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Malek House

One of the fantastic old houses of Yazd that show the art and talent of Yazdi architect. This exceptional old traditional house was built in one of the important bazaars of Yazd by the order of one of the famous traders by the name Malek Al Tojar. This 120-year-old house belongs to the Qajar era and has the signs of that period's architect.

Malek traditional House  Yazd

A narrow alley that enjoys high walls is the entrance. Several rooms in the building have unique features, each adorned with paintings on the walls and ceilings by prominent Shiraz painters. The creation of these works lasted about ten years and they go quite well with the paintings of the greenhouse building in that city. The beautiful veranda, hexagonal vestibule, winter and summer rooms around the yard, terrace, tall amazing wooden pillars, the eye-catching courtyard, the high wind catcher, the big pool, the basement corridors connecting different parts, and the mirror room have considerably added to the beauty of the building.

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Malek House  Yazd

Malek House

This magnificent building is located in the vicinity of the Chehel-Mehrab mosque in the Fahadan old area. This house is a tremendous complex extending over the northwest-southeast direction. The house is divided into two parts by a roofed path. The smaller section in the northwest of the complex consists of a courtyard in the middle and two roofed spaces on either side. This courtyard and its surrounding spaces are secondary parts of the complex.
The larger part is in the southeast of the path and consists of three courtyards. Located at the center, the main large courtyard has a rectangular plan, and the most important spaces of the house are organized around it. The house has two entrances, one in the northeast and another one in the east part. Similar to all native houses of Yazd, it has two entrances one in the northeast and another one in the east part and after the main entrance door, a nicely decorated vestibule connects the guest to the main and subsidiary courtyards, basement, or other parts through corridors.
This house with 23 rooms changed to the first mud brick 4-star hotel in Yazd.

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