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How to travel to Yazd

you should visit Yazd if you want to believe its magic history. Yazd is the bride of the desert and the only recorded city of Iran in UNESCO for several reasons. Many Iranians and non-Iranians like to visit this city as they have heard about its historical and natural attractions. Yazd is a favorite tourist destination for its, vernacular architecture in the desert, windcatchers, Zoroastrians, Termeh (traditional brocade), silk weaving, Baqlava, Qotab (local sweets), etc.
A trip to Yazd during your Iran tour explorations will make you familiar with life in desert towns and how people cope with it. You will be amazed by the masterpiece  Iranian underground water supplement system or Kariz or qanat. The water reservoirs, icehouses, windcatchers, and pigeon towers make it worthwhile to visit Yazd and explore the uniqueness of this ancient city of Iran.

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The Location of Yazd

Yazd is located in the center of Iran and in the vicinity of the largest desert in Iran and almost 270 km southeast of Isfahan. The mountains in the south of Yazd and close to the Taft region have created a suitable recreational area for the people of this region with a cool climate and lush villages. The city itself is very hot and dry in summer due to the main deserts of the Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e-Lut.

Here are the different ways of traveling to Yazd.

By car

Yazd is 631 km away from Tehran and it takes about 6 hours and 33 minutes by car.  Traveling by car from Tehran to Yazd, you can visit the cities of Qom, Kashan, Ardestan, Naein, Ardakan, and Meybod on the way.  It is possible to travel to Yazd by personal car or public buses. The South and West terminals of Tehran have daily buses leaving for Yazd.

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By airplane

The flight length from Tehran to Yazd is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. There are weekly flights from Yazd to Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Ahvaz, and Tehran.  The Shahid Sadooqi Airport airport of Yazd has located 10 km from the city center and you can reach there by taxi.

By train

Traveling from Tehran to Yazd by train through Tehran Railway Station takes about 6 hours.