people, makes it a must-visit destination for those interested in history, culture, and religion.

What to see in Ardakan

Taghdiri House (Qanat Museum)

Taghdiri House (Qanat Museum)

One of the old Arakan traditional houses belongs to the Qajar period has been turned into the Ardakan museum of the aqueduct and water. In this old house, you will not only get to know the desert houses' architecture, but you will also get to know the evolution of one of the most important masterpieces of Iranian architecture, the aqueducts.

Iran old alleys

Ziai Alley

If you are going to find a cozy peaceful alley to walk among the old tall thatched walls the Ziai alley is the best one. This old alley starts from the Charkhab old mosque and continues up to Darband's old traditional house.

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Chak Chak Mausoleum

Chak Chak Mausoleum

The Chak Chak mausoleum, also known as Chaku Chaku, is a significant Zoroastrian shrine located near Ardakan in the Yazd province, approximately 45 kilometers away. Commonly referred to as "Pir-e Sabz," this site serves as a focal point for the annual Zoroastrian religious ceremony held from June 14th to June 18th each year.

Why Visit Chak Chak Temple?

-It is one of the most important Zoroastrian shrines.
-The temple and its surrounding trees and spring are like a beautiful paradox in the desert.
-In this place, you will get to know a very important part of Zoroastrian culture and religious ceremonies.
-This Zoroastrian temple is intertwined with national and religious stories.

Your one-day historical tour is over. You can return to Yazd or if you are interested in discovering other historical monuments around Ardakan city, stay in one of Ardakan's traditional residences. You can visit other historical monuments in the historical village of Aqda or Kharanq and immerse yourself in the history of Iran.

Where to Stay in Ardakan?

If you are interested to stay in Ardakan city and discover it more, Although there are no fancy hotels, you can enjoy traditional accommodations. These old houses are renovated into new eco-lodges. They have new and modern facilities for a safe and comfortable overnight. Some of these traditional hotels and hostels are the Khaloo Mirza Hotel, Shabestan Hotel, Mah Bibi Traditional House, Anar Hotel, and Ardakan Hotel. For more information about hotels and hotel reservations be in touch with us.

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