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Top 10 Tehran Museums
You Can't-Miss Them
Although Tehran is not selected as the first destination of travelers to Iran but would be the start or end of your tour itinerary. Tehran can actually be an attractive tourist destination. However, Tehran has been introduced with traffic, pollution and high-rise buildings. But this old city has new and historical beautiful spectacular elements that show off a new charming and beautiful face. Besides its annoying traffic and overcrowded streets, there are peaceful places like museums, Gardens and Palaces in Tehran where you can forget all the babel of the city and just enjoy the silence and calm atmosphere.
Let's explore some of the best museums in Tehran to see how they can entertain you in a city like Tehran and have an impact on your view of Iran at the same time.
In this article, we will introduce some of the best museums in Tehran that give you a clearer perspective on Iran.

1- National Museum of Iran
If you are going to search and explore the rich history of Iran this is it. The 2 complexes of this valuable museum( Pre-Islamic & Islamic) demonstrating a great outlook on different aspects of the country’s history. This is the first choice of all Tehran's visitors. It is located near Golestan Palace, Grand Bazaar and National Gate and 30 Tir street thus they can be visited while you are exploring these famous attractions of the city. These monuments, together, represent the best and most distinctive historical, cultural and popular aspects of this land.

2- Carpet Museum
The carpet is a wonderful manifestation of Iranian art and culture that its history back to 3500 years ago thus visiting this museum is a sense of appreciation for thousands of years of delicate works done by Iranian artists. A unique collection of artistic hand-woven (generally by women and girls) from across Iran in various patterns and shapes, decorated with the most beautiful colors and designs,  it is really unbelievable and can be a joyful experience if you are fond of art.

3- Abgineh Museum
A Museum of the Most Beautiful Ceramic and Glass objects in a very beautiful historical building. This museum houses an amazing collection of glassware and ceramics, belonging to different eras in the history of Iran. Not only is hugged a nice collection of glassware and ceramics, but also the building itself and the surrounding area located in 30-Tir (one of the oldest streets in Tehran), can also be considered as a tourist attraction!
The building of the museum with 7,000 square meters is built 90 years ago to be used as a personal lodging (residence-cum-office) of Mr. Ahmad Qavam (Qavam-ol-Saltaneh), the premiere of Qajar King Ahmad Shah then changed to Egyptian Embassy and then purchased by the Commercial Bank. In 1976.
The glass and clay works exhibited at the museum are among the rare collections in Iran. It comprises clay pots dating back to the 4th millennium BCE. European glassworks, belonging to the 18th and 19th centuries, are also parts of this collection which is on display in six halls and two entrance halls in separate sections depicting different historical eras and subjects.

4- Jewelry Museum
The incomparable Treasury of the National Jewels is a museum of historical art and Royal Jewels of Iran during history. It is a collection of the most expensive jewels of the world, collected over centuries. Every piece of this collection is a reflection of the tumultuous history of this great nation, and the result of the creativity and artistry of the residents of this land.
Each piece recalls memories of bitter-sweet victories and defeats, of the pride and arrogance of rulers who were on the power.  The Iranian national jewelry collection in terms of historic and unique artistic value is in a situation such that even the most eager experts and appraisers in the world have not been able to calculate its real or approximate value.

5- Museum of Modern Art
Iran's art history is not limited just to ancient times, but many great and modern artworks have created in recent years. In an artistic building in the vicinity of Carpet Museum, has held some of the best works of Iranian and Western artists, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and drawings. You can also see amazing sculptures by famous artists such as René Magritte in his sculpture garden. The museum also presents different collections of different contemporary artists during each season.

6- Reza Abbasi Museum
A museum of unique objects belongs to a period from the 2nd millennium BC to the early 20th century which is the same time as the end of the Qajar period.
The Reza Abbasi Museum is unique in the arrangement of its items since they are arranged chronologically, so visitors can have a chance to observe the development of art, culture, and technology during this time interval. The objects exhibited in this museum include artifacts made of baked clay, metal, and stone from the pre-historic times to pottery and metal objects, textile and lacquer painting belonging to the Islamic period. Other exhibited objects in this museum are paintings on canvas and paper, manuscripts and jewels and some calligraphy from the pre-Islamic & Islamic periods.

7-Golestan Palace/Museum
The lavish Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with western influences. The walled Palace, one of the oldest groups of buildings in Tehran, became the seat of government of the Qajar family, which came into power in 1779 and made Tehran the capital of the country.
On 2013 June 23, it was proclaimed as a world heritage site during the UNESCO meeting. Iran UNESCO list

8-Jahan Nama Museum
The Niavaran Royal Palaces is a collection of the most beautiful palaces of the Qajar and Pahlavi II periods. Among these palaces, the Jahan Nama Museum is one of the smallest and most beautiful. Although it is the smallest one in compared the other museums the collection is among the best you can find in Tehran. Collected by the former Queen of Iran, Farah Diba, the museum presents works by renowned artists from East and West such as Warhol, Picasso and Joan Miró as well as some old works from Egypt, India, and Africa. It is located in the Niavaran complex.

9- Saad Abad Complex
One of the most beautiful and largest gardens of Tehran near the Alborz foothills and Darband recreation area with an area of 300 hectares and a collection of the most beautiful Qajar and Pahlavi I & II palaces. The complex contains 18 palaces belonged to the royal families of Qajar and Pahlavi, in a unique and beautiful garden.  

10- National Art Museum
The National Museum of Arts in Tehran is a wonderful place to conserve the value of national and traditional Iranian art and represent it for those who wish to explore it. The National Museum of the Arts in Tehran was created as a result of many efforts by talented Iranian artists who were truly professional in the design of carpets and miniatures.
This special museum houses around 271 precious works of art in various fields of painting, miniature, wood carving, text tiling and many other areas of the arts. The building where the museum is located dates back to the Qajar era in the Negarestan garden. In addition to the magnificent collection inside the museum, the architecture of the building is also very attractive. It is crowned with a domed ceiling and four stone columns which add to the beauty of the complex.