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48 hours of an unforgettable tour in the city of love

2 Days Tour, An unforgettable itinerary in Shiraz
Shiraz is an integral part of all travel plans. Shiraz is such an integral part of Iran's itinerary that no travel is complete without it. Shiraz and its remarkable beauties have imposed themselves on Iran's tour itinerary in such a way that can be seen in all travel programs of Iran travel agencies.

Travel plans in Shiraz are divided into two categories.

- City tour
- Excursion
- On the city tour, you will visit all the historical sites like mosques, Houses, Gardens, Museums, Holy shrines, citadels, mausoleums, Tombs, and ...
- On an excursion tour of Shiraz, you will visit the historical sites which are located outside of Shiraz city.
Among these historical sites that usually are belonged to the Achaemenian and Sassanid eras the Persepolis, Naghsh E Rostam, and Pasargadae are the most famous ones.

Nasir Ol Molk Mosque or Pink Mosque

Day1 Shiraz City Tour

When you arrive in Shiraz on the first day's morning Nasir Ol Molk Mosque or Pink Mosque is the first place that is calling you. The smallest Qajar-era mosque with mesmerizing decorations and sophisticated carvings that captures your heart immediately. But why the early morning? If you go by 9 am, you will enjoy a wonderful interplay of lights and shades caused by the sun rays seeping through the colorful stained glass of doors and windows.

Eram Garden  Shiraz

After a colorful morning enjoys the nature of the Eram Garden. Shiraz is known to the city of flowers and Nightingales. Enjoy the Shiraz Gardens and especially the Eram Garden which was started by the Seljuq rulers in the eleventh century and renovated by the Qajar rulers. This garden has been registered in UNESCO world heritage sites, due to show the importance of water in Iranian gardens and the design of this garden. Various historical gardens with Persian design, tall and lush trees, streams, and a fountain in the middle of them, and finally besot yourself with the smell of different flowers.

Karim Khan Arg or Karim Khan's citade

After a colorful and fragrant visit, we move to the historical area of ​​Shiraz and feel like a king at the Karim Khan Arg. Karim Khan's citadel is the residence of Karim Khan the most famous and powerful king of the Zand dynasty, who chose the title of Vakil Ol Roaya or the People's Advocate. Walk like a king at an eighteenth-century citadel and visit its facility of it. Inside the building, visit the large courtyard, the frescoed rooms, the fascinating baths, traditional hammam with all the architectural features and decorations typical of local culture and nature. These are obviously the royal family's private baths, but nearby there are also the Vakil public baths where you can see a slice of ancient local life.

 Shiraz Vakil Bazaar

With the same royal feeling, stroll in the Shiraz Bazaar. Talk to people and do shopping. Be sure you will enjoy it.

 Hafez Tomb

Spend a poetic sunset in the tomb of Hafez or Saadi, these great poets of Iran's literature. The tomb of Hafez the beloved 14th-century Shirazi poet, this mausoleum is a pilgrimage destination for the Iranians. More than just a poet, Hafez still has a role in the daily lives of Iranians when they need mental relaxation, advice for the future and during night's family party, Yalda Night( the longest of the year), they read his poems.

Vakil Mosque Shiraz

Be amazed at the Vakil Mosque, one of the eye-catching sites in Shiraz is the Vakil Mosque, a 17th-century monument with 11000 sqm and 48 pillars carved in spirals surrounding the minbar (pulpit), built with fourteen marble stairs. Before leaving the central district of Vakil, spend another hour in the fascinating traditional baths just in front of the Vakil Mosque to get a glimpse of life at the time, the role of public baths, and the different figures of ancient Persian society.

Day 2 Excursion To Persepolis (80 Km)


Soak yourself in Persepolis' history, a trip to Shiraz is not complete without a day tour to Persepolis. The symbol of power - greatness - glory, and architecture of the most powerful empire in the history of Iran. Founded by Darius The Great around 518 BC, the city was the ceremonial seat of the empire, where leaders, kings, and officials came from all over the world to pay their respect to the head of what was one of the greatest empires of their time. Persepolis was huge and majestic, and still today we can grasp its grandeur already from its entrance, known as the Gate of All Nations, where mythological figures welcomed the visitors and protected the city from all evils.

To complete this two-day trip and the also history of the Achaemenids,  Visiting the Cyrus tomb is very important and necessary. So, 100 kilometers away,  the tomb of the greatest and most popular Iranian king and the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty is calling you.