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Dolatabad Garden

The Dolatabad Garden in Yazd is one of the most famous Iranian gardens, which has been registered by UNESCO as one of the Iranian gardens. This garden, like its other examples across Iran, shows the intelligence and ingenuity of the people of the desert region, who have created such a beautiful garden in the middle of the hot desert. This garden is among Iran's most beloved and iconic landscapes with distinctive properties, picture-postcard views of the stream, and historic Persian pavilions.

Dolatabad Garden

Dowlatabad Garden was built in 1750 by the order of Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi, Governor of Yazd. The garden with an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens of the Zandieh era, which was built in the time of Karim Khan Zand.  One of the distinctive characteristics of this garden is the structure that catches the wind and several basins of water and jets. Dolat Abad has a complete design among the surviving Persian gardens (UNESCO, 2011). Its main index is the highest octagonal windcatcher with a height of 33.8 meters, the highest windcatcher in the world.

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Dolatabad Garden Yazd

The garden consists of several main mansions including the lobby mansion, which includes the basin and wind collector, the pergola, the paradise of ethics and the hall of mirrors, the south porch and the subsidiary building, such as large stables, underground buildings, and services, water storage, pantry, kitchen and well and water supply facilities, and is connected to the south by the corridor to the area below the wind collector. The mansion on the main facade is the main building of the ethical garden paradise, which has two floors and consists of a chamber, a hall and a small room, and some corridors.

The windcatcher of Dolatabad Garden Yazd

This unique building marked the emergence of secular architecture and its importance in the city's non-religious landscape. The most interesting building is the lobby on the horizontal surface of the building, which is based on hexagonal or octagonal geometry. On the vertical level, the building is in two ways, with a height of one and two floors, with a dome roof and a central skylight, the flow of air and water is well integrated within the wind collector, and the flow of water in the garden forms the main design framework.

The decorated windows of Dolatabad Garden Yazd

Yazd's Dowlatabad Garden is one of Iran's great gardens, similar to the Fin Garden of Kashan and Shahzadeh Mahan. The water in the Dowlatabad garden poses harshly. The architect has played unevenly with water on the ground and has drawn it many times. The garden is considered a spectacular collection of Iran due to the art of water distribution and architectural design. The Dowlatabad garden is watered with the ًQanat, and the flow of water in the garden forms the basis of its skeleton design. The beautiful wooden structures of the windcatcher, the stained glass sash window, and the elegant lobby ceiling facade are repaired by the best architects of Iran's cultural heritage organization. Dowlatabad's garden design architectural elements are one of the most original and innovative Iranian garden projects.

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