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These reasons attract your subconscious mind to Shiraz

Shiraz is a name that has a mystical aura in the literature and mind of the Iranian people. This name evokes different and mysterious forms in the mind of every viewer. Mental imagery such as history, art, towering lines of poetry, and gardens fragrant with the scent of orange blossoms and wine of Shiraz (believed to be the magical potion of the ancient world), which is mixed with the poems of the great poets. Shiraz is one of the main touristic cities in Iran. Shiraz is best-loved among Iranians and tourists for its hospitable and intimate people, and soothing atmosphere. Shiraz is also one of the main holiday destinations.

Shiraz Karimkhan citadel

Shiraz has always been of interest due to its proximity to the historical cities of Persepolis and Pasargad. This enchantress city attracts all fascinated visitors. The Gardens, Mausoleums, Holy shrines, old Monuments, Ancient Cities, and Masterpieces bas-reliefs are the eye-catching places that enchant you for days.

These reasons will encourage you to visit Shiraz


1- Shiraz the cradle of Iran's Empire

Shiraz is the cradle of the Iranian Empire. It is mentioned in different Elamite inscriptions from around 4000 years ago and was an important regional center under the Achaemenid & Sassanians dynasty and also in the other periods. The presence of various inscriptions and bas-reliefs - Achaemenid and Sassanid carvings, as well as numerous palaces around the city, prove the importance of this historical city. It became the provincial capital in about AD 693, following the Arab conquest of Estakhr, the last of the Sassanian capitals (8km northeast of Persepolis, but now completely destroyed). By 1044 Shiraz was said to rival Baghdad in importance and it grew further under the Atabaks of Fars in the 12th century, when it became an important center of the arts.

The city also maintained its prestige and importance during the Arab conquest and survived as one of the most important cities in Iran. Shiraz was spared from destruction by Tamerlane and the raging Mongols because city leaders wisely decided that paying homage was better than a massacre. After avoiding calamities, Shiraz flourished during the Mongol and Timurid periods and developed rapidly. The encouragement of enlightened leaders and the presence of Hafez, Saadi, and many other brilliant artists and scholars helped make it one of the largest cities in the Islamic world during the 13th and 14th centuries.
Shiraz remained a provincial capital during the Safavid period when European traders settled here to export the famous wine from the region, but in the mid-17th century, it entered a long period of decline. Shiraz's fortune was briefly overthrown by the enlightened Karim Khan, the first ruler of the short Zand dynasty, who made Shiraz his national capital in 1750 and was determined to invest it with the kind of splendor enjoyed by Esfahan under Shah Abbas I. being the master of most of Persia, the modest Karim Khan refused to assume a title higher than vakil (regent) - hence the name of many monuments in the city. He founded a royal district in the region of Arg-e Karim Khan and commissioned many beautiful buildings, including the best bazaar of the time in Persia. After Karim Khan's death, the Qajars, his longtime enemies, attacked and destroyed the city's fortifications, and in 1789 the national capital - and the remains of Karim Khan - moved to Tehran.

Pink Mosque or Nasir ol Molk Mosque

2- Various Historical Sites

As one of the oldest cities in Iran, this city has a strong and rooted culture and civilization that can be seen in different historical sites.
They are divided into different categories:

This group often includes the pre-Islamic period, which includes the Achaemenid and Sassanid palaces(Persepolis- Passargadea- Sarvestan Palace).
Of course, the palaces of the post-Islamic period will not be separated from them.
- Historical Monuments
This group includes a wide range of historical monuments from 4,000 years ago up to recent times.

- Gardens
Shiraz is known as the city of flowers and nightingales. This title indicates the presence of various historical gardens in this city. (Eram Garden, Afif Abad Garden, Qavam Narenjestan- Delgosh Garden)
- Holy places
The influence of Islam in Iran has led to the expansion of some holy places that culminated the Iranian-Islamic art.
Mosques, like the holy Shrines, represent a part of the Iranian and Islamic culture.
-Old houses
These houses represent an important part of the rich architecture, history, and culture of Shiraz's people.


Shiraz is known as the city of flowers and nightingales. This title indicates the presence of various historical gardens in this city. (Eram Garden, Afif Abad Garden, Qavam Narenjestan- Delgosh Garden) Iranian gardens represent a close relationship between the cultural and natural contexts and are a sign of adaptation and alignment between man and nature. This city has not only numerous monuments but also various gardens that attract millions of tourists every year. so this city provides a very pleasant atmosphere for tourists due to its beautiful gardens in spring and Nowruz. Shiraz is not the only city in Iran that benefits from these pristine resources, but there are many beautiful and unique gardens in Iran, but what distinguishes Shiraz Gardens from other gardens and natural beauties is their extraordinary landscapes and beauty in spring and multiplicity and their antiquity.

Top 10 best places to visit in Shiraz

Hafez tomb

4- This city is the burial place of some of the greatest famous poets of Iran

Some of these poets have world-famous, such as Hafez and Saadi, who are known in most countries. The most famous poets of Shiraz are Hafez - Saadi - Wasaf Shirazi - Shoorideh Shirazi - Khajavi Kermani - Sheikh Roozbehan - Abdullah Khafif.

Shiraz Art and Handicrafts

5- Art and Handicrafts

Shiraz is one of the most important tourist cities, which has a special position in handicrafts. The Skilled artists of this city, with great talent, create the most engaging works of art as Shiraz souvenirs. Of course, many of these Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts are not specific to Shiraz and are available in some other cities.
The most important of theseĀ  handicrafts and decorative arts are:
This valuable art is made up of putting together regular, delicate wood pieces in different colors and shapes.
-Silver objects and dishes
The artists of Shiraz with great taste and precision and a combination of Iranian and Islamic arts make these objects and you can buy different types of pottery, plate, cups, and other containers and container objects as souvenirs of Shiraz.
-Shirazi skilled artists make glassy objects with new and old styles.
This is a long-standing handicraft in Iran, and you can see glassworks from ancient times in museums or buy new ones as Shiraz souvenirs.
-Ceramic dishes and objects
In Estahban in the province of Fars, ceramic dishes and objects such as Shiraz souvenirs are produced in different qualities and colors. In recent years, Estahban has been selected as a special site for ceramic pottery and Estahban ceramic pottery has been listed as a spiritual heritage of Fars Province on the country's spiritual list.
- Wood carving
Shirazi artists create the most beautiful shapes on wood. Perhaps this art is rooted in Achaemenid and Sassanid sculptures and Bas-reliefs.

Paloode Shirazi

6- The city of yummy things and souvenirs

The other Shiraz souvenirs can be divided into 2 groups: Herbal Essences and yummy Things.
Fragrant souvenir
Shiraz herbal essences
Shiraz is one of the centers for the production of various essential oils in Iran due to its abundant gardens and vast natural pastures.
among them, the Orange blossom, Pussy willow, the Rosa canina or Dog-rose is very famous.
The Edible souvenirs
- Paloode or Faloode
The name of Shiraz stands out on one of the Iranian cool snacks.
Yes, Paloode or Faloode with a Shirazi suffix name " Faloode Shirazi". It is a traditional Iranian cold dessert similar to a sorbet. It consists of thin vermicelli-sized noodles made from starch in a semi-frozen syrup containing sugar and rose water. Faloodeh is often served with lime juice and sometimes ground pistachios.
Youkhe is a kind of sweets that are made with thin paste, sugar, and cinnamon.
The most delicious sweetness among all of Shiraz's memories is Masqati, which is called Shirazi Halva. In the markets of Shiraz, there are different types of Masqati, including Masqati with pistachio, rose, or saffron.

Shiraz One of the 5th most important tourist cities in Iran

7- One of the 5th most important tourist cities in Iran

Shiraz has included itself in all of Iran's tourism itineraries. Shiraz has a special potential in performing all kinds of historical, cultural, artistic, adventure, and nature tourism tours.

shiraz zandiyeh hotel looby


If you are planning to spend some time in Shiraz, the historical capital city of Iran, you might be searching for a hotel to stay in. Shiraz, as one of the most important tourist cities, has a wide variety of hotels. You can easily book one of them, online or through travel agencies. If you are looking for a special experience of traditional accommodation, many old houses in Shiraz have been renovated and converted into hotels.
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Iranian Hospitality
9- Hospitality

Hospitality is the most important feature of Iranians and especially the Shirazy people, that is visible in all cities. You will be hosted like a local. Therefore, the best part of your trip would be Iranian Hospitality.