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Tehran's tourism
Tehran The capital of Iran, Hugging the lower slopes of the high, magnificent, snowcapped Alborz Mountains. A city with 6000 years old history and 400 years old monuments. Tehran is the start point or end of all itineraries. A city with many tourist attractions such as palaces, museums, parks, recreation, and historic landmark. This bustling city - mysterious - chaotic and polluted streets is Iran's most secular and liberal city.
Exploring this ancient city introduces you to its historical sites, from the Safavid palaces to the Pahlavi palaces - from the famous Freedom Tower to the American occupied Embassy - to exquisite and valuable museums featuring unique paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
An adventure Hiking trip at the old markets of this city introduces you to the unique Iranian architecture and folk arts, while a cup of tea in one of the old cafes along with a friendly chat with hospitable people will make you more local.
Let's start this exciting city tour:

Tehran has been the focus of kings and rulers in various historical periods. For this reason, in different historical periods, they have built various palaces for their residence.
The oldest palaces in Tehran date back to the Qajar dynasty near the Tehran Grand Bazaar, which includes a collection of royal palaces by the name Golestan Royal Palace.
The second category of Royal Palaces by the name Sad Abad located on the North of Tehran, at the foot of the Alborz Mountain Ranges, in the vicinity of the Darband recreation area.
This Royal complex includes some palaces that belong to the Qajar era and Pahlavi I& II as the king's summer residence. Today, some of these palaces use as museums and some use for official and public ceremonies.
The last one is known to Niavaran Royal Complex. It includes three palaces from the Qajar dynasty and the Pahlavi era. They had been as Winter residence of the Pahlavi family.

May tourists presume Tehran is just a chaotic jumble of concrete and crazy traffic blanketed by a cloud of air pollution but there are many other aspects! Tehran is Nicknamed as the “city of museums”.
Tehran offers a valuable opportunity a chance to those who want to know more about Iran and its culture. This has turned Tehran into a must-see tourist destination.
The city hosts a wide range of museums, garden museums, ancient history museums, and palace museums. These cultural attractions and much more make Tehran a city that will steal your heart. During the last two royal dynasties, Qajar and Pahlavi, several museums were built in Tehran to show the power and authority of its rulers. Tehran has a special museum for every taste. So don't miss this opportunity to find your favorite museum.

The most famous Tehran's museums are:
Iran National Museum, Reza Abbassi Museum, Glassware and Ceramic Museum, Niavaran Complex, Golestan Palace, Sa'dabad Complex, Carpet Museum, Treasury of National Jewels, Malik National Museum of Iran, Museum of Contemporary Art,

Tehran has long been known for its varied gardens and has had varied historical gardens that some of them have unfortunately destroyed in urban development.
Refreshing! calm place! A long walk through the beauty of nature in spring not only brings joy and calm but gives us the precious chance to spend time with family and friends. Tehran is endowed with exceptional gardens and a leisure park, let us walk some paths in the parks of Tehran.
Tehran has many different parks, each with its own characteristics.
Walk in the parks, talk with people and enjoy the hospitality of people who come for the picnic
The most famous parks in Tehran are:
Melat Park,Chitgar Park, Gheytarieh Park, in Gheytarieh,Jahan-e Kudak Park, in Davoodiyeh, Jamshidieh Park, Laleh Park, Mellat Park, Niavaran Park, Park-e Shahr

Recreational places
Tehran, as an old city with its historical monuments, has many manifestations of modern life. These modern amenities allow residents and visitors to not only visit the city's artistic and historical artifacts but also spend time relaxing.
Some of these important places of recreation are:
Chitgar Lake: or Persian Gulf is located in the northwestern part of Tehran. This artificial lake is one of Tehran's recreation areas that is very pleasant to the weather. Around the lake are residential houses.
Tehran Roof or Resort Resort:This complex is located in the north of Tehran and has a lot of fans among the youth
Sports clubs: including bowling - tennis - football - volleyball - basketball and ...
Ski Resorts: There are 5 high-quality ski resorts around Tehran, all are equipped to new and modern facilities for Ski lovers.
You can stay in hotels in the north of Tehran, with a ski resort view, or use the resort's ski rooms in the Tocchal ski complex. The closest ski resort to your hotel is only 10 minutes.
karting track: Think you can outdo Michael Schumacher? Well maybe not, but did you know Tehran has a dedicated go-karting track outside the city in the southern area of Parand?
The Birds Garden: This is the best choice if you want to get to know more about the birds in Iran.

Cultural Places
One of the most important ways to understand the culture of a community for tourists is to interact directly with the cultural characteristics of that community.
Iranian culture has a variety of modern and traditional features that will immerse you in itself.
You can visit the cultural complex of Tehran like Theater, Music concerts, and other cultural programs to better recognizing it.