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Top 10 Best places to visit in Shiraz 

The city of heavenly love, poetic and mythical red wine, and hospitable people!
Shiraz is not just a touristic city or travel destination, it's an image of the Persian Empire's golden days, lush mesmerizing gardens, old Persian metropolitan experiences, mild and soft climate especially in early and mid-April, the land of good wine from maybe more than 3500 years ago till 1978 Islamic revolution, artistic souvenir and handcraft and the people who enjoy meeting tourists, talking hours and hours about art, poetry, literature and main cultural streams for decades in Iran's history.

Shiraz is not a city: Should see, Should go

Surely, you will not have enough time to visit all the historical monuments. The diversity of these monuments in Fars province and Shiraz will require several days of coherent planning, which will certainly is longer than a normal program. In this talk, we will introduce some historical monuments of Shiraz that will be an example of other similar historical monuments. Although each of the historical monuments has its own beauty and specifications, these monuments can be a perfect example of them.


The Shah e Cheragh (Lord of the light)holy shrine

Awesome religious monument
A religious and respected Shiite building and a perfect example of Iranian and Islamic architecture.
The Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum, which was built during the 12th century, holds the holy tombs of Mir Muhammad and Amir Ahmad, the brother of Imam Reza(8th Shiit Imam).

Saadi mausoleum

Saadi mausoleum

A nice teacher
Saadi Shirazi was one of the major Persian poets and literary men of the medieval period. A great eloquent poet man who is not only famous in Iran and Persian-speaking countries but also is has been quoted in western sources as well.

Hafez Tomb Shiraz

Hafez Tomb

The master of Persian Poetry
A Poetic holy shrine for Iran literature lovers
For Iranians, visiting the Hafez tomb is more with special respect to the greatest Iranian poet. They put flowers on his grave, or pray by reciting a chapter of holly Koran to ask for the blessing of his soul. Some proceed to request Hafez to talk to them through his poems and tell them about the state of their lives or give them some wise advice through the words in his poems. Then, they open their eyes and open the book on any page it randomly opens and continues to read it enthusiastically. Hafez is a live poet in people's lives and a guide for his followers' Mental relaxation

Vakil Bazaar Shiraz Fars Province

Vakil Bazaar
The beating heart of the city's economy
An old historical Bazaar with the main corridor and different amazing labyrinths that lid you to Carevanseays and workshops. You can find everything here. The architecture of this bazaar is cool. Some of the stores are on two floors. Don't miss this bazaar.

Persepolis Shiraz Fars province

A remnant of a brilliant Empire
The highlight of Shiraz's historical attractions, the ancient ruins of Persepolis are a must-see. One of the Achaemenian Capitals was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire from 550 to 330 BC. Today, the ancient site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the greatest monuments of the ancient world (Acropolis&Persepolis) dates from the fifth century B.C.There had been nothing in all Asia as sumptuous as Persepolis. Persepolis is massive so make sure to dedicate several hours to a good half-day for exploring the area. Don't miss out! Naqsh-e Rostam an ancient necropolis located 12 km northwest of Persepolis.

Qoran Gate Shiraz fars province

Qoran Gate
A Gate to the city of Nightingale and flower
The Iranian believe the holy Qoran saves them in the journey thus they pass from under the holy book when they are going to journey. An old gate with a holy book on it for the passengers who leave or arrive in the city, God keeps and saves them. The only old gate that remains in the city from the six Shiraz gates. The Gate is built during the reign of 'Adud ad-Dawla one of the rulers of the Zand dynasty.

Pars Museum Shiraz

Pars Museum
Amazing things at a tiny museum
The tiny but beautiful pavilion houses a museum at the oldest garden of Shiraz by the name Nazar Garden. In the vicinity of the most beautiful historical sites like Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Bazaar & Mosque.

Jame Mosque or Atigh Mosque shiraz Fars province

Jame Mosque or Atigh Mosque
The oldest mosque of Shiraz
Founded during Amru Leis Saffarid's rule in 894, the Old Congregational Mosque is the oldest edifice in Shiraz. It is a structure referred to many times in the writings of travelers such as the Bin Battuta and Madame Dieulafoy.

Nasir - Ol - Molk Mosque

Nasir - Ol - Molk Mosque
A stunning party of colors
The smallest and most beautiful mosque in Shiraz, which amazes and mesmerizes all visitors. If you are eager to see the sunshine through the colorful window glasses which give you the most spectacular view and a unique frame to take photos, this is it. In general, it's a small but unique and beautiful mosque that is worth visiting. A must-see in Shiraz, the Pink Mosque needs to be visited early morning, when the sun hits the stained glass windows and illuminates the interior of the mosque with amazing colorful light, then go to bed very soon.

Vakil Bath The most famous Bath in Shiraz

Vakil Bath
The most famous Bath in Shiraz
An old bathroom belongs to the Zand era, which has been turned into a Wax museum and an anthropological museum. The best place to get to know the Iranian people's customs in the bathroom. This large bathroom has the most advanced principles of Zand's architecture.

Karim Khan Citadel Zand era's Royal Citadel

Karim Khan Citadel
Zand era's Royal Citadel
Walk in the old citadel and feel yourself like a king at the Karim Khan Arg. Karim Khan's citadel is the residence of Karim Khan the most famous and powerful king of the Zand dynasty, who chose the title of Vakil Ol Roaya or the People's Advocate. Walk like a king at an eighteenth-century citadel and visit its facility of it. Inside the building, visit the large courtyard, the frescoed rooms, the fascinating baths, traditional hammam with all the architectural features and decorations typical of local culture and nature.

Zinat al-Molk House or Khane-ye Zinat al-Molk

Zinat al-Molk House or Khane-ye Zinat al-Molk
An old and charming house
A Historical building with a beautiful garden that is decorated with mirror arts, tile-work, and wonderful wall paintings. Kill two birds with one stone, See both a beautiful old house and a museum of Fars Province's celebrities. The building is located Next to Qavam Narenjestan( another attraction of Shiraz) -Beautiful garden, wooden ceilings, - Unique arch tile work at the top of the building

Eram Garden

Eram Garden
An allegory of an Iranian garden
Shiraz is known to the city of Nightingale and flower. There are different historical gardens in Shiraz. Among them, the Eram Garden or Garden of Heaven is an acclaimed notable Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran. It is a substantial garden with a superb-looking royal residence in it. Its site near the bank of the Kushk waterway was earlier on the northwestern edge of the city yet is presently well inside the enormously extended urban zone.