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Tehran's History Briefly

Tehran's History Briefly
Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is known for its modern atmosphere, Qajar historical buildings, hospitable people, different local, traditional and international restaurants, various caf├ęs, and plazas. Azadi Tower at the western gate entrance of the city has been marked as the symbol of the Iranian capital for years. Tehran city, with a length of about 50 km and a width of 30 km is located at the foothills of Alborz Mountain Range.

Tehran Food and Beverage

Tehran Food and Beverage
Tehran is the capital of Iran and hosts all tastes of Iran cuisine. Thus you can see a wide variety of different foods here. Best cooks from all over the country have come to Tehran and serve various types of Iranian traditional foods in an extended number of restaurants. Besides the Iranian foods, specific restaurants serve foreign foods like Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian, Swiss, French, and Japanese foods as well.


Tehran at a glance
The modern powerhouse of the government and its engineers, Tehran was originally a village in the suburb of Rey, the Iranian capital until the Mongol invasion of the country in 1220 AD. Actually, very little is known of the origin and early history of Tehran. It is possible that it may date back to the ninth century AD, but for the first few hundred years of its existence, it was an insignificant town, its development being retarded by its proximity to the large and flourishing Rey.

Tehran's Metro Guide 2019

Tehran's Metro Guide
One of the biggest problems in Tehran, like other major cities of the world, is the urban daily traffic. This daily traffic causes various problems, such as wasting time and other problems. One of the best alternatives to navigating in Tehran is the Metro system. Metro not only can save your travel time but also can be part of the cultural experience as it includes a variety of people who live and work in the city.

Tehran's Nightlife

Tehran's Nightlife | What to do in Tehran at Night
When we talk about the nightlife, We can truly say that Tehran is a 24-hour city. Most fun activities start just after sunset in Tehran. Many travelers are wondering if there is no nightlife in Tehran without all the things they know and can not find here (at least not officially). we try to classify some suggestions for Iranian nightlife (mainly in Tehran). The difference between Tehran's nightlife and that of other popular capitals is largely due to its political, traditional, and religious status.