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Free Yazd walking tour

Would you like to discover Yazd historical sites like a local?
hiking in the old twisted alleys of Yazd with thatch tall walls,  where you can find and discover the deep history of Yazd. The Jame mosque, holy shrines, old traditional houses, schools, and public charity buildings, can amaze and astonish you. This Free Yazd walking tour will cover many of the top attractions. You can visit them easily and enjoy the most famous historical sites.

Our hiking tour starts from Amir Chakhmaq Square

This historical square with a collection of the most beautiful historical buildings is one of the tourists' favorite places, and most daily tours start from here. In this square, you can visit  Amir Chakhmaq Takieh & Mosque (during the Timurid dynasty15th–16th century CE), Zurkhaneh (Persian Gymnastic), and the Museum of Water and Mirrors, and finally, Haj Khalifa Confectionery in the corner of the square that can welcome you with the most delicious traditional sweets of Yazd.
Let's visit them

These charms of Yazd will enchant you

Amir Chakhmaq Takieh  Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Takieh 
 The most significant building of  Amir Chakhmaq Sq is a  charity building from the Timurid era. The most important religious ceremony of Iran (Muharram), which is the mourning ceremony of the 3rd Shiite Imam, performs here and forms one of the most beautiful religious scenes in Iran. Amir Chakhmaq collection that is one of the most important and famous historical monuments of Yazd belongs to the 9th century AH and is a relic of the Timurid period.  This complex is one of the most important sights of Yazd and includes a bazaar, a reliance, a mosque, and two water reservoirs. Among the many buildings, which included a mosque, Tekiyeh, Ab Anbar (water store), a school, and a bath, only two excellent monuments, Tekiyeh and the mosque, have survived.
These two great monuments are free of charge.

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The Amir Chakhmaq Mosque, also known as the Dahouk Mosque or the new Jame Mosque, is a historic mosque from the Timurid era in Yazd. This mosque was built by the order of Jalal ed-Din Amir Chakhmaq Shami, one of the governors of Yazd during Shahrukh Mirza. The mosque was completed in 1438. From the point of view of aesthetics, size, and importance, it is one of the most outstanding buildings in Yazd. It is the oldest building of the Amir Chaqmaq Complex on the south side of the square.

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The map of Amir Chakhmaq Mosque Yazd

If you want to see Iranian heroes who are doing traditional Iranian sports (Persian Gymnastic or Zoor Khane) and get acquainted with a part of the intangible culture of Iran, Saheb-al-Zaman  Zurkhaneh will be your best choice. So you will find it by hiking in the alleys around the square.

Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh Yazd

Saheb Al Zaman Zurkhaneh

If you are going to discover one of the interesting and amazing Iranian traditional sports exercises, Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh is the best place. Here you can discover the ancient Persian sports movements with heavy wooden clubs that are synced with the rhythm of the drum and verses of religious narratives. This ancient Iranian sport has been registered as an intangible heritage by UNESCO.


Watching athletes doing ancient, sports movements and listening to the poems of great Iranian poets with the pleasant voice of Murshid (Leader) can be very enjoyable. The best time for visiting is after 5 pm when the people come for doing the sports movements.
Address: Mazari alley, Amir Chakhmagh square, Yazd, Iran.

The map of Yazd Traditional Bazaar

Yazd Traditional Bazaar
Here is the best place that you can back to the 9th century and immerse yourself in that history. The alleys of this covered bazaar date back to the 9th century and the twisted alleys can waste your time for an hour or two.  The different grades of hand-woven fabrics and souvenirs of Yazd are available here. While you are hiking at Khan Bazar, don't miss the Khan Bath, one of the most beautiful historical bathes in Yazd. It changed to a public restaurant with a variety of Iranian meals and beverages.

Water Museum in Yazd

Water Museum

If you want to get acquaint yourself with the history of  Yazd Irrigation tunnels( Qanats ) and "kill two birds with one stone", Yazd Water Museum will be your best choice. This beautiful museum was founded in one of the old traditional houses of Yazd (150 years old) and is dedicated to the brave and intelligent men who built the Qanats. This is one of the best places to discover the history of the Qanats in the city of Yazd and the wonderful architecture and solutions of the people against the violence of the dry desert.

Water Museum Yazd

The museum showcases 2000 years of Iran's unique irrigation system, the tools, and techniques used over the past 2000 years in Iran to create underground waterways (called Qanats), and connect them to the cities and the locations on land for agricultural and other purposes. The Yazd Water Museum established in 2001 following the first international qanat conference in Yazd.
Now, we continue to discover the Yazd Grand Mosque and other historical monuments.

The Kabir Jame Mosque

The Kabir Jame Mosque
This building is the most prominent historical monument and represents an important part of their history and culture. According to historians, the mosque was constructed on a Sassanid fire temple. The Jame Mosque with a spectacular view, boasts picturesque plasterwork, charming dome-chamber, vast courtyard, elegant tile works, and towering minarets. The elegant patterns of brickwork and the priceless inscription of mosaic tiles bearing angular Kufic script all create a sense of timeless beauty. The two towering minarets with 52 meters in height dating back to the Safavid era forces you to admire their amazing beauties.

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Molla Agha Baba the Jewish Synagogue
Molla Agha Baba the Jewish Synagogue

Next to the Grand Mosque, one of the most attractive places that will fascinate you is Molla Agha Baba the Jewish Synagogue. For centuries, Jews have lived, thrived, and were respected in Iran.

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Jewish Synagogue in the vicinity of Jame Mosque
Jewish Synagogue in the vicinity of Jame Mosque

Although the number of Jews living there today is less than it was at its height, Iran is still home to approximately 10,000 Jews. Iran, in fact, is the only country in the Middle Eastern region that has a significant number of major Jewish sites. This Jewish historical religious synagogue can lead you to the deep history of Jews in Iran.

Fahadan District in Yazd
Fahadan District

If you are going to walk in the oldest district of Yazd and immerse yourself in the depths of Yazd history, it is undoubtedly the Fahadan district. This area is a collection of the old architecture of Yazd, including tall mud walls, Sabbats, old houses (many have turned in to hotels), old prestigious mosques, baths, schools, inns, and dozens of other historical monuments that they have formed the architectural history of Yazd. So, walk in this collection and enjoy its historical-cultural and architectural beauties.

the map of Alexander's Prison in yazd

Alexander's Prison
This 15th-century domed school is known as Alexander’s Prison because of a reference to this apparently dastardly place in a Hafez poem.  Whether the deep well in the middle of its courtyard was in fact built by Alexander the Great and used as a dungeon seems doubtful, no matter what the guide says. The building is worth a look for the small display on the old city of Yazd.

 Alexander's Prison in yazd

Don't care about the Imaginary or real stories about this simple and eye-catching building. You immerse yourself in its culture and history and enjoy the beauty of this lofty building - talk to people and pay its entrance fee for the development of local arts and crafts.

Lari House

Lari House
If you are going to visit one of the most eye-catching historical houses in Yazd, the Lariha House is located just 3 minutes away from Alexander's Prison. This Qajar house (270 years old) has now turned into one of the most beautiful traditional hotels in Yazd, which hosts those interested in staying in a boutique hotel. (Obtaining oral permission).

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The old fortress of Yazd

The old fortress of Yazd
If you want to go back to 1000 years ago and immerse yourself in its history, the best area of Yazd is the Gol-e-Sorkh district, next to the Lariha house. These high and thick walls have been the best effective defense against enemies and bandits and have protected the people of this region for hundreds of years.

The old fortress of Yazd

So do not miss this exceptional opportunity.

Dowlat Abad Garden
If you want to get rid of the tiredness of your city tour we suggest you visit the Dowlat Abad Garden. You Can get a Taxi to this garden.
Here you can not only see the Persian gardens style but also can discover the Intelligently irrigation techniques(Qanats) of the Yazd people for centuries.
Finally, a dreamy sunset in a Persian garden, chatting with people, and a cup of Persian tea will complete your tour program.

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